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  • China MahjongChina MahjongWith all these tiles, there\’s guaranteed to be no missing link. Choose your layout, then click open pairs of matching tiles to clear them from the board before time's up.
  • Dress Up Movie GirlDress Up Movie GirlThis girl that works behind the camera needs some major make-over. Can you do that? Have fun!

  • Sort My Tiles Pooh Piglet TiggerSort My Tiles Pooh Piglet TiggerThree of the cutest disney character ever.

  • How to Make Christmas CakeHow to Make Christmas CakeThis is the best cake for the holidays

  • Peppy s Sandra Bullock Dress UpPeppy s Sandra Bullock Dress Up Get our Ms. Congeniality the dress she deserves.
  • Rockstar ChallengeRockstar ChallengeSee Hannah Montanas intended costume and then dress her up to match. To dress Miley, simply find an item in the bedroom or closet and click on it to pick it up. Drag the item onto Miley (seen on the right of the screen) Release the mouse over Miley to see her wear it. Its that simple!

    Note: To change an item that she is wearing, just choose another one and place it on her in the same way. The old item will simply reappear where you found it.

  • Sparkling KissesSparkling KissesWatching fireworks and stealing kisses... Help these two lovebirds enjoy their holiday evening alone.

  • Rebelde Stars - AliceRebelde Stars - AliceStyle up charming Alice making her look ravishingly stylish for the cameras when she's walking down the red carpet this evening!
  • Pudding StrikePudding StrikeIn the world of candies, players take control of a flock of pudding citizens that are attempting to rescue their princess that have been stolen by a group of evil puddings. On each level, the evil puddings are sheltered by structures made of various materials such as chocolate, jelly drops and cookies, and the object of the game is to eliminate all the evil puddings in the level. Using a slingshot, players launch the pudding citizens with the intent of either hitting the evil puddings directly or damaging the structures, which would cause them to collapse and kill the evil puddings. In various stages of the game, additional objects such as explosive candies are found in the levels, and may be used in conjunction with the puddings.
  • Ski GameSki GameHelp this thin man ski and avoid the obstacles on his path.

  • Santas DeedSantas DeedHelp santa deliver gifts on Christmas night

  • KOF FightingKOF FightingTo become the king of fighter, one have to survive many fightings. Every fighting will make him more powerful! Would you like to have a try?
  • Pang PangPang Pang Whack all characters that pops out on the hole.
  • The Pot ClockThe Pot ClockEverytime you pot a ball the timer resets,failure to do this will lose a life. In Strange mode,you will have many types of ball to deal with, and many different power-ups.Take a look at the bottom of the game screen to find out their characteristics.
  • AdventureManAdventureManFlying Squirrels! Evil Scientists! Sketchy Boat Rental Guys! This game has everything, peoples!

  • French Chic MakeupFrench Chic MakeupShow the world what is french style is all about.

  • Romantic Fall WeddingRomantic Fall WeddingGolden fall is a very beautiful season and it is the harvest time. Cherry and her handsome boyfriend Michael starts their romantic love in such charming season. Now romantic fall wedding is beginning. Dress up Cherry, she is the most charming bride. Wish them happy marriage!
  • Peachs PitchPeachs Pitch This time it is the princess, not Mario who has to confront Bowser's henchmen.
  • Pandemic American SwinePandemic American Swine Save the United States of America from the monstrous Swine Flu pandemic in the year 2010.
  • Disneys' Magical Movie SceneDisneys' Magical Movie SceneFind the difference between teo famous scene from a Disney movie.

  • Lovele BakangseurukLovele Bakangseuruk Its time for fun in the sun.
  • HT83 Panda paint gameHT83 Panda paint gameplay with colors to satisfy the imagination Panda.
  • Galaxy MarblesGalaxy MarblesLogical game which target is to earn points by deleting rows of 5 or more balls of the same color.
  • Buzz Lightyear Practice TargetBuzz Lightyear Practice Target Practice your target shooting. Shoot the villains to score points.
  • Scarlett Johansson MakeoverScarlett Johansson MakeoverGive our newly wed bombshell some nice makeover.

  • 3d Motorbike Racer3d Motorbike RacerThrow on a helmet and get racing in this fast paced motorcycle game! Compete for the best times and unlock new levels as you complete each track!

  • Village BackyardVillage BackyardLook at the silhouette shapes and find them within the pictures. Don't click on objects earlier.
  • Death Junior II The Root of EvilDeath Junior II The Root of Evil The TP will bounce around and destroy monsters. Score by killing enemies in 3 rounds. Press the Map button below if you need help figuring out where you need to shoot.
  • SunburnSunburnYour the sun and try to control the crowd on beach by burning people up.

  • Heroine HoopsHeroine HoopsHelp Gwen make those sweet jump shots!

  • Monster BashMonster BashHelp Bob Bolt clear the place of the pesky monsters by clicking on them!
  • Bubble Gems HuntBubble Gems Hunt Shoot one bubbles and connect 3 or more bubbles of the same color to burst them.
  • HT83 zombie cute save me sweet heart gameHT83 zombie cute save me sweet heart gameKim, Sam's lover is kidnapped by Stone Goblin. Sam must save her before she was taken away. To save her, Sam must shot down all ball in game.
  • Hill Blazer ChampionshipHill Blazer ChampionshipBe the best racer that will blaze the hills. You must beat up the opponents and tear up every levels in order to get the highest score. Two modes offered in this game: race against competitors or play the trick mode. Start your engines and let's have fun would you?
  • Deal or No DealDeal or No DealPlay the flash version of the famous reality game Deal or No Deal!

  • Easter EggsEaster EggsThe object of this game is to destroy the easter eggs by lining them up four by four. You move the eggs by swapping their positions, when a line of four eggs is formed, that line of eggs will be destroyed and new eggs will be given. If you can form lines of larger number of eggs or form combos, extra bonuses will be given.
  • PlumberPlumberConnect the pipes and complete the flow.
  • Rocket RallyRocket RallyTake part in the famous Rocket Rally and win all three circuits.
  • Mercenaries 2: World Nearly in FlamesMercenaries 2: World Nearly in FlamesUse whatever means necessary. Payback Mercenaries style! Game features Gun Yielding, Tank Driving, Copter Aiming, Sniping Shooting and TONS of big explosions.

  • HT83 Happy New Year DressesHT83 Happy New Year DressesHappy New Year Dress up: This girl loves the gowns and the New Year's Eve is the perfect occasion for her to be dressed up in an elegant gown. Help her choose the perfect gown
  • Pit BossPit BossPit Boss is an easy to play and addictive interactive Formula 1 card game. Set in the world of Formula One, Pit Boss features all the cars and the stars and the aim of the game is to compare the values on your cards and select the best one in order to beat your opponent and win their cards. The player with all of the cards at the end of the game is declared the winner.

  • Petz SplashdownPetz Splashdown Game to play with a nice dolphin.
  • Make Chocolate BrowniesMake Chocolate BrowniesWhip up a batch of delicious home made chocolaty goodness with this quick and easy brownies recipe. Pay attention to the chef and point and click your way through this delicious dessert.

  • Buttercup Powerpuff Girl Dress UpButtercup Powerpuff Girl Dress UpMojo is attacking the city help Butterup get ready to save the city.