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  • Ruffle Perfection DressupRuffle Perfection DressupDress her up with her big sunglasses and the fabolous fall ruffled dresses.

  • Dead EyeDead EyeMaster this game and you'll be able to shoot the wings off a fly!
  • Occupation SiteOccupation SiteIn Japan, this game is called Go and uses little rocks. Now you can play in the 21st century, with tiny dudes! Take as much real estate as you can from the green-capped dudes.

  • PataponPataponTrain and move your Patapon tribe through each level. Destroy obstacles, accumulate tribesmen and unlock rewards for yourself along the way. Hurry up, a Patapon festival celebration awaits!

  • Otis' Chopper ChallengeOtis' Chopper ChallengePlay as Otis and put the pedal to the metal to catch up to the picup truck they're riding in. Avoid obstacle to gain speed.

  • Dump Truck 3Dump Truck 3Dump tuck game is back, for all you gamers that love these cargo carrying games. upload your truck with the rocks and deliver them to the depo . make sure you meet the required limit of each level to pass the level

  • Color Up UnicornColor Up Unicorn Put some color to this Majestic and mythical beast.
  • Tree HouseTree HouseThis old tree in Jason's back yard is ready to host an awesome tree house. But first, you must give Jason a hand with choosing the coolest design and decorate the place around. For a cozier look, try adding some colorful furniture and toys.

  • Sling ShotSling ShotThrust the stones using the slingshot to hit the fruits which are on the trees. Avoid hitting the birds as otherwise you will lose life.

  • Fantasy Dress Up dollsFantasy Dress Up dollsDress up these mystical creatures to your liking.

  • Dark OrbitDark Orbit

    Buckle up for the final frontier: action-packed space battles, evil aliens, unknown phenomena and tricky missions await you in DarkOrbit!

  • Drunken MastersDrunken MastersAs a bartender you must satisfy your customers! That means SERVE!
  • Black Beaks Treasure CoveBlack Beaks Treasure CovePlaying as one of Toucan Sam's nephews, you must run, jump, and fly from level to level while avoiding enemies hazards. At the end of the level is a bottled message which Black Beak has left to the nephews. It contains a clue to where Toucan Sam and his nephews must go!

  • Kit and EllisKit and EllisDrag element from assembly belt line to game field.

  • Welcome to 5 Star WorldWelcome to 5 Star WorldMake each guy eat 5 star bar and then guide him through the chocolate filled passage to the 5 star paradise.

  • Wij's Polar PerilWij's Polar PerilClick on polluting items to change them to environment friendly items. Be quick about it!

  • Millie Megavolte 4 Millie and the Death PriestessMillie Megavolte 4 Millie and the Death Priestess The Millie Megavolte series continues as you continue to fight and chop it up in this sidescroller.
  • Super Castle Quest Part 1Super Castle Quest Part 1 Get off your lazy butt and get to slaying some demons, whippersnapper!
  • Fatman GoFatman GoPhysics game where you must bring the bomb out into the rain. Your goal is to take the bomb to the rain cloud.

  • The Magic is in YouThe Magic is in You Soccer players don't like gardening! Guide this dude through the dangerous world of hobby gardeners.
  • Maze Game - Game Play 7Maze Game - Game Play 7Park your car perfectly by using the correct way.

  • Robot Wants KittyRobot Wants Kitty Collect powerups to help robot find his way to kitty! That makes sense.
  • Hot Shots GolfHot Shots GolfMan your trusty cart and keep your cool while scrambling to keep the club's customers refreshed and happy with cool iced tea. If you make it to each golfer and fill their glass before they see the bottom, you'll get big tips and score. But if you're too slow, someone might complain and you'll be out on the curb. Use arrows to move and space to brake.

  • Bionicle NapuroBionicle NapuroGuide the underwater robot safely through the dangerous maze!
  • Egg ScramblersEgg ScramblersKeep the Eggs from hitting the hen house floor.

  • Prizma PuzzlePrizma Puzzle Addictive sci-fi chainreaction puzzle game with 28 cleverly designed levels. Features 28 cleverly designed levels, 3D graphics and a challenging achievement system.
  • Wires HandsWires Hands Grapple onto shapes as you Swing for as long as possible without falling. Can you keep up the pace?
  • Tomb of DoomTomb of DoomGather all the clues to escape the tomb

  • Shoshana Bush Dress UpShoshana Bush Dress UpDress our new Dance Flick star.

  • Tim Minion runTim Minion runThe adventure is here, get ready to party with Tim the minion! Go onto our fun platform and survive as long as you can without getting killed or take out. Pay attention to the details of the game and stay focus on your target. Enjoy the adventure and get to know Tim better than you do now. Have fun!
  • Batman RevolutionsBatman Revolutions Aliens suddenly launch a brutal surprise attack on Gotham city!Help Batman make his way through waves of alien drones and destroy the ALIEN BOSS!
  • FlipshotFlipshotUse the shield of your warrior to bounce the balls to the rocks in the field.
  • GalaxiansGalaxians You are in a spaceship, trying to avoid being blown out to smithereens while shooting down enemy aliens.
  • HeiroglyphHeiroglyphFind out the needed tiles quickly in the mural painting. To get maximum points, find out the tiles quickly.

  • Battle GearBattle GearIn the strategy defense game Battle Gear you can prove your battlefield skills. Send out your army to defeat the enemies and conquer all the land.

  • Wiggi Dance AcademyWiggi Dance AcademyFollow the Wiggis dance moves. Try to keep up as she starts to really bust a move.

  • Dance Dance CarabaoDance Dance CarabaoThere are four arrows that correspond to your keyboard directional keys. Once the game starts, arrows would start scrolling up. Time the key pressing of the corresponding keyboard directional keys once the scrolling arrows overlap it. You score with every timed arrows.

  • Elegant Fashion Dress UpElegant Fashion Dress UpMiss Prim is off to a ball! Her dress-maid has the night off and she has no help at all! Can you help her look amazing for the big occasion?

  • Metalhead ZombiesMetalhead ZombiesMove and fire with the keyboard as you try to blast all the zombies before they reach you.
  • IQ BicIQ BicThis is a cute block puzzle where you have to match the block into their same color matches. Click on the blocks then click on the position to move, you have 25 levels to beat.

  • Hidden Numbers-DolphinsHidden Numbers-DolphinsHidden Numbers-Dolphins is another point and click type hidden number game from Games2dress. Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden numbers which are in the Dolphins pictures. Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise your score will get reduced. Good luck and have fun!
  • Champiom ArcherChampiom Archer Help your army win the war with your talent in archery.
  • MotoXMotoX Multiply your score by linking tricks. Land on the downslope and score double!
  • Cubi Kill 2Cubi Kill 2Cubikill 2 is back for more killing at work! Our deranged friend is back and this time he is pissed for getting fired. Time to liberate some aggression!