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  • JackuseJackuse Collect evidence that will help you catch the criminal
  • Juicy Fruit Flavor FlingJuicy Fruit Flavor FlingWrap your tongue around some berrylicious Juicy Fruit!
  • CatherineCatherine Use the items over table as buttons. move doll as you wish.
  • Magic Dress upMagic Dress upChoose a nice dress for this magical girl.

  • Cricket World Cup 2011Cricket World Cup 2011Kick 'em to the curb—for king and country!
  • Natassia Malthe Dress UpNatassia Malthe Dress Up Natassia has been providing cinematic eye candy since 1998 when she made her big-screen debut in Disturbing Behavior. She has since appeared (albeit far too briefly) in over a dozen films including 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002), Stark Raving Mad (2002), Halloween: Resurrection (2002), A Guy Thing (2003), and Elektra (2005). A versatile talent, Natassia has also made the small screen sizzle with roles in hit programs like Dark Angel, Andromeda, The Chris Isaak Show, and Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber.

    As a model, Natassia has appeared in memorable ads for Axe deodorant and Johnson & Johnson\’s pH 5.5 body wash, as well as sexy pictorials for magazines such as Maxim, Stuff, Candy, and Mega.
  • Ice Age  - Bubble TroubleIce Age - Bubble TroublePlay Ice Age Bubble Trouble game and help Scrat get out of the bottomless ravine by floating to the top, watch out for sharp rock surfaces and avoid other prehistoric creatures. Play as scrat or his girlfriend scratte.

  • Simple Shooter XSimple Shooter XGo outer space and shoot alien spacecraft and meteors along the way.

  • Disney Princess and Friends Hidden TreasuresDisney Princess and Friends Hidden Treasures Uncover treasures and magic items by revealing the tiles.
  • Galaxy InvadersGalaxy Invaders Very nice modern version of Space Invaders.
  • Sky PuzzleSky Puzzle Need to practice jigsaws before you visit your nana? Well, we're here to help. A heaping pile of puzzles, prepared fresh for you!
  • Samurai DefenseSamurai DefenseProtect the dojo by building up your samurai forces to combat and defeat the incoming enemy waves.

  • Photo Mess New SpidermanPhoto Mess New Spiderman Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap the position of a piece, just click on that piece and then on the neighboring one. The quicker you complete, the more you score.
  • Attack of the Zombic VegieAttack of the Zombic VegieThe mutant vegetables attack you. Cut them into pieces with the pricker, knife or the ax and do not let them catch yo

  • Cobble SwirlCobble SwirlAncient themed, match 5 type game, with 3D prerendered animated background.Advanced gameplay mechanics include combo system and unlockable special powers. Play the quest mode and beat 17 unique levels, or see how long can you last in an endless survival mode. Match five cobbles of the same color to make them explode in this ancient themed puzzle game. Two game modes, over 15 levels, combo system and special powers.
  • Mario vs Luigi PongMario vs Luigi Pong Play alone or with a friend for a classic pong game with Mario and Luigi.Be the first to reach 10 points.
  • Rats & SpearsRats & SpearsThe rats from a nearby damp are going mad about javelin-throwing.

  • The Legends of ZeldaThe Legends of ZeldaPlay zelda in all its glory. Arrow Keys to move, ctrl to drop a bomb and space to swing your sword. This thing looks quite buggy but still good to see for the nostalic like me.

  • Doctor A.TomDoctor A.TomThis is yet another chain reaction game. Click on a molecule and it will break down to atoms, which themselves will break down other molecules on impact. The goal of every level is to disintegrate a specific number of molecules with a specific number of clicks.

  • DangerDanger Find pieces of the map as you kill enemies and grab health and ammo.
  • Maxx The RobotMaxx The RobotMaxx The Robot is an action packed shooting game. Your objective is to Shoot the enemies and find your exit path to unlock the next level. Save your game at save point in each level. Upgrade your weapons after every level.
  • KimiKimiKimi is a little crazy. She likes to skate on huge ramps and take risks.

  • Super Chick SistersSuper Chick SistersSimilar to Mario except with little chicklettes. Save the chicklettes from a KFC death!

  • Star FlightStar FlightFly and survive for as long as you can while shooting your enemies.

  • XemiduxXemiduxClick on clusters of two gems or more to remove them before they reach the top.
  • Supermarket MemorySupermarket MemoryFind pairs of identical pictures, clear the board and go to the next level.
  • Emma`s Recipes: Apple P...Emma`s Recipes: Apple P...Emma`s going public with her take on apple pie!
  • SteppenWolf (Chapter 4 - Episode 3)SteppenWolf (Chapter 4 - Episode 3)SteppenWolf and Olaff are entering the submarine. Meg shut the airlock when the terrorist attacks! She must defeat the maze of Dagger League men before they can sabotage the submarine with SteppenWolf and Olaff aboard!

  • Audrina Lusha Dress UpAudrina Lusha Dress Up Dress one of the hottest supermodel of this generation.
  • Around The StreetsAround The StreetsGet around the track as fast as possible

  • Bobby Cooking GameBobby Cooking GameBobby is making her most popular chocolate cookie! You now are a cooking instructor, your job is to guide her make the most delicious chocolate cookie asap! There are seven selections for you on the upper column.
  • Mouse Avoider 2Mouse Avoider 2Guide the red dot by passing through the maze without hitting the walls.

  • My First KissMy First KissShelley and her boyfriend went for their first date. He took her on a walk in the park during fall. She really likes him and wants him to be her first kiss but doesnt want anyone to see. Help her kiss her boyfriend and keep others from catching them.
  • Hobo 6Hobo 6Hobo returns as he fights off demons in Hell. The same gross combos return along with a new ones.
  • King Ping PongKing Ping PongMove your paddle and try to win the match.
  • ImbossibleImbossibleA combination of a action and puzzle.

  • Escape Turquoise RoomEscape Turquoise RoomEscape from the room using only the items and information in the room.
  • Block TetrisBlock TetrisYou spent your entire childhood spinning and moving these little blocks? You should do big major work now? Here you go!

  • It's MineIt's MineMove across the screen to catch the gems as the miner drops them. Catch all of the jewels to move on to the next level.

  • Haunted HouseHaunted HouseYou are trapped inside the haunted house and must find your way out by collecting missing items.
  • Dress Up ReaDress Up ReaGet Rea dress up for the ball.

  • Tiny BattleTiny BattleHelp this axe guy fight with his opponents!

  • FC Stuffed PeppersFC Stuffed Peppers Kitchen of Fantastic Chef is full of different ingredients and utensils. Stuffed peppers is consists of cooked green peppers, usually filled with meat, along with cooked rice.
  • Snowballs GameSnowballs GameWinter fun with Rudolph! Throw snowballs at the targets as quickly and accurate as possible.