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  • Barbie Birthday CakeBarbie Birthday CakeTomorrow is Barbie's birthday and you are in charge with her party. So, as you know, you need to provide all is need for her and her friends. There will come about 20 people to celebrate this awesome day together with Barbie. Make sure her cake is tasty and delicious. Use your time to decorate it and have fun!
  • Fairy 44Fairy 44Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.

  • Sue Choco MuseumSue Choco Museum Find the bags of Choco and click items to make your way through the museum.
  • Make-up Katy PerryMake-up Katy PerryKaty is a famous popstar with many beautiful dresses. Give her a complete new look in this game. Start with her hair and make-up. Then choose a number of clothes. The dresses can change colour. Choose some nice bracelets and necklaves and your new Katy Perry is done. You can show her with many different backgrounds. Have fun.

  • Christmas Love KissChristmas Love KissThough it is Christmas Time, You need to kiss your girlfriend to win her heart.
  • Warrior QuestWarrior QuestFight against another player or against the computer as you build up power to use special moves.

  • Who wants to be a MillionaireWho wants to be a MillionairePlay to win $ 1 Million . More than 1500 questions to play with . Enjoy with original sound effects and game play as you watch on your Television sets.

  • Spank the Monkey 2Spank the Monkey 2 The Objective of the player is to blast as many Monkeys as you can.
  • War on SpamWar on Spamthe game is quick-draw Competition. When you hear the announcer yell "GO", quickly hit your key before your opponent hit theirs. If you hit the key before you hear the announcer, you won't be able to throw.

  • Cartoon Star Dress upCartoon Star Dress upCartoon Star Dress up: Dress up the girl as Snow White or Winnie the Pooh! Enjoy!
  • Ariel's Pearl HuntAriel's Pearl HuntAriel is hunting for pearls in the seabed. Help her pick them up in this game similar to snake. Choose a difficulty level and start playing. Be careful not to collide with the beads collected.

  • SteampunkSteampunkPush your physics IQ to the ultimate limit in this tale of mechanical mayhem.
  • Submarine PuzzleSubmarine PuzzleSwap places of block in such a way to have at least three of the same kind next to one another (horizontally or vertically). You are only allowed to swap blocks that are next to each other.
  • Dragon ChroniclesDragon ChroniclesLay waste to these wicked beasties!
  • Balloon Ride of FunBalloon Ride of FunNot everything's a race, sometimes you're just along for the ride!
  • Puppy Water SkiingPuppy Water SkiingDo the right tricks with your water ski to get photographed.

  • Snowballs RumbleSnowballs RumbleUse the snowball cannon to eliminate red shapes in various ways. But keep all the green shapes safe and collect presents to them. Have fun!
  • Cute Sofia Vergara Dress UpCute Sofia Vergara Dress UpA Colombian model and actress. Since she was raised bilingual in English and Spanish, this his been an expedient in her making the transition from being a performer in Latin America in Spanish to becoming one in the United States in the English language. Dubbed "Sofia Viagra",[2][3] Vergara was already rather well-known in North America from her modeling work, and her first notable acting job in English was in the movie Chasing Papi.

  • Twins Dress UpTwins Dress UpNot only that they're equally lovely, equally charming, but
    these two sweet looking twin sisters share an equally exquisite taste for stylish fashion, too! Join one of their fun dressing up sessions, playing the twins dress up game, and get inspired by their "double" chic wardrobe!

  • Gingerbread CookingGingerbread CookingHi kids, here is a great cooking game, where you will learn a simple recipe of gingerbread. Enjoy the delicious food with you and your friends!
  • Celebrity WatchesCelebrity WatchesMost of celebrities like the bling-bling and sparkling jewelries. They can afford to customize their jewelries. This game allows you to get different type of of shapes, backgrounds, bracelets, colors and more!
  • Super Sewer ScrambleSuper Sewer ScrambleYou are a housefly, Your baby larvae have been flushed down the toilet by humans, and no you must venture into the damp, dark sewer to rescue them all! And flies lay lots of eggs, so that's a lot of kids. Be careful, The sewer is 10 levels deep, and home to many dangerous creatures who will eat you if you don't watch where you're flying.

  • Wild Turkey EscapeWild Turkey EscapeWild Turkey Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Wild turkeys are trapped in farm by the farmer. Help the wild turkey to escape from the farm. They can fly only up to 5 feet but fence of the farm is 10 feet. Make some plan to escape the turkeys and give them the freedom. Happy thanksgiving to all! Good Luck and Have Fun.
  • Magic BabiesMagic BabiesWitch and wizard mothers leave their babies here in the morning, which means I must take care of them until they return. Help me fulfill their needs and do the tasks correctly and in time.

  • Downhill JumpsDownhill JumpsRide your snowboard down the hill, perform stunts while in the air and collect gems.

  • Lust for BustLust for BustTry to peep on the woman's boobs without getting caught!

  • Dress Up RihannaDress Up RihannaHelp her get glamor up to red carpet.

  • Mooncake ShopMooncake ShopServe delicious mooncakes to the avid customers.

  • Vivian DressupVivian DressupDesign a perfect look for Vivian.

  • Orange RunnerOrange RunnerCollect the speed boots and avoid the traps to reach mega speed.

  • Nightmare HouseNightmare HouseSolve the puzzle in this terrifying game based on the famous movie Nightmare in the Elm Street!

  • Sort My Tiles Cinderella StorySort My Tiles Cinderella Story A well-known classic folk tale embodying a myth-element of unjust oppression/triumphant reward. Thousands of variants are known throughout the world.
  • Cute Couple DancingCute Couple DancingThis couple is passionately deep in the melody of dancing. They will be a perfect couple if they are well dressed. So now, you can dress this loving dancers couple as you want. You can also change the scenery.
  • Piggy Banker ReduxPiggy Banker ReduxPiggy Banker is a family-friendly puzzler that anyone can enjoy. Work your way up the corporate ladder in Story mode or go for a high score in one of the challenge modes. Piggy Banker offers simple fun and an ever increasing challenge for puzzle fans.Use the Mouse key to move and the Left Mouse Button to pull down and release coins. Cash in coins by making combos of the same denominations before they reach the bottom of the screen. Don't let the coins reach the bottom or it's game over!
  • Dice WarsDice WarsSimilar to the popular board game: Risk. Conquer all territories.

  • Ninja Turtle BikeNinja Turtle BikeThe Ninja's are back but this time on a motorbike. Ride through the sewers and try to reach the end.
  • Sort My Tiles Aladin and GenieSort My Tiles Aladin and GenieAladin and the gang needs sort things out with gang

  • Peppy's Jessica Biel Dress UpPeppy's Jessica Biel Dress UpDress her up a let her bring you to the seventh heaven.

  • Mystery HunterMystery Hunter Search for the objects hidden within the scene. Use the right inventory tools to get them.
  • Scott Baio Photo HuntScott Baio Photo HuntIt's everyone's favorite teen star. See if you can find five differences in these photos from Scott Baio is 45 and Single.

  • Panzo Invaders 2Panzo Invaders 2 In this second part, Panzo has to continue knocking down the ufos, but attacking this time with two mechanical balls instead of an only ball.
  • Alus Revenge 2Alus Revenge 2Solve all the puzzle to move to the next level!

  • Transformers Capture The CubeTransformers Capture The Cube Capture the cube as you avoid lasers and transform to hide from humans.
  • Wood WorkerWood WorkerPlace wooden and steel objects to keep all placed objects balanced. Reach blue stars when available.