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  • Super Mario ChallengeSuper Mario ChallengeThe Wonderful World of Mario!
  • Four SeasonsFour SeasonsFour seasons full of frolicking kids dressed in different colours. Create large groups of kids with same-coloured clothes to make them start spinning, and collect all letters in B-O-N-U-S for a score boost!
  • BelterBelterBattle over 20 different kinds of space debris, grab power-ups, defeat bosses, and solve dangerous puzzle stages in this action shooter.

  • Cute Lady Gaga Celebrity Makeover GameCute Lady Gaga Celebrity Makeover GameLets your favorite star lady gaga come alive..make her look more beautiful..
  • Protect your PlanetProtect your PlanetProtect your planet against alien invaders.

  • Refuel RampageRefuel RampageHelp Milkboy on his mission to refuel his friends with chocolate milk.

  • Ant Hill TrapAnt Hill Trap Due to the heavy shower of rain, the water level in the ground has risen. All the ants have escaped the ant hill except for one. Use the objects and the clues hidden and save the ant as well as the ant eggs hidden in the anthill.
  • Goal Shooting MasterGoal Shooting MasterOutsmart your friends and score goals in this manga-like soccer game.
  • Ninja CatNinja CatNinja Cat is a funny ninja-style platform game. Aim of the game is to kill enemy Ninjas while you explore the level.

  • HT83 cute fashion dress upHT83 cute fashion dress upThis cute girl just loves fashion and you can see that from the clothes she has. She loves to look good in every situation and to dress appropriate for each occasion or place she goes.
  • The KickoffThe KickoffKick the ball as far as possible with 4 chances.

  • HT83 fruity cute girl dress upHT83 fruity cute girl dress upA cute girl with cute clothes, you'll see great play this game.
  • The Orphanage MissionThe Orphanage MissionZap the suckers before they open their mouths and make you feel all guilty.

  • The SniperThe SniperSweep all the areas and clear them of enemy troops! Watch out for the enemy sniper!
  • Cannon BodsCannon BodsParachuting pirates ahoy! Aim your cannon at the matching pirate and shoot them. You can also hold down the button for more power.

  • Sam Kissing 1Sam Kissing 1Sam Try to kiss his baby girlfriend. Help him to her without watching elders.
  • Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.SOperation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.SFly the ship and shoot all enemies. Get the CODE MODULE back from the delightful children, then race to the KND Moon base.

  • Shop N Dress Balloon BlastingShop N Dress Balloon BlastingPop Some balloons to earn enough dough for dresses.

  • Justin BeaverJustin BeaverMeet the young popstar Justin Beaver and help him on his journey to find the true love. Find your way to the big stage, test your dancing skill at a local R'n'B club and don't surprise if the true love for Justin Beaver isn't a beautiful girl! Ha-ha-ha!
  • Puzzle Mania CarsPuzzle Mania CarsComplete Cars movie puzzle piece.

  • Monster ContestMonster ContestCleavers, magic spells, and Zombie spit. It's Pong with a Monster twist.

  • Math BubblesMath BubblesDestroy balls by forming pairs that add up to 10. Note that you can use one ball to destroy a group of same numbered balls.
  • Sue Friend's Dress upSue Friend's Dress upDress up Sue's friend just as you like!

  • Hang OnHang OnThe recreation of the Sega classic features four tracks with each track having five checkpoints. You have 30 seconds to reach each checkpoint. A score bonus is awarded for your remaining time at each checkpoint. Finish all checkpoints of a track to score a bonus of 50,000 points.
  • Dragon GemDragon GemA cool Flash Platform Games. Beat the enemy by using your sword and collect the items that will appear. Beat all enemies to advance through levels.

  • Cursing KeyboardCursing KeyboardPlay some music with this cursing bear.

  • Gimme 5 ChinaGimme 5 ChinaCompare 2 images based on various Chinese locations and find 5 differences.
  • The Backyardigans: Trick or Treat with BackyadigansThe Backyardigans: Trick or Treat with BackyadigansWe love Halloween. With this game you can pick the person you want to dress up and the place.

  • Hannah Montana Rockstar ChallengeHannah Montana Rockstar Challenge See Hannah Montana's intended costume and then dress her up to match. To dress Miley, simply find an item in the bedroom or closet and click on it to pick it up. Drag the item onto Miley (seen on the right of the screen) Release the mouse over Miley to see her wear it. It's that simple!

    Note: To change an item she's wearing, just choose another one and place it on her in the same way. The old item will simply reappear where you found it.
  • PatisseriePatisserieTry to balance the tall French bread as long as you can.

  • SeedzSeedzThe nasty fruits are after your pumpkin seedz, gather your vegetable forces and fight back on your patch. Plant wisely or your seedz may be stolen.
  • LiquidskinLiquidskin Bounce your marble off of boobies to give it enough height and distance to reach the target.
  • Eye EyeEye EyeA puzzle game that requires quick reflexes as well as problem solving skills.
  • iSkateiSkateStrap on your Ice Skating Blades and get into the skating rink to collect all the gifts scattered around.

  • Snowy PonySnowy PonyHelp snowy pont to catch snowflakes in order to keep the meter up. But be careful, dark areas on the ground announce falling snow.

  • Jet Pac StanJet Pac StanCollect all keys by flying using your jetpack!

  • Sky Boarder IIISky Boarder IIISoar through levels at warp speed, shoot energy bolts at enemies and destroy them with melee attacks.

  • Too Many TrucksToo Many TrucksAs if truck drivers didn't have enough to worry about, here's a new hurdle!
  • HT83 Nice Christmas DayHT83 Nice Christmas DayChristmas Dress up games: How beautiful girl\\’s dresses for Christmas! Merry Christmas…
  • Spot the 5 DifferencesSpot the 5 DifferencesLook at the pictures and try to spot all the 5 differences!
  • Fire and BombsFire and BombsA remix on the Bomberman gameplay. Place bombs and try to blow up your opponent.

  • Texas Holdem Poker Heads UpTexas Holdem Poker Heads UpImprove your poker game! Play no-limit Texas Hold 'em poker in a 3D first-person perspective against one of three sophisticated AI opponents. Play no-limit Texas Hold 'em poker in a 3D first-person perspective against one of three sophisticated AI opponents.
  • Mantis Attack Sea DefenseMantis Attack Sea Defense Guide You Mantis Through Mined Waters And Attack The Incoming Enemy .
  • Fabulous FlowersFabulous FlowersIn Japan, they take the art of flower-arranging seriously. Very seriously. Are you up to the challenge?