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  • A Gift from his GirlfriendA Gift from his GirlfriendHe receive a mysterious gift from his girlfriend .

  • Mood MatchMood Matchtry to find matching faces and remove them from the game.

  • Wrestling Match Today Lucha ExamWrestling Match Today Lucha Exam Wrestle against your enemy in the ring!
  • Maze Game - Game Play 10Maze Game - Game Play 10Help the personalities to attain their necessities. Remember! Each personality? path should not overlap with others. If path overlaps, game will be ended.

  • Batman - Mystery Of The BatwomanBatman - Mystery Of The BatwomanHelp Batman rescue Catwoman from the clutches of the evil Penguin and his bunch of idiots. Batman kicks some Penguin backside and rescues his catwoman.

  • Grow IslandGrow IslandClick the panels in the correct order to make the items grow with each turn.
  • Rockys BreakoutRockys BreakoutHelp Rocky the dog get the biscuits by bouncing him off of the trampoline!
  • Word GrillWord GrillStill using a pen for your crossword puzzles? Throw it out now and do your crosswords online for free with Word Grill. Word Grill gives you daily crossword puzzle action without wasted paper or ink. Read the clues, select the box, and enter your answers using the keyboard. Three difficulty settings let you choose how hard your puzzle is. Play World Grill and you'll go down and across, but never into boredom!

  • Hidden Alphabets-DumboHidden Alphabets-DumboHidden Alphabets - Dumbo is another point and click type hidden object game from Games2dress. Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden alphabets which are in Dumbo pictures. Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise your score will get reduced. In 3rd level find the chosen alphabet within given time duration as otherwise chosen alphabet will get disappeared. Good luck and have fun!
  • School Kissing BreakSchool Kissing BreakHelp this student couple kiss each other in class without the cranky old teacher catching them!

  • Cute DestroyerCute Destroyer The cuteness is relentless, so your shooting better be too.
  • Peppy s Kate Winslet Dress UpPeppy s Kate Winslet Dress Up Help our Titanic star to rise in the red carpet.
  • Diamonds GameDiamonds GameGroup the diamonds into 2 or more of the same color...
  • Rodent Oriented Object ManipulationRodent Oriented Object ManipulationDeceive the hamster by covering obstacles in his path.

  • Slide RacingSlide Racing Tomorrow can wait, today we drive. Step into your old mans shoes and onto the accelerator as you learn to be a champion racer.
  • Sumo Sushi SoccerSumo Sushi Soccer Play a soccer match between two sumo fighters.
  • Gangnam Style DanceGangnam Style DanceCan you master PSY's tricky Gangnam-style shuffle?
    His music video has YouTube spinning—now here's your chance to mimic PSY's crazy dance moves! This skill game is a bit similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Hit the correct arrow keys as they pass through the yellow bar on-screen for a legit Gangnam-style dance. Feel free to try in real life, too...
  • HT83 colorful fall dress upHT83 colorful fall dress uphello everybody today we introduce to you the Colorful.
  • Dice MixDice MixMove the blue dice to the reds position and the red dice to the blues position within smallest number of moves.
  • I Offer the Fashion Go ShoppingI Offer the Fashion Go Shopping Try the new clothes she just bought.
  • High SmilingHigh SmilingThis small is star-powered and bound for the heavens!
  • VolcaniaVolcaniaMove through the volcanic levels as each level presents a new obstacle to overcome.
  • Fashion RunFashion RunHelp Lucy run her fashion boutique and travel around the World!

  • Hidden GrasshopperHidden GrasshopperGrasshopper are hidden everywhere in the place. Find them and explode it using archer's bow and arrow. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.

  • Swimming Pool LoveSwimming Pool LoveThe swimming pool is a great place for couples to hang out together. This couple loves to sneak in some kissing but no one can no they are together.If they hang out to close to one another people get suspicious.
  • Magic Jet 1Magic Jet 1Side scrolling action game with weapon upgrades, multiple playable characters, multiple long levels. Enough playing spaceships in side scrolling shooters.

  • Batman Mystery of BatwomanBatman Mystery of Batwoman Fight your way through the penguin and save Batwoman before it's too late.
  • NoodleNoodleThe enemies of Noodles have thrown all the bowls of noodles all over. Ride your moped and collect all of them.

  • Robot War StrategyRobot War StrategySend your robots out in waves on certain paths to attack the incoming enemy robots. Upgrade and more

  • Shotgun Fun 2Shotgun Fun 2Throw junk in the air and then pulverize it.

  • Penguin WarriorsPenguin Warriors Cut up your enemies as you swing your sword in this sidescroller. Larger enemies appear in hordes.
  • After the PartyAfter the PartyLast night you had a sleep over at friend's house. Today it's time to clean it up.

  • Winter FashionistaWinter FashionistaThis girl loves fashion, even when it snows! She is attending a winter party tonight and wants to look like the fabulous fashionista that she is. Help her pick out a trendy look for the event.
  • Girl Makeover 14Girl Makeover 14Help this girl get a beauty make over, choose the right dress, new hair style and beauty kit combination for her to achieve the beautiful new look.

  • Hanna Montana Miley CyrusHanna Montana Miley Cyrus Dress up this famous and beautiful girl with different dresses available.
  • Sue's Dog Beauty SalonSue's Dog Beauty SalonLook at the picture and give every dog a proper makeover by using the shower, scissors and accessories!

  • birthday-kissbirthday-kiss Pump up the kiss-o-meter and send it off the charts as you give your boyfriend some romantic birthday loving!
  • Christmas Balls GameChristmas Balls GameClassic match two game with Santa and cascade explosions
  • Word Search Gameplay 59Word Search Gameplay 59 Find all words given on the right side of your screen.
  • Halloween PicdokuHalloween PicdokuHalloween Picdoku is a classical sudoku game, which has pictures instead of numbers.

  • Pogo PetePogo PeteBounce on your pogo stick as you grab pineapples and keep on the screen as it rises.

  • Aqua Fashion StyleAqua Fashion StyleGet this aqua-loving fashionista made up for a day by the sea!
  • Pogo PanicPogo PanicMake money by choosing and delivering orders on time. Be careful of the obstacles in the way!

  • Monster CarMonster CarWhen Monster Car competes nothing matters. Even if there are cars in his path, he climbs over them and ensure that first place belongs to him. Monster Car is the ideal car for anyone. When you are in traffic rush or do not have to wait if you have a Monster Car. Learn to drive the coolest car in the world. Enjoy it!