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  • Super Castle Quest Part 1Super Castle Quest Part 1 Get off your lazy butt and get to slaying some demons, whippersnapper!
  • Monsters vs Alien Gallaxhar InvadesMonsters vs Alien Gallaxhar Invades The movie Monsters vs. Aliens has a renewed version of the classic Space Invaders. Shoot your water cannon and defend the earth from the invasion.
  • Wall-E PinballWall-E PinballPlay pinball with WALL-E!

  • Candy CopterCandy CopterFlying a copter through candy land isn\\’t as sweet as it sounds!
  • Mega MemoryMega MemoryThe normal memory game, on steroids! How far can you get in this hyper version of the original memory game?
  • Animaniacs (1994)Animaniacs (1994)This game is out of the ordinary because movement is forwards, backwards, and side to side a movement style usually reserved for Beat 'em ups, in most side scrolling platform games the player can only go forward and backward. Pinky and the Brain once again have another plan to conquer the world by deciding to steal the script of the Greatest Movie ever while it was under development.
  • Reggae FashionReggae FashionThis girl loves reggae music and loves to dress like her favorite artists.

  • Peppy s Meryl Streep Dress UpPeppy s Meryl Streep Dress Up She's is one vintage actress and still very hot for her age.
  • Xiao Xiao No 4Xiao Xiao No 4 The fourth installment to the best stickman shooting game. Enjoy!
  • Wheel of DangerWheel of DangerThrow knives at a spinning lady on a wheel.
    Try to smash as many balloons as possible.

  • Fruit Cake DecorationFruit Cake DecorationDecorate your cake in a way you like!

  • Protector Reclaiming the ThroneProtector Reclaiming the Throne Hire your units and manage their development as you destroy hordes of mindless creatures!
  • Pizza Hut ShopPizza Hut ShopYou are managing a pizza hut shop, where you have to pack and send the items. Read the items as per order list, and place them in the pack for customers.

  • Dress the IsettaDress the IsettaAn original game where you have to dress up a car. It's an old model which used to be popular in Germany called Isetta.

  • SSSG - Christmas LightsSSSG - Christmas LightsHunt for crystals in the beautiful Christmas light photos.
  • Wolverine M.R.D. EscapeWolverine M.R.D. EscapeWhat fool thinks he can keep Wolverine in a cage?
  • Whack A GroundhogWhack A GroundhogClassic arcade game! Hit 'em hard!

  • Madpac UnderwaterMadpac UnderwaterHave fun with this classic game concept with an underwater twist.
  • Barbie RideBarbie RideRide your sweet barbie on her scooty bike. Collect gems to score points on your way. Be careful with the path, you have three chance to survive.
  • Heap HeapHeap HeapStack the boxes as high as possible without letting them tip over. Land them as centered as possible.

  • Hidden Objects - Toy RoomHidden Objects - Toy RoomSearch and discover the hidden objects in the toy Room.

  • Freeride TrialsFreeride Trials Ride your bike over the rocky mountains as you try to make it over the gaps as you tilt and lean.
  • Galactic MinerGalactic MinerMine gems and other stuff to get funds to upgrade your ship.
  • Santa BowlSanta BowlSingle player Christmas themed bowling game. High scores are recorded online.Move the ball with your mouse. Try to keep a nice, controlled swing to produce the best results.You can spin the ball by moving your mouse in a curve as indicated by the arrow.The ball is automatically released when it goes past the line.
  • Alices Adventures in WonderlandAlices Adventures in Wonderland In this wondrously wacky world, there\’s an adventure behind every door!
  • Tessa's HamburgerTessa's HamburgerThis is a part of the Tessa Series about cooking. In this game you learn how to make a hamburger. Learn what ingredients you need and how to prepare them. See how to cut your ingredients and for how long you have to cook your dish or how long you have to put it in the oven. You also get the recip... This is a part of the Tessa Series about cooking. In this game you learn how to make a hamburger. Learn what ingredients you need and how to prepare them. See how to cut your ingredients and for how long you have to cook your dish or how long you have to put it in the oven. You also get the recipe of this hamburger to print it and prepare it at home, in your own kitchen.

  • Ball LiftingBall LiftingTry to keep the ball in the air as long as you can by pressing the corresponding key!

  • Christmas LightsChristmas LightsUse your imagination and decorate a perfect scenery for this Christmas season.

  • Storm Chasers: The ChaseStorm Chasers: The ChaseAcquire visual data of direct tornado impacts with the on-board camera probe.

  • Custom Hunter KillerCustom Hunter KillerDesign your very own hover ship.

  • perfumelaboratoryperfumelaboratory They have trapped you in a perfume lab. To get out you need to follow the clues and make the right type of fragrance.
  • Find Girly Girl Hidden GameFind Girly Girl Hidden GameTry to find all the hidden girly girls in this theme park. Look closely and pick her our of the crowd to win this game.
  • Adventures of a CowAdventures of a Cow Help rescue the cow's friend who is locked away in a cage.
  • Emma A Friend At Hallows EveEmma A Friend At Hallows EveFind the differences for a happy Halloween.

  • Stone Match GameStone Match GameYou have to match and remove stones. Stones can be removed only if there are 3 and more connected stones of the same kind. To match stones select first stone and then select second. If change is allowed - stones will exchange their places.
  • Tornado RaceTornado Race A cool and fresh driving game have been made, control your tornado and race against the others, be a tornado racer! Destroy house to get weapon
  • Samurai JackSamurai Jack Samurai Jack is the only one that can defeat the underground bandits and recover the stolen food. Use keys to unlock doors and cages.
  • Haunted HouseHaunted HouseYou are trapped inside the haunted house and must find your way out by collecting missing items.
  • Babycal ThrowBabycal ThrowTry to throw the bag on the same little creature as many times as possible.

    Each successive hit gives you 10 more points. Make combo-points by hitting more than one creature at a time; 25 points are given for each additional one.

    Making more than one creature run back-and-forth will give you the your best scores.

  • MetaphysikMetaphysik Move the ball onto the target.
  • The Dinner Party GameThe Dinner Party GameThe dinner party card game is a kind of puzzle game for one player. There is a table in each level and a pack of cards. To complete each level you have to make all the faces on cards happy. They're gonna be happy if the colors on their card match the colors on either side of them

  • Sue Leahs Confrontation SyuwaSue Leahs Confrontation Syuwa Help Sue cook for her boyfriend.
  • WorddyWorddy original version of one of the most played classics, Arkanoid.
  • Zombie Dress UpZombie Dress UpThe living dead love to dress their best on Halloween!