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  • Onslaught 2Onslaught 2Another tower defense game. What makes this one any different from the rest?" One word: Combos.

    As with other tower defense games, you earn cash by obliterating the attackers that creep their way around any one of several maps available to play. With the cash you can purchase additional turrets or upgrade existing ones. But it is the Combos that add a level of depth to this tower defense game not present in other games like it. The combinations are many, and the resulting strategy becomes deep.

  • arabiandancerarabiandancer Dance on the Arabian night with fashion trendy clothes.
  • Super Sneaky Spy Guy EscapeSuper Sneaky Spy Guy EscapeA super sneaky spy guy could bust out of here like a wet paper bag. Are you going to let some fictitious knucklehead out-escape you? I didn't think so.

  • Taylor Momsen Make UpTaylor Momsen Make UpWe heard that Little J will be gone for a while in the new Gossip Girl series and busy preparing for the music tour with her band. Please help her make up for the concert! Enjoy!

  • Daffys Studio AdventureDaffys Studio Adventure Get Daffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. The ACME prop machine has gone haywaire, so watch out and don't stay still for too long or the stage weights might fall on you! Earn points and boost your bonus timer by collecting the clocks along the way.
  • World Domination 2World Domination 2Play at 3 levels of difficulty and against 1, 2, 3, or 4 opponents to achieve World Domination.
  • Pip's Egg-cellent AdventurePip's Egg-cellent AdventureDag and his cayote cronies have stacked-out the hen house in hopes of snatching some delicious egg-eats. Match any series of 3 or more eggs of the same color.

  • Squirt ManSquirt Man A nuclear war has destroyed your lovely planet. Everyone and everything has turned into awful, hideous creatures. You have also been turned into a mutant, but with one main difference, you have big guns and a funky jetpack fuelled by slime. Conquer all your enemies in order to move on to the next level.
  • Cory's MoneyCory's MoneyGuide Cory's piggybank through the house and vacuum as much money as possible!
  • KhronosKhronosKhronos is a violent sidescroller which requires the player to hack and slash their enemies using combination attacks. Win awards to unlock new characters with unique attributes.
  • Head Up GoldHead Up GoldMove with in the given area and collect all the coins within the time limit. Your ultimate goal is to open the treasure with the key you got.

  • Tak Moonstone MadnessTak Moonstone Madness Grab the orbs and dodge obstacles in this constant sidescroller game.
  • PURE ELEGANCEPURE ELEGANCE Layla is an elegant, refined and confident girl. She turns heads wherever she goes.
  • The AppartmentThe AppartmentExamine the items and try to solve the mystery.
  • Zombie SmasherZombie SmasherStay alive for as long as possible as you machine gun down the infinite zombie horde.
  • Sonic 3D SnowboardingSonic 3D SnowboardingDown the hill there 15 jumps. See how high you can get your run out of ramps to jump off.

  • Mario Bros in Pipe PanicMario Bros in Pipe Panic Mario and Luigi in pacman world.
  • Puzzle Mania Scooby Doo FrancePuzzle Mania Scooby Doo France Fix the pieces exactly on the picture frame. Use mouse to fix the pieces. Click on the pieces to change its direction.
  • Mickey Family Online ColoringMickey Family Online ColoringPaint your Mickey Family Online Coloring Page with your favorite colors.

  • Winter BistroWinter BistroWith the holiday shoppers, this kid's cafe is crazy with customers! Serve 'em quick and keep 'em happy!
  • Double Blade HeroDouble Blade HeroDouble Blade Hero is facing an fierce attack. He is so brave that he kill his enemies all the way and achieve a final victory. Insruction:Use the arrow keys to move, spacebar to kill.
  • Top Jacket StylesTop Jacket StylesHelp this girl choose the right clothes with style for cold season.

  • 4 Wheel Chase4 Wheel ChaseMate Kangatoo Jack has escaped, and you need to catch him!
  • Mel the Midget NinjaMel the Midget NinjaTry to hit the fly with your sword!

  • Show DollShow DollPut some cool clothes on this sweet girl.

  • Stickman Madness 3 - StrongholdStickman Madness 3 - StrongholdKeep the stickmen from reaching your base as you shoot them. Upgrade to new weapons and more.

  • Corp FishingCorp FishingCan you bait these corporate guppies and drag them away from their monitors long enough to find freedom?

  • Tobby KingyoTobby Kingyo A great Japanese style fishing game where you must catch all of the fish, turtles, etc.
  • South Park:Hippie DrillSouth Park:Hippie DrillGet your to the Middle of the stage but avoid hitting any hippies.

  • Lady La Croix - Brew n StewLady La Croix - Brew n StewAlign 3 or more pieces in rows or columns to make them disappear.

  • Escape The 13th FloorEscape The 13th FloorWhile walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember.

  • Simple SnowboardingSimple SnowboardingEasy to play snowboarding! Master 6 hills hitting jumps, dodging trees and getting down the hill in one piece

  • Kitten CannonsKitten CannonsLaunch the kitten as far as possible.Just aim the cannon using the up/down cursor keys and use space to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot. Leave the rest to gravity and other objects along the way.

  • Rollercoaster RideRollercoaster Ride Collect Tokens for points and Power Ups to make you invincible. Avoid running into the baddies by hopping over them.
  • BubbleblasterBubbleblasterClear the screen of bubbles by hitting them with the bubble of the same color!
  • Teddy TextileTeddy TextileStitch together a virtual stuffed friend from scratch with love! Pick a pattern and fabric for your stuffed animal. Then drag your mouse, holding down the button, through the dotted lines to cut the fabric and then sew it together. Next, drag the wads of cotton into the funnel to stuff your creation. Add on some facial features for the finishing touches, and then design a tag for your stuffed animal!
  • mission match upmission match up Choose 2 of the same blocks to clear them. Clear everything so you can travel through space to the next planet
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic Dress UpConfessions of a Shopaholic Dress UpDress her with her newly bought clothes.

  • Go Go GunshipGo Go Gunship Fly and kill all enemies along the way. Collect all powerups.
  • King of Fighters XS UltimatumKing of Fighters XS UltimatumBest and Newest Version of the Classic King of Fighters Series game including Ryu.
    This game is an extremely large file (7.09 Megabytes), and will take a long while to load.Please be patient.

  • SurvivorSurvivorCan you help your entire family out of the burning house? Careful each family member has a quirk.

  • Against The EvilAgainst The EvilKill the city that is full of zombies.Survive as long as possible.

  • HT83 Soldier Fashion TrendHT83 Soldier Fashion TrendSoldier Fashion Trend: Dress up games for people who love fashion. ... Welcome to the fashionable and absolutely
  • Decorate Ice CreamDecorate Ice CreamYou now have a chance to decorate your favorite ice cream! have fun!