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  • Celebrity HuntCelebrity HuntBe a paparazzi. Hunt celebrities with your camera and prepare an awkward situations for them. Take a perfect scandalous front page picture, maybe you will win a prize at the end. Use only your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.
  • Bhargavi Nilayam -The Haunted HouseBhargavi Nilayam -The Haunted HouseClick the doors to open and find matching pairs of evil spirits before the time runs out.

  • Soccer SchoolSoccer SchoolThe aim of Soccer School is to get the ball in the goal avoiding all sorts of obstacles.
  • Skin   BonesSkin Bones Grab all the gems as skin, but kill all the enemies with bones. Give skins boosts with bones too.
  • Meet the Robinsons Uncle Arts Pizza Delivery ChallengeMeet the Robinsons Uncle Arts Pizza Delivery Challenge Help Uncle Art deliver pizzas to the Robinson's family members!
  • Swifty SimonSwifty SimonSort through the trash to find the treasure and deliver the goods!
  • Cheeky Honey-Boo Dress upCheeky Honey-Boo Dress upCheeky Honey-Boo loves to dress up in the dinkiest little outfits - only available at the tres' chic Cutique Boutique of course! Be her own personal stylist! Pick the adorable ultra-trendy or wacky gear and accessories by clicking on a drawer to open it and use the arrows to select an item. Have fun!

  • Sealab 2021 - Time for TroubleSealab 2021 - Time for TroubleThe aim of the game is to race out into waters to stop stormy before it's too late.

  • Initial D: Drift StageInitial D: Drift StageCan you handle the perfect drif

  • Toon 3D Delivery DashToon 3D Delivery DashExperience a new 3D world by driving a toon truck in the city! Steer carefully on the narrow roads and make sure you park it correctly in the highlighted spot. Your challenge is not to damage it. You have some crystals you can use on fun stuff though, like continuing the game when you crash, but spend them wisely. There will also be traffic on the streets which may make things a bit more interesting, so watch out! Have an amazing time playing this fun game!
  • Gem GolfGem GolfGem Golf is a mini golf game with a twist. The objective is still to get the ball into the hole in the fewest tries possible, but you can also earn extra points by hitting various gems on your way to the hole. Can you find that perfect shot that will get you a hole in one and collect extra gems on its way?
  • HT83 Winter Dress upHT83 Winter Dress upIf you want to be sure you'll enrich it with the most trendy chic clothing items and accessories, then take the winter dress up game as your ultimate style guide and see which are the most chic trends this season!.
  • Leave Me AloneLeave Me AloneCollect all the fragments, How long can you be alone? We were not sure about sponsoring this game, but, we liked it since we found it unique and interesting. we would be happy to know what you think about it.
  • Sea JourneySea JourneyMatch 3 or more gems and other symbols. Match bombs to fire your cannons at enemy pirate ships.
  • Cowgirl at Stable GameCowgirl at Stable GameDress up this cowgirl with some lovely Western clothes and accessories. Get her ready for a day at the stables with her best friend, her horse.
  • Jumping CatJumping Cat Try to do your best in order to collect as many presents for your love as it's possible.
  • Moto JumpMoto JumpCan you pull off the ultimate motorcycle distance jump?
  • CrazierbrandsCrazierbrandsHave some fun with this fabulous collection of manic, crazy games! Use the power of Vanish to defeat Doctor Manic, eradicate the kitchen nasties with Dettol, "Hit the Spot" with the aid of Durex - all this and much more awaits you within the wacky world of crazieRBrands!
  • Lawn PacLawn Pac Finish mowing the lawn before your fuel runs out.
  • Parking ZoneParking Zone Drive each car to it's own parking zone. Click on a car to make it cross the bridge to the empty zone. You cannot move a car that is not connected to the empty zone.
  • Off RoadersOff RoadersRace around the tracks in this 3D jeep racer. Don't get left behind as you gently control your jeep.
  • Warm Wooly DressupWarm Wooly DressupHelp the girl choose warm clothes for winter.

  • Polar JumpPolar Jump You are 30 jumps away from home. If a polar bear, or some other arctic species approaches, don't panic. Just make sure you jump a little higher.
  • Fish HunterFish HunterHunt as many fish as you can! This game is not easy... but when you do catch a fish its all worth it.

  • Bear LeatherBear LeatherTry different and trendy attires with some flare.

  • Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2Choose your weapon for target practice! Using your mouse, select a weapon and then a location to test your shooting accuracy!

  • Bubble Beach 2Bubble Beach 2Fire bubbles into other bubbles of similar colours. Connect 3 in a row to see them explode! If you start to run out of bubbles to shoot at.
  • The Cutest KittensThe Cutest KittensSolve puzzles with cute little kittens on them. Decide between a few pieces and many.

  • Mega BounceMega BounceIn the shortest time possible, jump across buildings and collect maximum bounces

  • Snowball Fight!Snowball Fight!Defeat your opponents in a snowball fight on various maps. Map editor included.

  • Ultimate Pie TheftUltimate Pie TheftHelp Wee Bull eat all the pies!
  • Crush The CastleCrush The CastleCrush the castles with your catapult as you launch your rocks and try to kill everybody inside.

  • Chocolate CakeChocolate CakeChocolate Cake is a cake flavored with melted chocolate or cocoa powder. The recipe that we suggest to you is a classic one and it`s not difficult to prepare it. Give your best and make the most delicious chocolate cake ever. Your friends will be impressed and I am sure they will love it. Good luck
  • PuzzlenautsPuzzlenautsIf you're gonna get off this crazy planet, you've gotta rely on Major Tom, your wits, and your exoskeleton!
  • Train ShootoutTrain ShootoutClick on the daakus to shoot at them. If you let the daakus get nearer to the train, they will fire at you.
    Take them out before they take you out.

  • Poo FighterPoo FighterDon't let the mad scientists make the research on the little poor innocent birdie.

    Use Mouse to interact.

  • MatcherooMatcherooMove all the same colored gems together by rotating various objects to clear them from the level.

  • WordStoneWordStoneThese words may be etched in stone, but that doesn't mean they can't be changed!
  • The Apprentice Los Angeles Demo VersionThe Apprentice Los Angeles Demo Version Since you are smart and had the drive, why don't you prove yourself to Donald Trump so you could have the job? Its up to you whether you get fired or hired. Your task is to run L.A. 's sushi bar and serve your customers quickly and efficiently to see if you are worthy of becoming The Apprentice. Just click on the cutomers, click the right food at the counter and serve it to them to collect the money. Good luck and have fun!
  • Sue the Fashion DesignerSue the Fashion DesignerFeel like a real designer when you choose designs, colors, and patterns for Sue's clothes!
  • Garfield's Sheep ShotGarfield's Sheep ShotGarfield was born to snooze! He needs at least nine hours of sleep every night. Help him to get Garfield;s counting sheep in his sleep. Use the slingshot to launch the sheep into the Garfield's bed. Every time a sheep reaches Garfield, he gets a half hour of restful slumber.

  • Agent Scarecrow 2Agent Scarecrow 2 Mike is now on his way to meet with Kat or Jim, firmly decided to investigate the disappearance of his friend Peter and shed lights onto the whole Scarecrow thing.
  • My My "Dear" BossShow them who\’s boss.
  • Pigs WarPigs WarPigs Wars - You have to help the little pig to move around the field, throw bombs and blow up as many enemy pig as possible in each level before enemy's destroys you.