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  • Otis Chopper ChallengeOtis Chopper Challenge Play as Otis and put the pedal to the metal to catch up to the picup truck they're riding in. Avoid obstacle to gain speed.
  • Hidden Objects Guest RoomHidden Objects Guest Room Search all hidden objects located in different places.
  • Hello Kitty PaintingHello Kitty PaintingColor this cute picture just as you like.

  • PeanutPeanutThe rules are simple, flick as many nuts in the goal as possible. Extra points are gained for hitting the defenders and even more for a combo hit (Aim for the nads).

  • Picnic PuzzlePicnic PuzzleSolve the puzzle as fast as you can.

  • Image Disorder RihannaImage Disorder RihannaComplete the images of one of the hottest thing in music.

  • Laura Dundovic Miss Australia 2008Laura Dundovic Miss Australia 2008Help Ms Australia win the pageant.

  • Sushi Cat - The HoneymoonSushi Cat - The HoneymoonThe lovable blue cat and his pink companion have gone on their honeymoon. Little does Sushi Cat know, but his dream vacation is about to get suddenly interrupted. Assist Sushi Cat out by leading him to as much sushi as possible. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. Fill up his stomach in order to win.

  • Modern Tactics 2Modern Tactics 2Move your soldiers and fire in this turn based strategy shooter. Many options, tons of levels.

  • Colorful Box MatchColorful Box MatchMake all 15 pairs of different 30 colorful pattern boxes. Use your memory skills to reduce the number of clicks. Less clicks gives maximum game score. Earn Gold, Silver and bronze medals by scoring 125000,115000 and 100000 .
  • Romantic Hair and Lips DressupRomantic Hair and Lips DressupTry out the most popular 2008 summer trend: romantic hair and lips.

  • What Should I WearWhat Should I Wear Help this girl decide which dress to wear?
  • Sort My Tiles Indiana JonesSort My Tiles Indiana Jones A fictional adventurer, soldier, professor of archaeology, and the main protagonist of the Indiana Jones franchise. George Lucas created the character in homage to the action heroes of 1930s film serials.
  • QuickshotQuickshotThe objective of this game is to make a 10 shots in 30 seconds.

  • Stabika 2Stabika 2Help Kade live through everything the corporation can throw at him.

  • South Park Creator 3South Park Creator 3Create your own South Park character.

  • Defend My CakeDefend My CakeA group of ants wants to eat up your cake. Hit the ants with the same colored ball. Try to stop the ants away from the warning line.

  • Moto JumpMoto JumpCan you pull off the ultimate motorcycle distance jump?
  • Moon CannonMoon CannonYour task is to defend the Earth against the asteroids and attacks of the alien ships.
    A great number of upgrades, satellites with laser weapons and energy shield will help you.
    Humanity needs your help.

  • Gigi Prom DressupGigi Prom DressupShe needs your help on beauty makeover and fashion tip on choosing a nice party gown for her upcoming prom night.

  • SlidonSlidonSlide the identical blocks together to remove them from the board.
  • HT83 bikini summer dress upHT83 bikini summer dress upSummer Bikini Dress up is Summer is nearly here! Help the hot girl find a costume for the beach and practice her dance moves.
  • Hello WorldsHello WorldsA puzzle platformer which will bend your minds! Experience what it truly means to be beside yourselves.

  • Ronin - Spirit of the SwordRonin - Spirit of the SwordGo through these ancient corridors as you battle it out with other samurai dodge bamboo traps and get pretty cute girls.

  • Booty RiderBooty RiderCustom your rider, bike color, and ride as you balance your bike. Contains shop also.

  • Painting Lovely GirlPainting Lovely GirlChoose paint and make this picture as nice as you possibly can.

  • Popcorn Booth ManagementPopcorn Booth Management Is there a place where you could drink the tastiest fruit juice, the most delicious fries and mouth-watering fish chips or popcorn and get served in the blink of an eye, at the same time? Of course there is and you're going the be the efficient, young manager who'll see that things stay that way in this kids' wander fast food booth. You just need to start playing the popcorn booth management game, bring in your enthusiasm and be as quick and efficient as possible to make your precious clients happy and willing to come back. What does that lovely little girl want: an orange juice? Quick, give a click on the juice machine, put it in the tray and then, with another quick click, given on the tiny customer, you get to serve her her favorite tasty juice. There's no time to rejoice your little success now, for you need to be super quick, when you play the popcorn booth management game, and attend to each curious client coming to your newly opened popcorn booth!
  • Mach 4Mach 4Racers! Get to the starting line! Speed away in this epic 2.5D racing game! Collect money on the track to upgrade your sweet car. Avoid cactus, boulders, TNT, and other crazy obstacles as you race through the desert! Collect nitro for a huge speed boost and blast off ramps to soar through the sky. Will you be able to make it through all 12 of the levels without destroying your car? Cya on the track!
  • Bowser BallBowser BallKeep Mario safe as you dodge the boulders bowser throws. Careful there are 4 bowsers!

  • Mario Heli StrikeMario Heli StrikeShoot incoming enemies as fast as you can.
  • Obama KissObama Kiss Make Obama and Michelle kiss each other without getting noticed by the guards who are in their usual rounds that they undertake for the safety of the pair. Fill the kissing loader within the time limit.
  • Gun ReportGun Report A little Japanese girl at the Target shooting.
  • Wings 1915Wings 1915 Rule the skies by destroying everything that comes in your way!
  • Here to CollectHere to CollectIn the old west, zombies were as dangerous and annoying as they are today. Unfortunately, your 19th century firepower IS old - so you'll need brutal skills to avoid joining the Undead!

  • Grave 2Grave 2The second installment and the zombie shooting series.

  • Diamond ValleyDiamond ValleyChange the background colors by making rows of diamonds disappear.

  • Sexy Club GirlSexy Club GirlSky Breeze is hitting the club and wants to look super stylish! She's got lots of cute club wear to choose from, but is having a hard time making a decision. Help her get the perfect look for a night out.
  • Unreal Flash 2007Unreal Flash 2007Unreal Tournament soldiers, now here comes your 2D solution. Master all mission in this nice remake.

  • Royal PartyRoyal PartyGet our Princess ready for the Royal Party.

  • Lovele: Luvlee StyleLovele: Luvlee StyleA new breed of fashion has come out and its Luvlee.

  • Shape-a-liciousShape-a-liciousMatch 2 similar shapes to remove them from the board and score points.
  • Bratz Room MakeoverBratz Room MakeoverHelp these nice girls design their room.

  • Swappers-Demi LovatoSwappers-Demi LovatoSwap the pieces to form the given pictures. To score more set the picture as quick as possible. Use hint button to know correct number arrangement of pieces. The hint button's life span is 10 seconds only. Click on the piece and then, click on the place where you want to swap that piece.
  • Lucky CoinsLucky CoinsDo you feel lucky today? Drop the coin and find out as you watch it bump around and collect points in this unique mix of Pinball, Pachinko and other casino style games.