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  • Bubble ShooterBubble ShooterMatch 3 or more bubbles to knock them out.

  • JollsJollsSolve the physics puzzles as you drop your colored balls in the right spots, at the right time.

  • Type Type RevolutionType Type Revolution In this kind of game you can improve your typing speed and
  • Rugby BallRugby BallKick and try to get the highest average in as few attempts as possible!
  • Cupids AdventureCupids AdventureShoot the hearts with the same color of arrows. Try to hit them all and not to miss.

  • Clash of The Titans Find The AlphabetsClash of The Titans Find The Alphabets Analyze your power of observation by finding out the alphabets which is on the image.
  • Tweetys Ocean CleaningTweetys Ocean Cleaning Help Tweety dive to clean the mess. Swim and reach the objects littering the ocean floor. Avoid fishes that could bump Tweety and make him lose air and drop objects.
  • Wall-E Trash TowerWall-E Trash TowerHelp WALL-E demolish the trash tower while keeping his pet cockroach Hal away from the electrified cable. Demolish the tower without letting it collapse by clicking with your mouse on the different pieces.

  • Final Fantasy Sonic X3Final Fantasy Sonic X3The third episode of the Final Fantasy Sonic Series, Sonic fights against Mecha, the guardian of the stone and invokes the stone of chaos to access Supersonic as overdrive. Meanwhile, Zero and Megaman faces Bass and Aeon.

  • School LifeSchool LifeEnjoy your school days and look fashionable! This game will inspire you how to match your clothes and your accessories in order to look fabulous at school!
  • Bubble PoolBubble PoolPop all the red balls into the pockets. Use the mouse to control the direction and the speed of the white ball.
  • Mario RushMario RushDrive mario in his favorite red car to cross obstacles and complete level. Control speed and avoid crash. Collect points to score high. Have fun ride!
  • FetchFetchThrow the ball, if the dog brings the ball back you get more points!
  • Grampa Grumble Whoop 2Grampa Grumble Whoop 2Fight old Grampa Grumble and try to knock him out. Careful he's got moves!

  • The King Of SlingshotThe King Of SlingshotShow your slingshot skill by knocking down all the boxes in this addicting physics based game. The game features 18 challenging levels.
  • Ultimate Defence 2Ultimate Defence 2The land is being invaded by creepy crawling creatures…
  • GyroballGyroballGuide the ball along the track to the black hole!
  • TriachnidTriachnidHelp the orphan spider search for his food. At the beginning of the game you have a little instructions book.

  • Carrier-TruckCarrier-TruckCarrier Truck is a new parking game with much more features than a simple parking game. You have to park a big rig, and load it with cargo, drive to destination and unload it. You also can drive different crane and forklifts which can help you to complete your complex mission in time.
  • Sort My Tiles Care BearsSort My Tiles Care BearsCare Bears needs to sort love with the rainbow in the sky.

  • Prison BreakoutPrison BreakoutMake your way through tunnels and secret rooms to cross the yard!
  • The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1Here it is, another chapter in the ongoing saga of Reemus & Liam. Picking up where the prologue left off, Reemus & Liam journey to meet the King, but things don't go as smoothly as planned...
  • World Domination 1World Domination 1Choose your religion and pick different world leaders that you think you could dominate in another world war.Build your army,upgrade your technologies, and prepare for battle because this is world domination at its best! Good luck!

  • Back To School DressupBack To School DressupIt’s time to go back to school! Dress up the gang in the hippest trends for their first day back. You’ll find everything you need for the school year with this awesome dress up game.

  • South Park:Hippie DrillSouth Park:Hippie DrillGet your to the Middle of the stage but avoid hitting any hippies.

  • TransformersTransformersMegatron and the deceptechonsis gonna steal 100 energon and you have to stop them.

  • Pairs IIPairs IIThe sequel to the classic pairs game. Adds a number of new features including multi-level, time and flip bonuses, better leaderboard integration and new graphics.
  • Juliana Martins MakeoverJuliana Martins MakeoverGive our sizzling Brazilian model a much needed makeover.

  • Right Hair EmoRight Hair EmoGive the right Emo look for her.

  • Word Search Gameplay - 57Word Search Gameplay - 57Find all given musical instruments scrambled on the board.

  • Virtua PikeyVirtua PikeyFight a few people at the carnival to impress your girl friend.

  • Summer Fun DressupSummer Fun DressupSummer Fun dressup lets you create different summer outfits. Many clothes and accessories to choose from and once done just print your result.
  • High School Musical GalHigh School Musical GalYou are going to be attending the high schools musical show which is performed every year in the auditorium. Before you decide to be a part of the magnificent show you will need to give yourself a complete makeover so that you can look that part as well as play wonderful music. Choose from a wide variety of wonderful clothes and accessories so that you can look stylish on stage. You never know you may even get a standing ovation if the show is a success.
  • Conquer AntarticaConquer AntarticaBeat the other group of penguins using your cannon! Play against computer opponent or play head to head with your friend in two player mode!

  • Growing FishGrowing FishEat fish that are smaller than you to grow and avoid getting eaten by bigger fish.

  • Breakout CloudsBreakout CloudsThe forecast today is cloudy...with a 100 percent chance of fun!
  • World Cup FansWorld Cup FansIncredible sports and fashion game in which you'll be able to relive the excitement of the World Cup in South Africa, dressing the original fans that went to the games. Fashion and soccer make a fantastic combination for all the girls who adore sports and style.

  • The Poppit Stress BusterThe Poppit Stress BusterReduce your stress level by popping groups of 2 or more balloons of the same color!
  • Sort My Tiles Fat AlbertSort My Tiles Fat AlbertAn animated series created, produced, and hosted (in live action bookends) by comedian Bill Cosby, who also lent his voice to a number of characters, including the titular one. Filmation was the production company for the series. The show premiered in 1972 and ran until 1984. The show, based on Bill Cosby? remembrances of his childhood gang, focused on the lovable, oversized Albert, with his signature rumbling exclamation ?ey hey hey!? and his friends.

  • JuliaJulia By just looking at her little smile, it's clear that Julia has a lot of moxie!
  • The Leprechauns CoinsThe Leprechauns Coins Find the differences between each set of scenes in this St. Patricks day themed difference game.
  • Bear CookingBear Cooking Bear as chef!! Make bear to prepare and provide the requested foodstuff when the tray comes in with the food request. Identify the ingredients of the foodstuff and provide it before each tray?s waiting time ends. Use mouse to take and serve the foodstuff. If there is any wrong preparation in foodstuff, throw it into the trash bin. Be a flourishing one in chef profession by filling the target loader in every level.
  • Spongebob Patty DashSpongebob Patty DashSpongebob got a job from Mr Krab. He has to make the most yummy burger and sell it as many as possible or else he will be fired!come on!help spongebob!
  • PubberPubberTry to get all the men to the bars in this Frogger remake.