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  • Punk Princess ShowPunk Princess ShowGo crazy with the wildest looks ever to hit the runway!
  • Citrus StrikeCitrus StrikeThe humans have enraged the sour oranges because of them packing oranges in boxes and selling them! The oranges want revenge! Catapult the orange to knock off all the boxes in each level. Do this in the quickest time, without wasting more oranges than required to gain the highest score!
  • Race OR Die!Race OR Die!Race every street racer in the city to unlock ew cars, lots of cash, and awesome upgrades. Start with a good car and make your way to racing for pink slips. Get far enough and unlock the bonus cars.
  • Santa LaunchSanta LaunchA remake of Micro Olympics starring Santa himself!

    Launch Santa as far as you can to collect money for powerups.
    Spend your money wisely and carefully use your powerups to beat all opposition and win the cup!

  • Medieval MatchMedieval MatchMake matches of at least three the same stones by sliding in new pieces from the sides. When you slide in a new piece without making a match you lose a life.
  • Fairy 19Fairy 19What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we dream for, the looks we envy and the wings that are not only accessories. So bring on the magic power and give this fairy the look she deserves.

  • Riddle School 3Riddle School 3Help Phil escape from the high school using all of your P&C adventure game knowledge.

  • What a ShotWhat a Shot The objective of the game is to shoot the basketball as many as you can.
  • Fowl Words 2Fowl Words 2The Hens are back in time for Easter in this fast paced word game.
  • E RacerE RacerYour goal is to collect various objects in the game area. An arrow near your character will show you which direction the next object is. Follow it as fast as possible to get the best score.

  • Life of a StarLife of a StarSee what kind of clothes a star have.

  • Stone GoblinStone Goblin Lenneth is generally a kind person, but is merciless against her enemies. She is stoic but determined when it comes to tending her duties as a Valkyrie, and then as Lord of Creation. Unlike many of the Aesir, Lenneth does not hold humans in contempt. Rather, she enjoys their company, and eventually becomes their protector.
  • HT83 Taylor Lautner Dress Up gameHT83 Taylor Lautner Dress Up gamechoose clothes for this guy tonight I have a fun party.
  • Scottish LassScottish LassDress up this beautiful Scottish lass in some very lovely Scottish fashions and accessories. Pick a lovely Scottish background for her.
  • Armor DudeArmor DudeDefend the castle at all cost.

  • The Bug GameThe Bug GameZoom up and down and all around in this cool flying game that will leave you buzzing for more!
  • Defend MagazinesDefend MagazinesDefend your Magazines against the opposite sex.

  • Tet a TetrisTet a Tetris Can you move this tetris on 2 sides at once ... can you find the ideal place for both stones?
  • HT83 jean collection dress upHT83 jean collection dress upDecide the most suitable clothes for this girl, giving her a real style jean.
  • Happy Tree Friends Laser TrainingHappy Tree Friends Laser Training It took a long time to develop the idea for Splendid. The aim of the game is to fire as many bees as possible. Your own shoots are your enemies. You can imagine yourself, how a laser-shoot affects Splendid\’s health :). Splendid can be controlled by mouse and you can shoot using the mouse button.
  • FlatoutFlatoutHow far can you fly out of the front windshield of your car? Press space when the pointer is at the dots to gain speed. If you press the Space bar outside the dots, you will brake. The faster you go, the longer you will fly.

  • Vanessa Hudgens DressupVanessa Hudgens DressupDressup game of High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens. Select various trendy outfits and print your results. Easy and fun!
  • PyroPyroLike to play with fire? Get all the torches lit without running out of fireballs. It burns, but it's a good kind of burn!

  • ATV BlitzATV BlitzGear up and select the best four wheel death machine to race in wild areas while performing extreme stunts! Use the arrow keys to drive, number keys for stunts, and dont forget to press the space bar to jump off ramps to gain massive air! Upgrade your ATV in the store to unlock crazy tricks and more!
  • The SquireThe SquireSave the Kingdom from destruction

  • Dancing Star Dress upDancing Star Dress upThis young star needs some fashionable clothes.

  • BlackboardBlackboard This platform game comes with a fancy Blackboard look but requires a 100 percent collection rate.
  • Cutie Maker 13Cutie Maker 13Design a perfect look for and Fashionable Cutie, try on different types of make-up and hairstyles, cloth, skin color.

  • School Uniform Dress UpSchool Uniform Dress UpHelp the girl choose the prettiest school uniform of all.
  • Cutie Make-over 8Cutie Make-over 8Prepare to be captured by the beauty of this lady. Dress her up glamorously and have fun!

  • Teen Lovers KissTeen Lovers KissHere the lovers would like to kiss each other without being noticed by their uncle. Help them to kiss before the time runs out and play next levels. Complete all the levels to win the game.
  • Gin RummyGin RummyThis game is played by 2 players. At the start of a game each player is dealt 10 cards, 1 card is put face up as the first card in the discard pile, the rest of the cards are put face down as the stock pile. The first player starts the round by picking up a card in the discard pile or the stock pile, and then discarding a card from his hand to the discard pile, then the next player starts his round, and so on. The cards on hand form melds and deadwoods. Melds are 3 or 4 cards of the same rank; or 3 of more cards of the same suit in sequence. Melds cannot overlap so one card cannot belong to two melds. The rest of the cards are called deadwood cards, each deadwood card has points, A has 1 point, 2 has 2 points, etc, J, Q, K has 10 points. The object of this game is to reduce the deadwood points. After discarding a card, the player can knock if his deadwood points are less than or equal to 10. The other player can have a chance to lay off his deadwood cards if they can form melds with the knocking player's melds. After that, if the knocking player's deadwood points is less than the other player's, then he is awarded scores equal to the difference in deadwood points. But if the other player has less deadwood points, then the other player gets 25 plus the difference in deadwood points. If the knocking player has no deadwood then the other player is not allowed to lay off, and the knocking player is awarded an extra 25 points. And if all the 11 cards in a player's hand form valid melds, then he can knock before discarding a card and he is awarded an extra 6 points. If there are only 2 cards remaining in the stock pile, then the game ends in a draw. The match ends when a player has accumulated 100 points.
  • Sue Knitting GameSue Knitting GameCan you knit Sue's patterns in time?
  • The Aristocrat Strikes BackThe Aristocrat Strikes BackYou are the Aristocrat and you have to protect the ice statue against Professor's family.

  • Stairs DressupStairs DressupShe's going to the cinema but has no idea what to put on. Can you help her?

  • Jinx's X-mas AdventureJinx's X-mas AdventureJinx is on a mission to find a missing present. Talk to characters and try to find out what happened
  • Girl Dressup 10Girl Dressup 10Design the perfect sweet look for girls.

  • Egypt PuzzleEgypt PuzzleClear the board by forming matches of 3 or more bricks.
  • Jokers EscapeJokers Escape Help the Joker to escape by bouncing on Punch and Judy and other items higher and higher.
  • Eva La Rue Dress UpEva La Rue Dress Up Eva La Rue has been seen on TV for over 15 years, on shows from Married... with Children to Third Watch. But her most famous gig has been as Dr. Maria Santos Grey on the soap opera All My Children from 1993 to 1997, and again from 2002 to the present.
  • Match 3 AdventureMatch 3 AdventurePlay match 3 as fast as you can to make your hero to attack the monster, try to make combo attacks to win the game.
  • Egg ThrowEgg ThrowGoal against a chicken.

  • Motor BikeMotor BikeAnother physics controlling, bike maneuvering, side scrolling, time attack game.

  • Teongdu FightTeongdu FightEliminate all the characters from each level before the time's over and you will get to the next level.