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  • BalancesBalancesAchieve perfect balance by adding weights to the scale.
  • Cellular DefenseCellular DefenseDestroy the viruses before they reach your patients heart. Create defender cells around the veins to attck and destroy the viruses infecting your patients. Use your ATP budget wisely and manage your cells to make sure you can remove as much of the infecting virus as possible.

  • Grand Prix ExpertGrand Prix ExpertRace in a formula 1 car and try to become the champion.
  • Alien Planet BloodLustAlien Planet BloodLust Shoot the endless waves of aliens as they try to take your flag to their UFO. Shoot them down!
  • DreadlordDreadlord Stupid villagers. They hate you because you're brilliant. Teach them a lesson by turning them into zombies with special ammunition. FTW!
  • Spring UmbrellaSpring UmbrellaSpring means colors, flowers, and…rain! Choose some rainy clothes to match the umbrella.

  • Kukoo MachinesKukoo MachinesYour shop is now open for business. Serve your customers burgers, fries, drinks and more. Make sure the order is right so the leave happy.
  • Crazy Bike GameCrazy Bike Game Drive along the dangerous road for the longest time.
  • Nacho Libre Andale Nacho AndaleNacho Libre Andale Nacho Andale Take first place to advance to the next round.
  • Ultimate FootballUltimate FootballComplete as many passes as you can and don't get intercepted.

  • Toy Story - Bowl-o-RamaToy Story - Bowl-o-RamaPlay a game of bowling with the Toy Story gang!

  • Escape MissionEscape Mission The Objective of the game is to find the best escpae route theough the treehouse in as few steps as possible. You have to get to the blinking square.
  • Boombang FriendsBoombang FriendsInspired by two epic games, Doeo and Doeorikis. Enjoy these funny and dynamic animations and catch as many friends as you can.
  • Effing HailEffing HailYour objective in this interesting online game is to lay waste to a city by wielding your power over Effing Hail.

  • Office Itcheu of YouOffice Itcheu of YouTry something professional but also stylish.

  • 5 in a Row5 in a RowThis is a brilliant game, with new strategies emerging every time you play it! The aim is to place 5 blocks of the same color in a row for points. You can place the blocks either horizontally or vertically and use the blocks to nudge others into place.

  • Mr. Golden goes Choccie MadMr. Golden goes Choccie MadEver went Choccie Mad? Mr Golden does! Collect some pancakes first, then you have to find further ingredients in this funny platform jump'n'run game.

  • Madness Drag and DropMadness Drag and DropDrag and drop the characters onto the screen to make a limited scene of your own creation.

  • Sniper GameSniper GameA short shooting game with a single sniper shot to make. Can you do it all in one live? Z to reload.

  • Hidden Stars-RarityHidden Stars-RarityHidden Stars-Rarity is another point and click hidden objects game from Stars are hidden everywhere in the Rarity picture.Find them and hit it. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.
  • Steel Tower SolitaireSteel Tower SolitaireSteel Tower Solitaire is an interesting new kind of Solitaire. It´s your task to remove all cards on the screen, by clicking on a card one higher or lower than the card at the bottom. You have one joker every round. Feel free to use him.Click on a card one higher or lower than the card at the bottom.
  • Rumble Ball 2Rumble Ball 2Hit the ball with your mouse to destroy bricks and pick up golden balls for points.

  • Moussaka RecipeMoussaka RecipeMoussaka is a dish based on aubergines, minced meat and potatoes, topped with a creamy Béchamel sauce that is baked to golden perfection! Its name comes from the Arabic musaqqa\’a which means chilled. Join me to make delicious Moussaka!
  • Jewel HunterJewel HunterDrive your car grabbing as many jewels as you can. Watch out for obstacles, especially other cars.

  • Prizma PuzzlePrizma Puzzle Addictive sci-fi chainreaction puzzle game with 28 cleverly designed levels. Features 28 cleverly designed levels, 3D graphics and a challenging achievement system.
  • Intruder: Combat Training 2xIntruder: Combat Training 2xBecome the ultimate special forces operative in this fast-paced 2D shooter. Engage in brutal firefights and complete missions to gain XP and unlock all the gear. Customize your soldier, weapons and attachments. Enjoy great visuals, dynamic lighting, amazing particle effects and physics simulation with epic ragdoll effects!
  • Missile Game 3D HSMissile Game 3D HS In this game you are piloting a missile through a large tunnel, and you must avoid crashing to make it to the end of each stage!

    Fly through the holes in the rotating obstacles to survive and make it through each level! The position of your mouse is the position of the missile in the tunnel!
  • DistractionDistraction Help the bird fly through the sky\’s and collect as many fruits as you can, and that\’s not it you will have to avoid all the obstacles too witch will make it that little bit harder.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog SonicX BowlingSonic the Hedgehog SonicX Bowling A 10 pin bowling with a twist. Sonic the Hedgehog is the bowling ball.
  • School Uniform Dressup 2School Uniform Dressup 2Choose a nice and fashionable school uniform for this pupil.

  • Bongo Boom BattlegroundsBongo Boom Battlegrounds Wanna Patapon a bit? Well, here you go! In the rhythm strategy game Bongo Boom Battlegrounds you've to tell your army what to to by playing the drums.
  • Monkey BoyMonkey Boy Throw Bananas at your enemies.
  • Peppy s Christina Aguilera Dress UpPeppy s Christina Aguilera Dress Up Get our new mom pop star get ready for her comeback album.
  • Ultimate Spring BreakUltimate Spring BreakEnjoy your very own spring break.

  • Sami's Jewelry ShopSami's Jewelry ShopHelp Sami to run her own jewelry store, produce the finest accessories and sell them to the customers. The store is getting pretty busy, so hopefully Sami can count on your help!

  • Scramball 2Scramball 2Being on the ball is not enough--you have to be the ball!
  • Winx ClubWinx ClubDress the girls up.

  • Modern DateModern DateSet this couple on a date but first you may need to dress them up both for a perfect date. Enjoy!

  • Kristen Stewart Dress UpKristen Stewart Dress Up Teenage girls everywhere loathe Kristen Stewart. There are even websites dedicated to hating on her. After all, she gets to play the onscreen love interest of the we-can-totally-understand-why-he's-a-sex-symbol Robert Pattinson in the Twilight films. She's currently filming New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, which also stars the beautiful Nikki Reed, and has roles in Welcome to the Rileys, opposite James Gandolfini, and The Runaways, opposite Dakota Fanning.
  • Chique Make UpChique Make UpChoose the best make-up for this black-haired girl.
  • DupligonDupligonTest your memory in this shape-drawing task.
  • ATV StuntATV Stunt Jump on possibly the fastest quad bike on Earth and pull off some awesome daredevil stunts in this fun biking game.
  • Sweet SwitchSweet SwitchScore points by creating rows of 3 or more pieces. Swap any 2 adjacent game pieces so that a row of 3 or more is formed.

  • Spider X 2 Royal LunchSpider X 2 Royal Lunch One fly is sweet, but if you munch a bunch, you've had a royal lunch!