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  • Dressup Sleeping BeautyDressup Sleeping BeautyChoose a dress for her. Dress her up a new dress or the classic dress she loves to wear.

  • Sea Horse HuntSea Horse Hunt Help the Seahorse save its home from the enemy fishes by shooting them. Shoot them before the fishes propel the bullets towards the home.And remember,you have only limited bullets.
  • Aengie QuestAengie QuestHelp Aengie get to the exit on each level by using the keys and pushing the boxes.

  • How to Make Wine Cake and Wine Fruit SaladHow to Make Wine Cake and Wine Fruit SaladLearn how to make to tasty threats at the same time.

  • Cute Christmas TreeCute Christmas TreeChop down your own tree for a merry Christmas memory!
  • HT83 Spring Scenery Dress upHT83 Spring Scenery Dress upDress her up in a formal outfit for this interview and make her look stylish, she decided to take a walk in the park, admire the spring scenery.
  • Mushy MishyMushy MishyMushyMishy is a flash sliding puzzle game. Try to score as much as possible and last as long as possible. If you have kept at least half of the grid empty when the timer runs out, you can advance level.Align Three or more blocks to pop them. Click the arrow keys on the blocks to move them in that direction. Blocks will be added each time you make move. Egg blocks when matched helps you skip addition of blocks for one turn. Poison blocks pop random blocks from the grid. Bomb blocks removes blocks around them too when matched.
  • FishtruckFishtruckShoot the birds flying overhead as they try to steal your fish. Upgrade through shops you pass by.

  • Mayan MahjongMayan MahjongRemove tiles by matching them in pairs.
  • Aquarium PoolAquarium PoolPop all the fish into the pockets. Use the mouse to control the direction and the speed of the white ball.
  • Save them Goldfish!Save them Goldfish!Your roomate begins his onslaught of animal cruelty by grabbing a goldfish from your fishbowl and tossing him into a hot skillet. As your goldfish flops around in pain, he becomes hotter and hotter... and more red in color.

    It's up to you to save him before he becomes so hot that he's cooked to a crisp!

  • Casanova KisserCasanova KisserBlow kisses at the pretty girls, but watch out you don't kiss the wrong person.
  • Save the PenguinSave the PenguinUse the available ice blocks to prevent the balls falling down from the helicopter to hit the penguin. The order of placing the ice blocks is important. Make sure to choose the right order.
  • Football CheerleaderFootball CheerleaderDress up this funky cheerleader with a nice cheer leader outfit!

  • HT83 Transformenrs gameHT83 Transformenrs gameTransformenrs your favorite movie, the action in movies do you enjoy, play and feel .
  • Keno (Bingo)Keno (Bingo)Choose your bet, mark numbers on the board, click play, and score points!
  • The Jewel ChestThe Jewel ChestA classic puzzle jewel game. Swap adjacent jewel to make a set of 3 or More.
  • Owners ProposalOwners Proposal Here is a doctor, a thief, a Kid and a detective waiting to get their car modeled as per their taste and desire.Each one of them have different ideas on modeling their car. All you have to do is to design cars individually for each one of them according to their desire and taste. Get them satisfied by your design and win their appreciation.
  • DinosoarsDinosoarsPrehistoric winds have blown your pterodactyl eggs out of your nest! Gather'em quickly!
  • Magnesium GardensMagnesium Gardens Roll the balls over fire openings and burn all the plants on each level. Other game aspects appear.
  • NailstylesNailstyles Design the most beautiful nails that you can imagine. You will be able also to decorate the hands with bracelets and rings.
  • Barbie Candy PizzaBarbie Candy PizzaLet's have some fun in the kitchen with no one other than barbie. She will show us how to make a new kind of pizza, a Candy pizza. We will mix the ingredients, combine different flavours and try different ornaments, use your creativity to make one delicious pizza. Don't forget to decorate the pizza with fruits and ice cream so it will have one exotic taste.
  • Ironman Air CombatIronman Air Combat Ironman must save Mrs. Pepper Potts.
  • Cloud BreakoutCloud BreakoutSince you are a cloud in training, you must destroy the enemy clouds but you must avoid the lightning bolts and collect falling bubbles for bonuses. The sound is so funny.

  • Chic Girl MakeoverChic Girl MakeoverDressup this fine chic for her next party. Choose betweens lots of accessories and other stuff.
  • Throw rock at boysThrow rock at boysYou are a little girl and for some reason you are going to throw rocks at all the boys heads!

  • Emma's Recipes: Apple C...Emma's Recipes: Apple C...It's a surprising combo, but Emma knows her flavors!
  • Rainbow Hair DyeRainbow Hair DyeRainbow hair is very popular in the world now. The rainbow hair dye is similar like rainbow. Don't you like it? I think you like it as me. Play the rainbow hair dye game and you will get enjoy from it.
  • 3D Lose the Heat 3 game3D Lose the Heat 3 game3D Lose the Heat 3 with Unity3D ultimate tool for development, architectural visualizations. So this game perfect for ``Driver`` and NFS games fans. All you need to do is runaway from cops... But would it be that easy?
  • Harry Potter Magic WordsHarry Potter Magic WordsDress up Harry Potter with his magic words.

  • Waterfalls 3Waterfalls 3Move the directional markers to get the water to fill the shapes in Waterfalls 3 .
  • Snowy: Treasure Hunter IIISnowy: Treasure Hunter IIISnowy is back with an all new Platformer adventure game! Tired of his restaurant business, he dives into the journey of a life time! This time he goes to the Ancient Mystery Castle and its full of treasures and all kinds of new foes for you to foil. Snowy will go on a dangerous path through 85 levels and use new game items to pounce on his new enemies.

  • Amberial Nebulosa RealmsAmberial Nebulosa RealmsEnjoy this next installment in the Amberial series!
  • Fashion Show Dress UpFashion Show Dress UpWelcome to runway and show your edginess

  • QuazlQuazlThe soul of Qualz's girlfriend is stolen by evil spirits. Try to get her soul back in this adventure platform game.

  • Doraemon BowlingDoraemon BowlingDoraemon has invited you to play bowling with him. See if you can get a higher score than him.
    Hope you have relax times with my Doraemon games for Kids.
  • Shop till you dropShop till you dropTry to catch the falling food in your shopping cart. But only catch what's on your list, nothing more, nothing less!

  • Magic Bounce BallMagic Bounce BallBreak all the bricks to pass the levels Wait till you see the next levels and the cool power-ups!

  • The SaviorThe SaviorWhy complete a dozen levels to face the end boss if you can go head-to-head right now!! The savior is a quick end boss fight game about upgrading your weapons and stats to slay that big mean thing. Play the NORMAL of MASTER modes to see the boss in its true and final identity.

  • Enduro 3: The JunkyardEnduro 3: The JunkyardTrick your way through the trash at this junkyard!
  • Holly Hobby - Beanbag TossHolly Hobby - Beanbag TossHolly Hobby is having fun today with her best friends. She needs your help to win some prizes.

  • World Cup 2010: Penalty ShootoutWorld Cup 2010: Penalty ShootoutSometimes the game is won in penalty shots. Make that your goal, and not your opponent's!

  • Journey to the WestJourney to the WestJourney to the West is a favorite story loved by all Chinese. Play different roles of Journey to the West and experience five different levels.
  • Dodger's Olympic Snowbo...Dodger's Olympic Snowbo...This event is all about speed, but speed in this event has a different definition!