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  • Age of WarAge of War

    Through five different ages of evolution, you must survive by attacking all that attack you.

  • Ben 10 Hero MatrixBen 10 Hero Matrix Use the Ben 10 Hero Matrix to create your own alien heroes to print and share with your friends.
  • Easy ChessEasy ChessPlay this nice chess game and try to win against the computer.
  • Build Your Own RoomBuild Your Own RoomRemember where the furniture in the room goes.

  • Sort My Tiles Monster vs. AliensSort My Tiles Monster vs. AliensSee the new heroes of Disney.

  • Scooby Doo Whack A GhostScooby Doo Whack A Ghost Help Shaggy kill the ghost by clicking on them while they're out of their graves.
  • Skylark 3Skylark 3Kill off the alien hordes as you fly through waves of incoming planes in this 1942-style vertical shooter.

  • Gun Master Onslaught 1Gun Master Onslaught 1Your goal is to stay alive as long as possible and destroy the enemy to earn points. Do you have what it takes to survive?

  • Bride and BridegroomBride and BridegroomThis bride needs to dress up before their wedding starts. Can you help her? Enjoy!

  • Rings of ColorRings of ColorRound and round go the rings, but can you plan ahead?
  • Pencil Racer XLPencil Racer XLCreate an exciting ride for your favorite vehicle!

  • Cobra Flash Adventures Easy Come Easy GoCobra Flash Adventures Easy Come Easy Go Action game shoot, fight, slash, smash your enemies, pick up bonuses, fly with your space ship.
  • Fly MeowFly MeowMeow saw the love in her eyes, just before she got on car… and it is impossible for him to catch up with a car! But it seems he won\’t give up so fast!
  • Fisher GirlFisher GirlYou are happily standing on the shore trying to catch fish when suddenly a shark grabs your fisher boy and drags him away. You must save him! You get coins for catching fish and can spend those coins on new lures and rods. The challenge is casting as far as you can by releasing at the right moment, luring without getting attracting the wrong size fish, and reeling in without getting eaten by another fish or other sea creature.
  • Nini StyleNini StyleStyle the cute kitten from the block.

  • Even Dead Men DieEven Dead Men DieBlow away an army of smelly, goo-spitting zombies.

  • Murphy's Holiday LawsMurphy's Holiday LawsMurphy's fun adventure in the beach. point and click for different adventures.

  • Food BashFood BashThe aim of the game is to throw and dodge the food to your opponent. The first to splat the other five times wins.

  • Happy Garden GameHappy Garden GameAre you also fond of tomatoes, strawberries and salad? In this game you can grow your own plants, in your own little garden. Pick a seed and plant it in one of the flowerpots. Add water and fertilizers, so that a beautiful plant will grow.

  • My 3D GardenMy 3D GardenUse your green thumb to grow this garden into the perfect gathering spot for you and your friends!
  • Superman Returns Save MetropolisSuperman Returns Save Metropolis Save the people on the streets below by catching the wreckage that is falling from the building.
  • Color DiamondsColor DiamondsMatching color blocks of 2 or more to clear the board.
  • The Kitchen of DoomThe Kitchen of DoomCollect all the foods before it gets rotten!

  • Alien AnnihilatorsAlien AnnihilatorsShoot the incoming enemies in this top down viewed spaceship shooter. Watch out for rapid fire.

  • Differences in Old TownDifferences in Old TownCan you spot the differences in Old Town. The differences that we have made, between what should be and what is. Game Features: 7 Fun Filled Levels 6 Achievements to Unlock.
  • Word Search Gameplay 14Word Search Gameplay 14 Find all circus characters on the board.
  • Yantra A Story of RevengeYantra A Story of Revenge Avenge your clan by killing the shadow demons that burned your village to the ground.
  • BBQ HeroBBQ HeroYou are the grill master for your family cookout. Your family will tell you what to cook and you will cook it for them and stop the fatboy who wants to eat your food.

  • Flying KissFlying KissDon't keep your darling waiting for your kisses.

  • CognitionCognitionCollect the gears and stay away from the police. Similar to Pacman but you can't eat the police.

  • SpaceshipSpaceship Alien is helpless without the spaceship! Move the alien on the clouds to reach the spaceship without falling down. Avoid hitting the rockets as otherwise you will lose a life. In each level, reach the spaceship within the given time duration to proceed to higher levels.
  • Formula 1 ChampionFormula 1 ChampionControl your Formula 1 car with the arrow keys and try to reach the first place in 3 laps by passing the other cars.

  • SubstituteSubstitute Another turret game for your enjoyment. Setup turrets and more powerful firing. Shop and more!
  • Marietta The Angel Dress UpMarietta The Angel Dress Up Beautiful Marietta is an angel who lives up in the sky in a peaceful magic world. She is a good angel who brings peace and harmony on the Earth and gives good children sweet dreams at night. Play with beautiful Marietta by changing her angelic look the way you want. Dress her up with the dress you like best, choose a pair of wings for her, the shoes you want and some pretty accessories. You can also change the magic background! Enjoy!
  • Stage Girl Dress UpStage Girl Dress UpDress up our very own stage girl. This is nothing special. But hey, she is all in your style.

  • Sushi StyleSushi StyleRice, veggies, fish and delectable wasabi! Make yourself a delicious serving of sashumi and sushi and chow down on an exotic favorite from japan!

  • Polar Bear PrincessPolar Bear PrincessDress up the polar bear princess in her cold environment she needs warm outfits to get ready for winter!
  • Happy Days Dress-upHappy Days Dress-upThis family needs to dress up first before they go out on vacation. Can you help them? Have fun!

  • WulfgarWulfgarBattle the undead as you chop off their heads and cut them into pieces. Put them back in the ground!

  • Oh Argh! PiratesOh Argh! Pirates Fight off enemies as you slash and gun them down. Conserve your ammo for when you need it.
  • Ben 10 Spot the NotBen 10 Spot the NotSpot the differences in these almost identical images with Ben 10 and a few of his most renown aliens. Heatblast, Diamondhead and others are waiting to see how well you do.
  • Midtown BeatdownMidtown BeatdownFight as a human chicken as you beat up bad guys in the downtown streets.
  • Indian WeddingIndian WeddingThe day is finally here! This traditional Indian wedding ceremony is full of prayer, loving gestures, and incredibly ornate saris. These wedding clothes and wedding ceremonies have been passed down for generations, so dress them in the most appropriately stunning clothes.
  • Fashion Show ShooterFashion Show ShooterAt the fashion show they are hosting a cool game of shooter! Take control of the gun and shoot the annoying little stick men that appear from around the corners of the game. Make sure you reload otherwise you may run out of ammo! You can't dress up for the fashion show until you shoot the bad guys.