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  • Crazy KoalaCrazy KoalaA crazy koala has grabbed a hold of a rocket and is now flying through the air. Only you can save him! Grab all the birds that you can, but don't touch the ground or anything else for that matter or else you'll explode.

  • The Unique PairThe Unique PairFind the Unique Pair
  • Super Mario World(1991)Super Mario World(1991)Super Mario World is a two-dimensional platform game in which the player controls the on-screen protagonist (either Mario or Luigi) from a third-person perspective.
  • Circle of PainCircle of PainA Gravity Bending Battle Royal!

    Take control of an upgrade-able fighter ( color choice on main menu ) and fight your way though 170 levels of back-stabbing, mine-exploding, trap-dodging, platform jumping action! The game saves your progress, so you can fight another day.

  • Throw Ancient StuffThrow Ancient StuffThrow ancient stuff at mummies or fart at them by drinking grogg!

  • Space KidnappersSpace KidnappersIn this game UFO's will appear and kidnap the citizens. You can use the mouse to control a cannon and click to shoot the UFO's. Sometimes a UFO's will carry items, you can shoot it to get the item to help you protect the citizens. If a UFO catches a citizen and leaves the screen, then you lose. As the game progresses the UFO's will move faster and the game will be more difficult.
  • Rubber ChickenRubber Chicken Collect all eggs in limited time.
  • Spell DuelistSpell DuelistFight against multiple CPU opponents as you push arrows in this Guitar Hero-like game.

  • Blow FishingBlow FishingYour goal is to get fish needed by briefing.

  • Death Junior II The Root of EvilDeath Junior II The Root of Evil The TP will bounce around and destroy monsters. Score by killing enemies in 3 rounds. Press the Map button below if you need help figuring out where you need to shoot.
  • Sweet SleepwearSweet SleepwearSoft fabrics, cute ruffles, girly prints. Sophie loves to wear adorable night gowns. Even though she's just at home, she still wants to look pretty! Help her choose a some sweet sleepwear in this fun dress up game.
  • Escape Pink RoomEscape Pink RoomCollect items and escape from the room before the police come!
  • Teen Simple StyleTeen Simple StyleTeen Simple Style Dress up: This teen girl loves to dress up in simple and plain styles. Not so much details and ruffle - that's her favorite style. It make her young, creative, strong and easy to move
  • Fashion Show TimeFashion Show TimeChoose clothes and hairstyle for this nice girl.

  • Panda BalancePanda Balance Help your Panda collect the kitties' heads without falling into the water! Pandas don't swim!
  • Sporty Girl DressupSporty Girl DressupIt's good for girls to involved with a certain kind of sport 'cause it help you keep healthy and fit. But when you play any kind of sport you should have clothes or the accessories suited with it.

  • The Hole 3D GameThe Hole 3D GameSomething is trying to escape from the cellar, keep it trapped for as long as possible by moving objects over the door.

    The aim is to keep whatever is in the hole down there for as long as possible. To do this you'll need to move the objects around you over the trap door.

  • Dress Up Doll 2Dress Up Doll 2This cutie little girl needs your big help in her beauty transformation. Help her and have fun!

  • PixelhatePixelhateRectangle enemies all around. Get ready to fire up and defeat them
  • Fantasy CastleFantasy CastleThere's great need of a really talented decorator in the fairytale world, so if you think you have the right skills to beautify a princess' castle there and its dreamlike surroundings, then get the fantasy castle decoration game started!
  • 7 Moves7 Moves“An epic adventure 7 moves away!” The caves are filled with treasures of untold riches but you need exactly 7 moves to reach them. Will you be able to best the puzzles? 7 Moves is also available on iPhone! It features more than 3x more unique levels, artifacts, more achievements, more special tiles and most importantly, MORE FUN!!
  • IveyIveyIt's been a long time since Ivy has seen her guy, and that's why she wants to look her best for when she sees him again.

  • Formula 1 ChampionFormula 1 ChampionControl your Formula 1 car with the arrow keys and try to reach the first place in 3 laps by passing the other cars.

  • Kiss BieberKiss BieberSteal some kisses from Justin Bieber without getting caught by Selena Gomes.
  • Hidden TargetsHidden Targets Targets are hidden all around the place! Shoot the target with archer\’s bow and arrows.
  • Hairstyle Makeover 2Hairstyle Makeover 2Make this girls new hairstyle.

  • Urban WizardUrban WizardSlay or shoot down all the evil warlocks that are trying to kill you. Everytime you finished an opponent a new one seems to fall down from the sky. The background music will put you in the right mood.

  • 6 Differences6 DifferencesSpot the 6 differences in the Dark City.
  • The Incredibles Save the DayThe Incredibles Save the Day Fight against enemies and earn points to unlock new moves.
  • SteppenWolf Chapter 3 Episode 4SteppenWolf Chapter 3 Episode 4 Slain bodies of scientist, collection of human blood! SteppenWolf must fight the Heruka, and find out the truth behind the disappearance of his scientist wife!
  • DogsDogsHere are six dog images that you can sew. We are sure that they will turn out cute!

  • Drunken MastersDrunken MastersAs a bartender you must satisfy your customers! That means SERVE!
  • Bathroom Beauty Make UpBathroom Beauty Make UpApply a facial mask to the girl's face and help her choose pyjamas... good night!
  • Sue's Beauty MachineSue's Beauty MachinePull the handle, mix body parts, and see the character created.
  • Monster GolfMonster Golf An awesome looking 3D golf game with a monster theme. Avoid the distractions from monsters and levels as you play to win!
  • Torture Chamber IIITorture Chamber IIIEverything you do will hurt.

  • Spongebob and the TreasureSpongebob and the Treasure Spongebob has felt to speak of a treasure hidden in the abysses. He has decided to recover it but he needs your help.
  • Face BlocksFace BlocksThe purpose of this free online puzzle game is to blow up all faces in each level by selecting rectangles of matching faces in each corner.
  • Starcraft FA3Starcraft FA3Base on the popular game Starcraft.

  • Agent FootyAgent Footy In this game you need to collect as much money as possible and put it into a safe.
  • PendulumecaPendulumecaTry to swing as far as you can!

  • We are from the FutureWe are from the FutureIn this Russian point and click game we must find something useful to make a CD-Player.
  • Zombies in the ShadowZombies in the ShadowZombies are coming from every dark corner, crawling toward you and looking for your flesh! Makeshift barricades and a lot of firearms are your only hope. Stay far from darkness. Aim, shoot, reload, survive!
  • Sketchbook SamuraiSketchbook SamuraiUse your samurai sword skills to cut up the enemies that continue to appear.