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  • Beach Bratz Dress upBeach Bratz Dress upThe 5 Bratz have hit the hot beaches this summer! Dress them all up so they can meet fun guys to go surfing with! Remember to take enough stuffs for the beach such as bikini, sandals, hat, life-jacket,sunglasses... for her!
  • Sonic RunnerSonic RunnerHelp Sonic to run as far as possible, Collect Coins and get power-ups, Achieve Bonuses and Unlock new worlds.
  • Fortune Teller ThingyFortune Teller Thingy Try asking Skulhead about your future
  • LocochewLocochewFeed your tribal chief with jungle fruit.

  • Tribal Olympics 2Tribal Olympics 2Hit the skull as far as possible as you bat it just right to make it bounce over and over again.

  • Soda Pop Girls BUbble Batch Bottle CatchSoda Pop Girls BUbble Batch Bottle Catch Help prepare her yummy sodas.
  • TsubuchiTsubuchi
  • Bow Master GameBow Master Game Help Robinson Crusoe to hit the target by shooting arrows with your bow.
  • Robot TimRobot TimShoot enemies and grab all that fall out of them. Watch those gaps and don't jump to your death.

  • Mushroom Home Decoratio...Mushroom Home Decoratio...Decorate this colorful mushroom house and its neighbourhood.
  • Hair ManiaHair ManiaCrazy Bea knows that hair with flair goes out to THERE!
  • Magic GemMagic GemGet the coloured balls to fall into your hands and then throw them back up into the other balls of the same colour to clear the screen.

  • Animal Football 2010Animal Football 2010Try this fun jungle soccer game! The lion challenged the chimp to a game of ten twelve yard shots. Now it is up to the chimp to shoot as many goals as possible. Determine the angle and direction of the ball carefully and shoot some neat goals! Try this fun jungle soccer game! The lion challenged the chimp to a game of ten twelve yard shots. Now it is up to the chimp to shoot as many goals as possible. Determine the angle and direction of the ball carefully and shoot some neat goals!

  • Puzzle Mania Sleeping BeautyPuzzle Mania Sleeping BeautyComplete the puzzle of Sleeping Beauty

  • Nora Dress UpNora Dress UpWanna play to be a rockstar, get into the groove make your own rock outfits.

  • Zombie BearsZombie BearsThey say if a bear attacks, play dead. But what do you play if an undead bear attacks?
  • Colony QueenColony QueenCollect pollen from flowers and other bees for your hive. Watch out for deadly flowers.

  • Panic In Platform PerilPanic In Platform PerilHelp Panic collect the bonuses and find the key to open the door and go to the next level.
  • Forgotten Garage EscapeForgotten Garage EscapeYou need to escape from the garage but you have neglected to finish your car restoration project. Now you need your car to get out so you must repair it with the parts at so you can drive it.
  • Polar BearsPolar Bears Shoot as many polar bears as you can with your ice shooting gun in the time provided for maximum points
  • JetspeedJetspeedAvoid traffic as you seek out and destroy the trucks. Keep a low profile, so be careful not to alert any assault drones.

  • Executive Shootout 08Executive Shootout 08 Shoot as many people as you want but be careful on the security guards those guys shoot back.
  • Heavy PawnageHeavy PawnageBlast enemy robots as you earn to upgrade and buy ammo. Make sure you're properly equipped.
  • Peppy s Sophia Bush Dress UpPeppy s Sophia Bush Dress Up Help our lovely Sophia to her ready for movie premiere.
  • 3D Quad Racing3D Quad RacingRace Through Some Tough Terrains As You Make Everything Of Your Chance To Be An Ultimate Quad Bike Racer.
  • Fear Unlimited 2: Issue # 1Fear Unlimited 2: Issue # 1Fight all the dark enemies appearing on the screen as you upgrade your character, shoot and slash in this massive RPG-style fighting game.

  • Prince of Persia: The F...Prince of Persia: The F...Even ye who hold the key to time can only do so much to save your brother before it's too late...
  • Sort My Tiles Jumping AladinSort My Tiles Jumping AladinAladin's jump needs to sorted out.

  • I Love You ManiaI Love You ManiaIt's the final showdown to prove who loves who more!
  • Cosmico!Cosmico!Rez inspired space extravaganza starring an adorable little robot.

  • Eine und KleineEine und KleineActive and vivid adventure platformer with two nice heroes.
  • Poto   CabengaPoto Cabenga Jump two different characters at the same time, using the same controls, but on different levels.
  •   But there were Cannon But there were Cannon s Rock Solid Platforming.
  • The Day The Office MeltedThe Day The Office MeltedSet in a comic book style world, you play as Mr. Heatbuster. Using your mouse to click on various objects, you must cool items down to stop your arch enemy Ms. Dee Hydration from melting the office.
    Click on a heated object and a pulsing target will appear. Click again when it pulses near the centre to cool it down. Can you foil Ms. Dee Hydration's dastardly plot, can you survive the day the office melted?

  • Eliza Girl DressupEliza Girl DressupChoose fun clothes to wear for cute Eliza.

  • Christmas with FriendsChristmas with FriendsIt's fun to celebrate Christmas with your friends and wearing new dress that you like at the same time.

  • RanzadromeRanzadromeRanzadrome – a secret military testing ground, which made testing of new types of tanks. On this test site has been tested a new design of light amphibious tank ET-1347/87a “Lake”. At the landfill site to be operating base, where you can make minor repairs. Your task is to go around the polygon, go safely minefields, armored protection to try and collect 10 pieces of secret weapon. The tank can take a just a stock up, and then must deliver it to the base.
  • ImperiumImperiumAn amazing resource management / army management game with awesome graphics and game play. Conquer all areas in the Dogland Island, to do that you must build an empire, train soldiers, create weapons and expand your territory.

  • JumpJumpTry to get across the water by jumping from boat to boat. For bigger boats jump on the flashing platforms. Small boats will sink if you stand on them for too long!

  • My Forest AdventuresMy Forest AdventuresThe forest is full of friendly furry friends to make, so go exploring!
  • Everyones Hero Mah jonggEveryones Hero Mah jongg Click on two matching tiles to remove them.
  • Coconut SafariCoconut SafariClick mouse button to take a picture. Aim carefully, you only have 60 exposures in your camera. Safari mode consists of 6 levels. For each level you will be given a mission and a time limit. Finish all 6 levels to win the game.

  • Will SmithWill SmithThe Fresh Prince of Bel Air Is looking for a new style! Give him a fashion makeover for his next movie!
  • Moth StaplerMoth Stapler Your goal is to staple the moths to the wall.