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  • Soccer KissingSoccer KissingIn Soccer World cup 2010 grand finale, the best player of your country got a chance to kick a penalty goal. The player needs energetic kisses from his lover to power up himself to give an unstoppable kick. Power up him and win the Soccer 2010 World cup!!! n first level, you will have to fill up at least 50 % of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 6 chances. In second level, you will have to fill up at least 75 % of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 9 chances. In third level, you will have to fill up at least 90 % of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 12 chances.

  • Mean Girls Carb InvaderMean Girls Carb Invader Avoid eating to much carb and just try calories.
  • The DomeThe DomeMake your way through each level as you shoot the light gray ball to progress.

  • Zoo TransportZoo Transport Help the penguin transport Company to carry all animals to the next zoo.
  • Wheelie CarsWheelie CarsChoose your car and race down the race way. Pull a wheelie for as long as possible as you race.

  • The VelocityThe Velocity Race around the track as you try for the fastest time in your hovering jet car.
  • Nog OutNog Out Collect Nogs creatures in a Tube to get a high score. Fast paced and fun! You have 45 seconds.
  • World of MimiWorld of MimiExplore the World of Mimi. Click on objects and doors and enjoy a day together with Mimi

  • Hungry GiantsHungry GiantsIdentify the giant? desired food and serve it in short duration.

  • Cody ShopCody ShopThis pretty young lady has a lot of beautiful dresses to transform her into a total beauty. Have fun dressing her up!

  • ZeroZeroAim on target using your mouse. Shoot all the enemy before they take you down. You can also select multiple target using your mouse.

  • MoobleMoobleTry to break the 4-marble code in 10 attempts or less.
  • Anti ShantiAnti ShantiHelp our hero juggle some tennis ball.

  • Ghost RoastGhost RoastSave yourself from attacking ghosts with your mighty flashlight! When you've eliminated enough ghosties, turn your lamp on the runes to unleash powerups!

  • Ragdoll Cannon Level PackRagdoll Cannon Level Pack Fire your physics ragdolls to solve the puzzles as you get your ragdolls to touch the bullseye.
  • How I Buy PetrolHow I Buy Petrol An interactive epic poem about how to make really bad decisions.
  • Construction FallConstruction FallMove objects in the physics world to knock all the beams and collapse them below the dotted line.

  • Ninja GardenerNinja GardenerIn this candy coloured offering, you are a delightfully plump ninja who has sown a small crop of just 20 seeds. However, before they have a chance to sprout, pesky birds begin to notice and attempt to get them. Sure, you could build a scarecrow to get rid of the birds, but that's not the ninja way. So, instead, kill them by throwing poisoned tipped spades.

    Initially the bird attacks are slow and quite easy to defend against. Though the ability to only throw one spade at a time quickly reveals itself as being one heck of a handicap as, fairly quickly, the birds start to come down with near relentless determination. Keep your wits about you and use the bonus pick-ups wisely to ensure a favourable return on your plantation.

  • Virtual Villagers The Lost ChildrenVirtual Villagers The Lost Children Lead your villagers as they solve all new puzzles and hidden mysteries of the west shores of the island. Will your tribe survive?
  • VVVVVV DemoVVVVVV Demo A two level demo of the shareware game VVVVVV!
  • Talking Ginger AmbulanceTalking Ginger AmbulanceTalking Ginger has been bitten by a few angry dogs and right now she is in the ambulance, in her way to the hospital. But there is no doctor to treat poor Ginger and you are asked to get into the ambulance and to follow the doctor's directions to heal her wounds. Will you do that for her?
  • Magic and TacticMagic and TacticThis is a nice card game battle. You must destroy your enemy monster and deal damage to win a level. Summon your own monster to face your enemy and use spell cards to cast spells but watch out your health level.

  • Grave RobberGrave RobberSteal body parts on the grave!

  • Speed CollapseSpeed CollapseClassic collapse game with speed.
  • C A M A T I SC A M A T I S Shoot all the flying tomatoes and catch them with the shopping cart.
  • Hugo HeadshooterHugo Headshooter A shot to the head will always kill these bots dead.
  • Penalty Shootout 2010Penalty Shootout 2010Welcome to Penalty Shootout 2010! Do you have the skills to go all the way to world cup glory? Now includes optional vuvuzela sounds!

  • Dress Up Leas DogDress Up Leas Dog Hey, Lea here. If you know me at all, you'll know that my favourite animal is a dog. I have my own pet dog called Sasha who i love singing songs with and sometimes i dress him up in dolls clothes. It gave the the idea to create this cute dress up dog game for girls. In it you can choose your favorite dog at the start and then change it's colour and choose from all the clothes and accessories that I've made up for it. I love dressing up my dog Sasha as a super hero so I dres other pretty costumes like that for your pets so that you can enjoy it as much as I do with this free game for girls. Once you've chosen a nice background you can print your dog and show it to all your friends!
  • Samis Nail StudioSamis Nail Studio Sami has opened her own studio and the shop is already a great success! From far and nearby people come to see Sami for her advice and skills. In this game you have to help Sami run the studio. By reaching the daily goals you can unlock special upgrades for the studio.
  • Defend Your HonorDefend Your Honor The king has offered command of his vast army to the Man (or Elf) who returns his missing Golden Statue. It's up to you to find it and win this grand prize, and maybe make some friends on the way. A mixup of the Tower Defense with a dash of strategy.
  • Design Diva 2Design Diva 2Now it's your chance to be a design diva. Change the colors and fabrics of the clothes and make your own collection.

  • Square AdventureSquare AdventureSeparate blocks and jump on and over platforms. Watch out for sharp spikes.
  • Fish in TroubleFish in TroubleCutie fishes are troubled in a bowl in this simple match3 arcade game. Try to release all the fish from the bowl by clicking on them.
  • Coffee TycoonCoffee TycoonYou run a coffee shop and it's your job to keep the business going.

  • Zombie Hooker XXXmasZombie Hooker XXXmas Use your hooker skills as you whip enemies with Christmas lights and more. Stay alive!
  • Thrash N Burn SkateboardingThrash N Burn Skateboarding Get on your skateboard and do the flips like a pro. Just speed up on the ramp for aerial tricks and watch out for a crash landing.
  • Date Dress upDate Dress upPrepare this girl for a date and see if her boyfriend likes her new look!

  • Ice HockeyIce HockeyGive the crowd what it wants:
  • Flying BoubleFlying Bouble Touch as many stars as possible, travel as far as you can.
  • Bowmaster PreludeBowmaster PreludeShoot arrows toward the enemy troops and capture the enemy flag to be victorious!
  • Color Angel DressesColor Angel DressesAnything too overwhelming will draw out anything that is too tightly tailored. What color Angel Dresses are they?

  • PiviballPiviball Rotate the maps as you get the balls across the switches. Later levels have changing gravity.
  • Bimmin 2Bimmin 2Bimmin's back, and he's still running...but this time he's got backup!
  • Magic BarMagic BarAbracadabra! Hocus pocus! Alakazam!