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  • Luigi Castle On FireLuigi Castle On Fire You're Luigi, jump over openings in the castle floor and dodge the Mario Bros. universe creatures.
  • My Dear SealMy Dear SealYou have been given your very own seal! Help take care of it and dress it up to show everyone your seals style.
  • Furiko NekoFuriko NekoDrag the background to smash all the gems with your pendulum and go to the next stage.
  • Dress-up Doll 3Dress-up Doll 3This pretty little cute girl has got so many dresses to choose from and its up to you how she will look the most fabulous. Have fun girls!

  • Soft Comfort Dress UpSoft Comfort Dress UpDo you want to test this collection? Lets dress up.

  • A Gift from his GirlfriendA Gift from his GirlfriendHe receive a mysterious gift from his girlfriend .

  • Penguin Salvage-2Penguin Salvage-2Assist the commando-penguin to rescue the other penguins from the frozen state by shooting the fire balls. Unlock the higher levels by using three fire balls in every level to salvage penguins.
  • Funny Halloween GirlFunny Halloween GirlDress this pretty girl in spooky dark outfits perfect for Halloween. When you are done easily print your creation and share with your friends.
  • Blackjack 2000Blackjack 2000Place a bet and play against the computer in this well-known casino game!
  • Mahjong Game: Internet CommunityMahjong Game: Internet CommunityMeet a new online mahjong created by true fans of this classic puzzle game! Try the best 400 levels published by the Internet users and compete in muliplayer mode! The rules are so easy - match identical tiles to clear the playfield. Don\’t forget that you can use the tiles with free right or left side only. Removing figures of different forms from the playfield you change the tiles from colored to white.
  • Fisherman SamFisherman SamShoot the fish and reel them in.

  • Bolt Rescue MissionBolt Rescue Mission Help Bolt defuse the bombs before they alert the Drone.
  • Tiny TracksTiny TracksRace around the track against the computer players on mutliple styles of races.

  • Ignite People on FireIgnite People on FireDeep within your heart lays a burning sensation. Try as you may, it is uncontrollable, as you will soon find yourself desperately sharing this ember with fellow peeps in a violent, enthusiastic fit.

    Follow up to 'Light People on Fire', there's a new speed system. The more you burn, the more the speed bar increases. The faster you go, the more you score.

  • Cute Baby NurseryCute Baby NurseryIf only babies were always this clear about what they wanted...
  • Crystal StoryCrystal StoryCrystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You control four characters and configure what skill sets they learn along the way. You can earn equipment upgrades that will help you traverse through Evil Cave by destroying monsters or playing minigames.
  • Brain Spa - Word Matchi...Brain Spa - Word Matchi...Do you see how these headline categories fit together?
  • Hide the FartHide the FartCut the cheese discreetly! Press the space bar when the cars come from left to right, the longer you hold it down, the higher you score. Press the left arrow key if you're starting to fill up with gas! Avoid getting caught while farting.

  • The Human Body Quiz GameThe Human Body Quiz GameKnow your body.
  • Street FashionStreet FashionTry the latest trends in fashion on the streets.

  • Tricky CupsTricky CupsIn this game there will be a number of cups and hiding a few coins, you need to remember where the coins are and then the cups will start to move, after that pick out the cups that bear coins. When the cups move, watch carefully because they may do trick moves, in which only the positions of the cups are exchanged, but the positions of the coins are not. There are a number of levels in this game and the game will be harder and harder.
  • Get In GoalGet In GoalPick one of four players and score as many goals as you can!
  • Sonic RunnerSonic RunnerHelp Sonic to run as far as possible, Collect Coins and get power-ups, Achieve Bonuses and Unlock new worlds.
  • Photographer Dress upPhotographer Dress upDress this young photographer in a nice clothes.

  • Aevarrons ColiseumAevarrons ColiseumGet into the ruthless battle arena and try to defeat all your opponents using various combo attacks.

  • Flower Design ShopFlower Design ShopIn this game you are designing bouquets of flowers. If you're playing in story mode, there'll be a customer that will tell you what things he/she likes and what things he/she doesn't. You'll know it by the symbols in the right hand part of the screen under the customer. Note that if there's an item with a sad smiley next to it, it means that the customer doesn't like this item. If there's a happy smiley, the customer likes it. Add the items the customer likes and avoid those he/she doesn't like. Rather than that you can use any items you want and arrange them using various tools.

