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  • King Of Fighters Bull EditionKing Of Fighters Bull EditionAlthough this 'Bull Edition' of 'King Of Fighters' looks like a street fighter game, it's not! Rather you have to get close to the bull and dodge.

  • Police SniperPolice Sniper Kill all the Hostage takers before they shoot you
  • Sim DeliverySim DeliveryMake deliveries while avoiding the police in this fun crazy game, Sim Delivery!

    First off, you are a fugitive but you have to make money to get out of the country. The easiest way to get cash is to do deliveries to clients around the city. All you have is a scooter and some cash, go buy some items from shops to deliver to other people. Have fun!

  • Sort My Tiles Monster vs AliensSort My Tiles Monster vs Aliens See the new heroes of Disney.
  • Gaadi SambhaalGaadi SambhaalHelp our heroes balance their Gaadi for the maximum time possible! And have fun collecting goodies along the

  • Badgicon 2Badgicon 2Badgicon2 is a simple puzzle game. You task in this game is find a three, or more identical badges in rows. Completion of the task for each stage will increase Your level & multiply a scores. Discover spec combinations of badges for opening a new abilities.
  • Bosozoku FightersBosozoku Fighters

  • Mini TrainMini Trainphysics engine based puzzle game where you've to close the gaps with the given shapes in order to pave the way for the train.

  • Emirates FIFA World Cup ShootoutEmirates FIFA World Cup ShootoutIn this final of the world soccer cup you will have to decide your luck making click on the yellow dot in order to select the power of the shot. Then make click on the ball to kick it.

  • Beach, Surf And KissBeach, Surf And KissA gorgeous red hair girl meets a surfer on the beach. The environment is conducive to falling in love. Help the young couple to not being disturbed by the lifeguard, a curious guy behind the tree or they could break up shortly.

  • Faux Feathered FashionFaux Feathered FashionSophie loves keeping up with current trends. Right now she thinks it's so fun to dress up with feathers in her hair and feathers on her earrings! While she is very hip and wants to stay in fashion, she also worries about animal safety and our environment. That's why she chooses faux feathers, or fake feathers, so no animals were harmed in the making of her fashionable fun! Enjoy!
  • Birds TownBirds Town Match the types of bird to the right place in the line in order to make them fly away.
  • Pipol SmasherPipol SmasherPhysics puzzle game. Use cars to kill all humans. The more damage you do, the higher the score.

  • Jade MonkeyJade MonkeyImpress the chief with some gem-matching mayhem! Monkey Match 3 or more gems to clear them from the board before time's up. For special power-ups, match more than 3. Keep in mind some special gems turn to immovable stone if you don't clear them in time. Clear gems in quick succession so both your multiplier—and the monkey chief—are dancing!
  • Tarzan and Jane Jungle JumpTarzan and Jane Jungle Jump Help Tarzan collect diamonds scattered throughout the jungle to give to Jane for their first anniversary. Time is short! He'll have to brave the dangers of the animal kingdom to find the precious stones. help him avoid obstacles and swing across dangerous water rapids and pitfalls while eluding alligators, panthers and man-eating plants.
  • Fun Memory Match GameFun Memory Match GameFind the matching pairs.
  • Aim and FireAim and FireShoot cans according to the required target on the left!

  • End Of NightmaresEnd Of NightmaresEver drifted off to sleep in the middle of a book? Ever had crazy dreams? Ever felt unable to fight
    back? Not in this dream. Take control of the kid and destroy the darkness in your mind.

  • Memory Game: Horses!Memory Game: Horses!Classic Memory Game: Match Pair of identical image. Only the cutest Horses!
  • Flappy Bird FlashFlappy Bird Flash

    A very fun and addictive game based on the hit trending app "flappy bird". Fly through the pipes and see how far you can get!

  • Asteroids Revenge IIIAsteroids Revenge IIISlam your asteroids into the attacking ships. Make them pay that they ever shot an asteroid.

  • qplay Dominoqplay DominoDo you dare dive into the addictive world of dominoes?
  • Vehicles 3: Car ToonsVehicles 3: Car ToonsUse logic to drive all cars in each level. Roam on the city as police cars, ambulances or firefighters to restore order in the streets.
  • Jungle DefenseJungle DefenseDrive over the attacking soldiers and shoot them. Try to dodge their fire as much as possible.

  • Create A Warm WinterCreate A Warm WinterCreate a warm winter by wearing this stylish clothes.

  • EvocannonEvocannonYou are under attack by 2-dimensional shapes. Get them before they get you!
  • Deluxe PoolDeluxe PoolPlay head to head with your friend in this nice graphic flash pool game

  • Recycling GameRecycling GameHelp Michael pick up all the litter in the park and stop the litterbugs before time runs out!

  • Magic StonesMagic StonesDestroy the magic stones by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 stones. If you destroy a group with at least 15 magic stones, then you can get a bomb!Destroy the magic stones by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 stones.
  • Cute DollCute DollGive the dolls some make over.

  • Barbecue ChefBarbecue ChefPerfectly grill the meat, or else dinner is ruined!

  • Night at the MuseumNight at the MuseumThe hit film really comes to life on your screen!

  • Cat DiverCat Diver Eat all fish while running away from all dangers in the sea.
  • Peppy s Hilary Duff Dress UpPeppy s Hilary Duff Dress Up Hilary has new movie, help her get dress up for her new film.
  • Escape from the THK58Escape from the THK58You play as Sarah, and you must go to the escape pod room. You'll have to re-calibrate the power to unlock the door to the escape pods...Just look for the access. Good luck!

  • Bomb DroidBomb DroidBlow up all your enemies and find the exit door. Another version of the Bomber Man Game but with large scrolling play fields.

  • Turn Based BattleTurn Based Battle Continue to fight in this turn based battle as your enemy continues to change and get stronger.
  • Garage TycoonGarage TycoonThis garage is a goldmine. Follow the instructions to turn this garage into a goldmine by repairing, tuning, painting, and washing customers' cars.
  • Peppy's Hilary Duff  Dress UpPeppy's Hilary Duff Dress UpHilary has new movie, help her get dress up for her new film.

  • Picos Infantry Covert OperativesPicos Infantry Covert Operatives Pick your own team and battle your way to victory against your enemies! Have fun!
  • Office KissingOffice Kissing This game is situated in the office. The boy and the girl are in love and they want to kiss, but they don't want their boss to know. And if their boss should find out, she will get angry. So, help this couple to kiss secretly. There are several levels in this game. You go to the next level if you fill the green bar below. If anybody sees this couple kissing, you have to start over.
  • Arabella Gems 4Arabella Gems 4 4th Installment of the game Arabella Gems. Find the given objects on the screen.
  • The Magicians Handbook II - BlackLoreThe Magicians Handbook II - BlackLoreFind the hidden objects hidden within each new scene. Your list is hidden in a right side menu.

  • Deep VoyageDeep VoyageThink you can finish these underwater matching games before time runs out? Don't hold your breath!