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  • Wooper's AdventureWooper's AdventureWooper's girl friend Hus been stoled! Rescue her in this slightly infantile, Mario themed retro platform game.

  • Candy ElfCandy ElfIt'll take a super-sized sweet tooth to munch through these candies!

  • Brewery DefenderBrewery DefenderDrag the blue midget in order to deflect the hymenoptera blobs and help to escape to as many brewery trucks as you could.

  • Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice's Adventures in WonderlandIn this wondrously wacky world, there's an adventure behind every door!

  • Mission MarsMission MarsLevel the city to secure your landing.

  • Peppy's Pete Wentz Dress UpPeppy's Pete Wentz Dress UpFall Out Boy base guitarist needs to be dress up.

  • FlakboyFlakboyAn experiment in physical destruction: how much damage can you deal?
  • Hot Snow Skiing ApparelHot Snow Skiing ApparelThis girls wants the hottest sport outfit for snow skiing. Choose the right apparel that she needs to wear.

  • Monsters Vs EvilMonsters Vs EvilThe little cute orange monster are having fun on a platform, but suddenly a big purple monster appear on the platform as well. It is disturbing the little monsters fun. Help the orange monster reach purple monster and get him out of there. Use orange monster friend black,green and red monster to help him out.
  • Monster Joust MadnessMonster Joust MadnessHaving returned a hero from the war against the Undead Assault Army, your glorious king has dispatched you to joust in a revered tournament against some of the most feared villains of the AdventureQuest world. Try to reach the championship round and earn money and better weapons along the way.

  • Match ThreeMatch ThreeMatchThree with 8 fan tools: 1:eliminate the horizontal line. 2:eliminate the vertical line. 3:reset the faces. 4:eliminate the same faces as you selected; 5:random eliminate several 6:time-bomb 7:Forced switching wrench 8:Tracking the face may be matched; Other Description: 1.With the increase of the level, the game becomes more difficult. 2.Over time,the timer will be faster, you have to buy item to use so that you can survive longer. 3.The final score is calculated by the time and money,so you must take care of the balance between these two things.
  • Minnies Dinner PartyMinnies Dinner Party In this game you need to help Minnie organize a dinner party. You'll do different tasks like mixing liquid ingredients, frying burgers etc. When you're done with one of the tasks your guests, other Disney characters, will give you marks. You need to have a certain average mark to pass to the next level.
  • Happy Garden GameHappy Garden GameAre you also fond of tomatoes, strawberries and salad? In this game you can grow your own plants, in your own little garden. Pick a seed and plant it in one of the flowerpots. Add water and fertilizers, so that a beautiful plant will grow.

  • Contexture 12Contexture 12 Arrange the scrambled pieces on the grid to form a contexture.
  • FL Tron 2.0FL Tron 2.0Try to maneuver your opponent so that he or she runs into a wall before you do.

  • Pearl BreakPearl BreakDestroy all the pearls by clicking them in groups of the same type. To get high score, you need to remove as many pearls as possible at one time.
  • Partner Room EscapePartner Room EscapePartner room escape is another new point and click room escape game from You are trapped inside in a partner room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful objects and hints. Find the right way to escape from the partner room. Good Luck and Have Fun!
  • Nebula Warriors GameNebula Warriors GamePlace your cards to combat the enemy forces. Be careful not to run out of cards before the enemy.
  • Operation MausOperation MausInfiltrate deep behind enemy lines into Mausland and stop this madman from executing his evil schemes.

    The defenses are heavily fortified, so it is important that you are thorough in your actions.

  • Ceasar PizzaCeasar PizzaFrom Palermo to Pisa, the best pizzas come from Italy!
  • Vox Populi Vox DeiVox Populi Vox Dei Run and dive into werewolves and start to rip them apart. Don't let other werewolves see you.
  • Match Match BabyMatch Match BabyWanna meet your future baby??
  • Puru.Puru - Valentine ShotPuru.Puru - Valentine ShotAs your Puru.Puru moves along, throw your javelins just in time to hit the bullseye hearts.
  • CommunityCommunityDummy returns after the great success of the original game! Now with over 110 new levels and 50 skins to unlock!
  • Balloon in a WastelandBalloon in a Wasteland You balloon has crashed and monsters are out to get you. Upgrade your weapons and build defenses.
  • CapriSun ChuckCapriSun ChuckMy enemies want my delicious juice. No dice! I will defend my CapriSun with a pantsload of eggs.

  • Pretty Shy BridePretty Shy BridePretty Shy Bride Dress up: Choose from several romantic wedding dresses and classy accessories to dress this pretty bride. Have fun with your creations and once you're done simply print and share with your friends.
  • Curve BallCurve BallThis is a whole new ping pong game where you get to play against the computer. Good luck!

  • Kids Room DecorKids Room DecorCan you help design a new look for the kid's room?

  • Tubbys Big AdventureTubbys Big Adventure Guide Tubby through the different regions and grab all the junk food avoiding the enemies.
  • Christmas Jewel DeluxeChristmas Jewel DeluxeSanta has come bearing gifts. Delete the pictures you see together and not let it flood the screen. It will become more difficult. If you like games for Christmas, you'll like this a lot.
  • HT83 preparing Christmas biscuitsHT83 preparing Christmas biscuitsCute Zombie preparing biscuits for Christmas Event
  • Doll HouseDoll HouseBarbie's left for her summer vacation and has left you the keys to her house so that you can style it up and beautify it from roof to basement. Feel free to put all your decoration ideas into practice!
  • Sleepy GermsSleepy GermsMind the colors of your pills as you click on the sleeping germs to cure them. Keep them from waking.
  • Injection ExperienceInjection ExperienceYou are the doctor and your task is to make sure that each injection on your patient's body parts that you would do would be as close to the target as possible, not only for you to get paid, but also for you to advance to the next level. I warn you, this job wont be that easy!

  • The Adventures of Blob BobThe Adventures of Blob BobMove around and jump on enemies.

  • Jasmine's Flying HighJasmine's Flying HighMove the flying carpet under Jasmine's feet to bounce her into the sky and collect jewels.

  • BattlefieldBattlefieldAttack and destroy your opponents territory.

  • Summer Resort Episode 1 Pool ProblemSummer Resort Episode 1 Pool Problem Talk to the guests to find out what is missing!
  • Count the CubesCount the Cubesn this game there will be cubes that are stacked together, and you need to count the number of cubes and then input the answer. Use the mouse to click the number buttons to input the number of cubes. The faster you count, the higher the score.
  • Five 'TilFive 'TilComplete tasks in 30 seconds or less such as descending the elevator shaft, shooting guards, disarming alarms, and more.

  • Mouse Avoider 2Mouse Avoider 2Guide the red dot by passing through the maze without hitting the walls.

  • Bird Bird ArmyBird Bird Army Help the Bird Bird Army to defeat the hostile angry bird airforces!
  • Fairy 9Fairy 9What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we dream for, the looks we envy and the wings that are not only accessories. So bring on the magic power and give this fairy the look she deserves.