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  • Scoby Doo's MVP Baseball SlamScoby Doo's MVP Baseball SlamPlay a game of Baseball with Scooby Doo and his enemy ghosts.

  • Red Cross ERURed Cross ERUSend the Red Cross in to help people in this strategy like game where you complete missions and more

  • Super Julio 4Super Julio 4Super Julio is now on the space! Help him to survive on this weird planet by collecting gems and destroying space creatures.
  • Greemlins Firemen Christmas EditionGreemlins Firemen Christmas EditionA fun and comical paddle based fire rescue Arkanoid mix with arcade elements, tasks and medals. First 20 levels in this package
  • Magical SolitaireMagical SolitaireShow off your solitaire skills in this magical multiplayer marathon!
  • Backyard Sports: Sandlo...Backyard Sports: Sandlo...When the weather's bad outside, there's a realistic summer sandlot waiting for you right here...
  • Scooby Doo Hidden ObjectsScooby Doo Hidden Objects Find out the below displayed objects, which are hidden from the image.
  • Point And Click - SmurfPoint And Click - SmurfSmurf is ansother point and click type spot the difference game. Point and click on the differences on two identical pictures as fast as you can.

  • Totem DestroyerTotem DestroyerYour mission is to destroy the totems without letting the golden Idol (aka Tot) fall into the ground. Use balance to keep Tot up. A cool physics based puzzle game!

  • Banana Cream PieBanana Cream PieWe have a delicious banana cream pie to cook here and you have to do it quickly. Check the timer and do it asap.
  • Tennis HangmanTennis HangmanTry to guess the names of the famous tennis players.

  • Battle Heroes 2012Battle Heroes 2012This is a very good class war games, the story of World War II took place in 2012, this time you will become a very good general, you will lead your army in the fight against the .Titans, defeat all the enemies .
  • The Lovely GirlThe Lovely GirlShes is so lovely with her beautiful gowns and dresses.

  • Scooby Doo: Shaggys Midnight SnackScooby Doo: Shaggys Midnight SnackPlace the hand signals in the boxes where you want shaggy to turn to finish the level.

  • Let It RainLet It RainLet It Rain is a physics based game where you water flowers by making raindrops fly back to the clouds to make it rain.Set the balloons on wooden items to release the raindrops and make them fly to the clouds to make it rain.
  • Piglet's Round - A - BoutPiglet's Round - A - BoutRepeat the character patterns after they light up.

  • Putt It InPutt It InChoose the initial position of the ball, set the power and direction of the hit, and try to make par!
  • Minion Jump AdventureMinion Jump AdventureMinion has a great adventure. Minion must jump on the platforms and try to get the top score high. He must be careful not to fall or he will die and then you must start again. Enjoy Minion Jump Adventure and have fun.
  • Santas Rooftop HopSantas Rooftop Hop Help Santa deliver all the presents in time for Christmas day!
  • Zamba WorldZamba WorldConnect sets of three or more faces to score! How many sets can you complete before time runs out?
  • Water Ragdoll 2Water Ragdoll 2

    Play around with a ragdoll inside a room full of water! Create object and throw around, connect with ropes and have fun! This version includes a living ragdoll, bombs and black holes!

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Double DamageTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Double Damage Attack the foot clan soldiers as a TMNT. Call in special attacks with help from your friends.
  • Rescue MissionRescue MissionShoot the enemies down with awesome weapons and free the kidnapped people!
  • Kullors 2Kullors 2Kullors is a simple concept. Just pair up matching "Kullors" to clear the level.
  • Beavis and Butt Head Bug JusticeBeavis and Butt Head Bug Justice The bugs are coming! And they want your damn candy, dumb-ass. Make them feel the burn with the magnifying glass you stole from Principal McVicker's office. Fire! Fire! Then teach those bugs who rules. Whatever candy is left at the end of each round = cool bonus points for you.
  • Draka 2: No More ChristmasDraka 2: No More ChristmasIt is Christmas time and Draka is the only one who will not get a present. That is why this naughty spider-like creature is going to rage on the streets and turn as many people into spiders as he can. His main target is Santa. Help Draka to reach his goal and turn Santa into a spider-like Santa creature!
  • NarutoNaruto You play as Naruto and you must evade from the weapons being dropped at you by your enemies. How long can you survive? Good luck!
  • Experimental GameExperimental GameGo to the orb to win the level.

  • CyrcuitCyrcuitA polished & challenging hex grid-based puzzle game. Will you be able to assemble the machine parts and power your way through?

  • Mario's AdventureMario's AdventureAnother flash version of Mario with a sequel you will enjoy this one!

  • Naughty TwinsNaughty TwinsThe two naughty babies mom will go to her vacation, so their grandmother has to take care of them. She is so old and the two babies are so naughty. Im afraid her grandmother crazy by them. Please help her.

  • Dropping MusicDropping MusicTime the neon colored bar dropping to hit a perfect music.

  • Rocket CarRocket Car Maneuver your rocket car and collect the red dots which is rocket fuel for your car to fly and reach the exit for the next level. Have fun driving your rocket car!
  • Shoot EmShoot EmTake down the bad guys before they shoot you, but leave the innocent guys alone.

  • Jade Shadow MahjongJade Shadow MahjongFind the similar pieces in this Mahjong game that is hard to spot the similar pieces.

  • Cheat MasterCheat MasterTry to cheat during the exam, but don't let the teacher catch you!
  • In The Crib with Rob and BigIn The Crib with Rob and BigPull moves to rack up points. Watch out for obstacles, and keep your eyes needed for bonus items!

  • Busy Bee RestaurantBusy Bee RestaurantMr. Bee's restaurant is open! As the chef, your task is to matck the food and drink ingredients with the ones on the conveyer belt as fast as possible and make sure the food and drinks could be served on time.

  • Metal Slug: Death Defen...Metal Slug: Death Defen...Take down the incoming waves of enemy troops before they overwhelm you. When using the default weapon, you don't have to worry about ammo. Just click and hold to build up power, then release to shoot. Keep track of your fuel by watching the red meter in the top left. Shoot the tanks of gas to replenish your fuel, and the letters to pick up extra ammo for your special weapons.At the end of each wave, your partner will swing by and give you back some health. If your health runs out and no lives are left, the battle is over!
  • Xtreet FootballXtreet FootballTake your sneakers and dare to play the most extreme soccer on the streets! Enjoy ColaCao's Xtreet Football and become the king of the field.
  • Sexy Girl DressupSexy Girl DressupDressup a pretty girl in sexy outfits and print your results when you're done.
  • Everybody EditsEverybody Edits Join a room that has other people editing the level. Explore and mess around in each new room.
  • VeggieTales The Whipcrack IslandsVeggieTales The Whipcrack IslandsMan your ship as you set sail in the Whipcrack waters. Don't crash or get hit.

  • Quick TurtleQuick TurtleThe quick turtle collects multicolor pearls, help her to match the colors, three or more of the same color will explode. The line is moving so do not loose time. The mouse to rule.