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  • Fastfood ThrowingFastfood Throwing This food is so fast, it flies in through the window!
  • Flappy SpongebobFlappy Spongebob

    Fun game of SpongeBob and Patrick, choose you favorite character, help him flappy as far as you can. Challenge the higher score!

  • Absentia Episode 1Absentia Episode 1 Absentia Episode 1 is an addicting moody hidden-object adventure game. Mission of Absentia is to collect note fragments to solve a mystery about your father. Click to move through scenes and click on hidden note fragments to collect the pieces.
  • Lunch Work ShopLunch Work ShopHit the kitchen to help mom feed hungry kids! Put together correct orders with yummy sandwiches, salads, juices, and more as quickly as you can to keep the food and the fun flowing. Make each days goal to get to the next more challenging level and play through all 20 levels to become queen of the kitchen! Get busy in Lunch Workshop today!

  • Cat N FishCat N FishStop the cat from eating the fish.

  • A Parting Shot IIA Parting Shot IIThe womans, kids, and old people of your town trust in you. Defend them from the enemies throwing arrows at them with your bow.

  • Bash the ComputerBash the ComputerYour computer error messages are annoying. Now you have the chance to smash it. Break your mouse, keyboard, screen.. and watch those sparks fly!

  • Girl Dressup 22Girl Dressup 22Design a perfect sweet look for the girl with new wonderful animated backgrounds.

  • Lovely Mermaid Dress UpLovely Mermaid Dress UpThis pretty and lovely mermaid is known for making fall in love many sailors that later follow her into the deep waters. She is one of the most beautiful creatures on the earth and she has to look great at all time. Choose a pretty look for her starting with the hairstyle, tail and top and finishing up with the jewelries. Enjoy this fantasy dress up game!

  • 41st Reality41st Reality Shoot all the incoming enemies that appear. Dodge their fire and them as you fly towards you.
  • Daily Pet CityDaily Pet CitySpoil your pet with a non-stop shopping spree!
  • Hidden GrasshopperHidden GrasshopperGrasshopper are hidden everywhere in the place. Find them and explode it using archer's bow and arrow. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.

  • Tishs BookballTishs Bookball Clear your way with a ball while protecting your own collection of books.
  • Infinite BallsInfinite BallsFind three or more adjacent balls, click to eliminate!
  • Atomic PongAtomic PongA new version of the entertained Pong game, this time in another planet. Enjoy these pleasant graphs and alien personages. The objective is to give back the ball and to try that your opponent does not catch it. You must make 5 points to pass to another level. If you lose you have 3 lives to continue trying.

  • Hang BangHang BangTry to hang and fly as far as you can.

  • Xtreme FirepowerXtreme FirepowerThis strategic archery game will let you enjoy a super session of riffle shooting against your enemies in an extreme fire power avalanche that will be unleashed along its many levels. So be prepared for the thrill of your life and see how far you can last in the battle for power.
  • Sue PotatoSue PotatoPlant potatos in order to produce delicious chips. Once you have put 10 potatos in the puree machine press "start".

  • Pimp my Mobile PhonePimp my Mobile PhoneChange the mobile phones just as you like using the accessories given.
  • Western BlitzkriegWestern BlitzkriegAim and shoot in this sidescroller with nice graphics. Watch out for those landmines!

  • Sandra Prom Party DressupSandra Prom Party DressupHelp Sandra choose a beautiful gown to wear in her Prom party.

  • Touch the Bubbles 2Touch the Bubbles 2Cool new music game where you have to find the melody.
  • Tattoo Style ShopTattoo Style ShopIt's not just ink—it's art.
  • Cheney's FuryCheney's FuryEveryone's favorite accidental shootist is out for blood this time! The heads of heads of state adorn birds and land animals for your hunting pleasure. Guns don't kill people.

  • Dream LandDream Land If my dreams were this bright, I'd never sleep! Platform through a little world of weirdness, if you please!
  • The Ant ArenaThe Ant ArenaDefeat your ant opponent in the arena!

  • Build A RobotBuild A RobotCreate your own style of robot

  • Sahara The ObjectiveSahara The Objective Surrounded by explosives and a bomb that reads 2 minutes until detonation, the fate of the world lies on your hand. Disable the bomb, or the explosion will produce a pollutant that will travel down the Niger River and eventually cause a form of marine cannibalism called "Red Tide". You have two minutes to disarm the bomb. there are three unlabeled wires that must be cut in the correct sequence in order to interrupt detonation. You must first cut the wire that leads to the Primer, followed by the Reactor Wire and finally the wire that feeds the Ignition Timer. You are equipped with a pair of wire cutters and a splicer. Be careful, as clipping the wrong wire accelerates the detonation time!
  • Monster High - DraculauraMonster High - DraculauraBy far, Draculaura, is one of the most popular characters of Monster High, being a total diva, as she is the daughter of Dracula. With pale shin, fangs and big, wondering eyes, is crazy about black but she cheers it up with electric pink.Monster High Draculaura is such a delight for the eye, with black hair and pink high-lights, tied into pigtails. Also her signature is a small, pink heart on her left cheek. As a true vampire she She has a crush for safety pins as earrings and pink boots. Monster High Draculaura has long hair and she loves to brush it in different hairstyles that always suit her. Be her hairstyle for today and turn her hair into stylish hairdos. Make it longer, shorter, pick out the high-lights and change their colors, tie it up, let it loose. Let you imagination free so she could enjoy a total makeover from you. Enjoy this hairstyle game!
  • WitchLoreWitchLoreClick groups of blocks that are the same color. Click only 1 block and lose a life.
  • Chicken EggChicken Egg You must catch the eggs when a chicken lays and you also must be careful on their poo.
  • Go Go KartsGo Go Karts Your goal is to be the first go-kart to cross the finish line.
  • Watch OutWatch Out Try to evade all the falling boulders!
  • Bubble DuckyBubble DuckyClick on groups of same colored bubbles as you try to get them all to disappear.
  • Youda Mystery - StanwickYouda Mystery - StanwickFind the hidden objects as you explore the house in this fantastic looking, highly detailed game.
  • Sonic BoomSonic BoomDrive to your targets and destroy them with your in-car entertainment system!
  • Penguins CookshopPenguins CookshopMaybe you heard about the famous penguin who has opened a new restaurant in the middle of Antarctica! He desperately needs your help to serve all customers who come at the restaurant, because he couldn't do it alone. He needs to serve everyone in a shortest time to not get angry. Collect as many money and you can to buy various upgrades with it. More money from customers, more time to serve or make penguins be faster, Enjoy.
  • Diving ChampionDiving ChampionTry to land in the middle of the target to get the most points.

  • Funny Donald On HalloweenFunny Donald On HalloweenAs you know, Donald Duck is the famous duck we all know and love created by The Walt Disney Company. This page is for you to dress up and color in the way you like. Funny games to play, baby. Enjoy and have fun!

  • LibraLibra Put all the pieces on the balance.
  • Heli FleetHeli Fleet Choose from a range of helicopter's to carry your cargo back to base.
  • Dress up Simulator Version 1Dress up Simulator Version 1 Dress up Sarah Michelle Gellar and change her look just as you like.
  • Shin Chan BikeShin Chan BikeShin Chan made his mom mad with his pranks so he was sent outside by her. Drive as Shin Chan in this free online racing game!
  • Project First StrikeProject First StrikeTravel through corridors, shoot down enemies, destroy the nuclear reactors and kill the boss.