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  • Badgicon 2Badgicon 2Badgicon2 is a simple puzzle game. You task in this game is find a three, or more identical badges in rows. Completion of the task for each stage will increase Your level & multiply a scores. Discover spec combinations of badges for opening a new abilities.
  • Make 15Make 15In this game there are 9 numbers, ranging from 1 to 9. You and the computer take turns to pick up a number, when 3 of a player's picks can add up to 15, then that player wins.
  • Word Search Gameplay - 46Word Search Gameplay - 46Search all given country names on the screen.

  • Dwarfs' World Gold MinerDwarfs' World Gold MinerThe dwarfs live happily in their new village. They all have a beautiful new house and garden. Some of them even have a swimming pool! They want to stay forever in this nice little town. One day, father miner and his little son are walking around the village. Suddenly father miner falls on the ground because of a piece of rock. But it was a lucky fall: there is gold inside the rock! The dwarf miners want to mine as much gold as possible. Can you help them mine the gold? There is a lot... so much that this small dwarf village could become very rich. There are several levels in this game.

  • Bullriding ExplosiveBullriding ExplosivePress the arrow keys while riding on the bull before it explodes. Random arrow keys appear on the screen. If you fail to hit a key the bulls tail catches on fire and will explode! you have to decrease the chance of it exploding by pressing 3 correct keys.

  • The X's Virtual InsanityThe X's Virtual InsanityStop Glowface before he broadcast an evil song that'll turn the whole world into zombies! The X's must stop him by deactivating electric switches in Glowface's lair.

  • Serfs upSerfs up It's way back in the Middle Ages and the King's favorite sport is called Serf's Up! Guide the Black Knight as he whacks unsuspecting peasants for distance.
  • 12 Fighters 212 Fighters 2Win fights to get experience points. By improving you Martial Art Knowledge and performance you will be able to confront any fighters.

    This game is based on Capcom's Street Fighter III.

  • MysteryvilleMysteryvilleFind certain objects on the screen during each level. Has an RPG story to go along with searching.
  • Sanity TensionSanity TensionHelp Smacky fight his overly friendly neighbours before they drive him crazy!
  • War On CookiesWar On CookiesYou are Cookie Monster. You must fight the war on cookies.

  • Bratz Love MeterBratz Love MeterWant to know if the person your with is the one?

  • Beach Ice CreamBeach Ice CreamCreate the most mouth watering ice cream of all time.

  • American DragracerAmerican DragracerManual labor + manual driving = automatic cool.
  • Jungle SolitaireJungle SolitaireCombine the values of 2 cards to 13. A King is worth 13 and can be played alone, a Queen is worth 12, a Jack is worth 11 and an Ace is worth 1. The other cards are worth their face value.
  • Winter Dressup 4Winter Dressup 4Pick a warm sweater and boots for this nice girl.

  • Shoot The VillainsShoot The VillainsEarn points by shooting all the villains. The game gets over if the villains strikes you.

  • Youda Mystery - StanwickYouda Mystery - StanwickFind the hidden objects as you explore the house in this fantastic looking, highly detailed game.
  • Sweet Tooth DifferenceSweet Tooth Difference Check your attention and concentration skills by playing this cool game! Compare the sweet images. They seem identical but they are not! Look for the small differences between them! Check the pattern details, the colors variations, the forms in the background and the shadows in the pictures! Find all the differences to get to the next level of the game!
  • Air Hockey 3Air Hockey 3Score more goals than your opponent and go to the next level!
  • Hit the RabbitHit the Rabbit Hit the giant bunnies with the hammer or will finish with you.
  • Split Em UpSplit Em UpShoot from all angles; these guns are completely in your hands.

  • Drag Racer 3Drag Racer 3Buy your car, customize it, and race, but be careful - do not break the engine!
  • TurboStarTurboStarRace through the quick straightaway as you dodge the laser fences that slow you down.

  • Mr Mucky Guitar LegendMr Mucky Guitar LegendMr Mucky paints the town red! In this funny 'Guitar Hero' DDR game you can choose your instrument and start playing.

  • Monkey DrinkMonkey Drink Assist the monkey in serving the juice to other monkeys correctly. To serve the juice, click on the juice to take it from its place and then the monkey's glass to fill it with the juice. If the monkey's glass gets emptied, the monkey stats crying.
  • Debris DodgerDebris DodgerFly in the sky, Collect coin and power-ups and avoid incoming rocks and dont miss the gates... Enjoy this addicting Debris Dodger game....
  • Base JumpBase JumpJump and pull the parachute, you've got four seconds to make a save landing!
  • Lovele Swipon StyleLovele Swipon Style Try the Swipon Style fashion on cover spread of Lovele.
  • Hand in Hand CoupleHand in Hand CoupleThis Couple are holding hand in hand, how happy they are!! They make a nice couple with their sweet love and perfect appearance. Hope you will be as happy as they are.
  • Maze Game Game Play 7Maze Game Game Play 7 Park your car perfectly by using the correct way.
  • The Simpsons Zombie gameThe Simpsons Zombie gameThis game will provide you with hours of online entertainment, all while you get to kill the zombie Flanders.

  • Down BoyDown BoyHelp your character go down in this dragonball inspired game

  • Butterfly MatchButterfly MatchButterfly connect is a fun puzzle game to practice reaction speed, remembrance, resilience. You definitely like to play! Clear the board by clicking on two adjacent tiles to remove them.
  • Cannon Blaster 2Cannon Blaster 216 levels of shooting from cannon to cannon and even landing a ride on a rocket or two.

  • Cocktail QuestCocktail QuestSteal a drink when nobody is looking.

  • OllieOllieHelp our little skateboard hero finish the course by jumping and avoiding the holes and also the bubbles that come out of them.

  • Spot the Difference City CollegeSpot the Difference City College Try to find the difference in given illustration to test your power of observation.
  • Backyard BasketballBackyard BasketballBackyard Basketball is a sport game, It is very easy to play. you have to through the ball to the basket. you need to click the mouse at right points to made it. you can play 50 levels.
  • Capt. ZamboCapt. ZamboSide scrolling shooter with great graphics. Watch out for mines and enemy fire.

  • The Legend of Robin HoodThe Legend of Robin Hood Fight with your sword and bow n arrow. Kill them all in this top-down action game.
  • Fighting Zombies WarFighting Zombies WarZombies are coming back with high-tech-equiped troops. Pick your weapon to defend your yard and kill as many zombies as possible!
  • Sudoku OmegaSudoku Omega

  • Roly-Poly Eliminator 2Roly-Poly Eliminator 2Strategically remove, slice and explode objects on the play-field to bring a violent end to the evil Roly-Polys.