  • Butter ChickenButter ChickenThe origins of butter chicken can be traced back to a man named Kundan Lal Gujral, who ran a restaurant called Moti Mahal Delux in Peshawar before the partition of British India. Butter chicken is usually served with naan, roti, parathas or steamed rice. It could be confused with Chicken tikka masala, a similarly colored Indian chicken dish.

  • Arthur Christmas Hidden ObjectsArthur Christmas Hidden ObjectsCan you find the hidden items in this free online game based on the animated family comedy film?
  • Noah's ArkNoah's ArkPut these lovely animals on Noah's Ark. Keep balance and don't overturn it.

  • Smiley Deco Farm FieldSmiley Deco Farm FieldIf you like to play farm management or decoration games this is a new one.You can build and design your own farm. You can choose from a lot of animals, herbs, boulders, houses, fountains, terrain and other interesting stuff that you will find by playing this new farm decoration game. If you like animals and nature you will find this game very interesting and you will surely come back for more.
  • Four SeasonsFour SeasonsFour seasons full of frolicking kids dressed in different colours. Create large groups of kids with same-coloured clothes to make them start spinning, and collect all letters in B-O-N-U-S for a score boost!
  • Spongebob Crab DeliverySpongebob Crab DeliveryLets help spongebob to deliver fresh crabs to patrick the crab burger seller!Be careful don't let any crab fall out from the boat or bos will get mad!
  • Neko Girl Dressup- Chu ChuNeko Girl Dressup- Chu ChuIncredible manga-style fashion game in which you'll dress the sweet Chu-Chu, a girl who loves the "Neko-Girl" style. Combine clothing, hairstyles and colorful accessories to achieve an original look. Dress this character with a "Kemonomimi" style!

  • Tappi XmasTappi XmasRide on your sleigh and collect gifts and donuts.
  • Paris Hilton Dress UpParis Hilton Dress UpIt looks like the popular show so called, The World according to paris, is getting to it's season final andparis hilton must make a TV appearance so she can't talk about it to her fans. In other words, she must participate in a photo shutout session, and appear on TV where she will have to take a interview live with her fans, only problem is, that her stylist is missing and she needs a new professional stylist to take care of her make up and dress up very quickly as the show will start in a few hours. If you think you can take the job, join the game, and dress up paris hiltoninto different clothes, see what fits her better, get her a new haircut, search for some fashionable shoes, mix up some accessories and make her look as beautiful as she can be.
  • Box CleverBox CleverClick on blocks to make them drop on enemies or make a path for you to reach the level end.

  • Katherine Heigl Make UpKatherine Heigl Make Up Katherine Heigl's sex appeal level was the subject of much discussion at We wanted to approach her with the idea of our "Babe Thermometer," but we quickly figured out that the idea would get shot down in a heartbeat when we suggested where the thermometer should be placed.

    So we resigned ourselves to a more primitive sex appeal test; how long it would take before male staffers made a comment about a) her anatomy or, b) what they would "do" to her. Needless to say, about two seconds elapsed before a comment was made, which easily qualified Katherine Heigl for the Sexiness Hall Of Fame.
  • How the Gritch Hi-Jacked the HolidaysHow the Gritch Hi-Jacked the HolidaysHelp the Gritch hijack Christmas by knocking the reindeer down with snowballs. Don't let Santa get you though!

  • Super HeadersSuper HeadersUse the arrow keys to move Stan. As the balls fall, place Stan underneath to head them up again. Head as many balls into the goal as possible. The more points you score, the more balls appear. Miss three balls and its game over. Good luck!

  • Cutie Hair StylingCutie Hair StylingWho hasn't had lots of doubts when going in for a haircut? Deciding to get a new haircut is not an easy choice. Maribel has decided to go to the hair dresser, but she needs some help deciding what new look to go with. Help her out, she needs a fresh and flashy style!

  • UchuwarsUchuwarsAnother top-down spaceship shooter. Control with your mouse and take out those bosses too!

  • MiraclesMiraclesUse your magic for good to prove that the elder mages were wrong about your family!
  • VoltronVoltronSmash all the alien but avoid killing the humans. You only have limited time to be a hero.

  • CupidCupid Fly around and catch hearts, while shooting devils! Great music!!!