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  • Dare DevilDare DevilSteer your bike, perform tricks and score points!
  • Zombie-billy ShowZombie-billy ShowFind the difference between the two pictures as they tell a zombie Halloween story.

  • Spring Hat DressupSpring Hat DressupChoose for the girl a nice spring dress and hat.

  • Jewel LinesJewel LinesJewel Lines boasts captivating game-play, attractive graphics and simple rules. Arrange balls of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines to complete levels. Or just gain scores to be the first one in the highscore table!Arrange balls of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines to gain scores and complete levels.
  • Cool ManicureCool ManicurePractice your manicuring skill by choosing different nail styles. There are different lovely combinations possible.

  • Ancient CitiesAncient CitiesCollect coins and fight against all dangerous jungle animals.

  • Harry Potter - Staircase GameHarry Potter - Staircase GameReturn safely to your dormitory without being noticed.

  • Penguin DinerPenguin DinerWhile on an Antarctic trek, Penny the Penguin goes off track and ends up lost and penniless, on top of an icy hill.

    Luckily, the owner of a local diner offers her a job.
    Help Penny make enough money to get back home to her family.

    Serve customers quickly, making them happy and keep them coming back for more.

    Move through three different locations and buy upgrades for the diner.

  • UniformsUniformsYou either love them or hate them. But did you know uniforms can be stylish too? Then come play this game!

  • Uniwar - The Lost CivilizationUniwar - The Lost CivilizationA shoot em up space fighter game.
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  • Tounge TwistTounge TwistWhip out your tongue for some buggy block-clearing action. Click the colors on the left so the chameleon matches the blocks he's grabbing. Grab 3 or more of the same color and collect letters to wipe out all blocks of that color.

  • BereniceBereniceBerenice is a beautiful angel in heaven. She would like to spread her kindness throughout the world.

  • Animal DanceAnimal DanceRemember the orden in which the animals jump and repeat it step by step. Show that you have a memory like an elephant!

  • Fetch n StretchFetch n Stretch Remember the classic retro game Snake? Nibbles? Well, then it shouldn't be a great problem for you to stretch this fruity pink limousine.
  • Mico MacoMico MacoSteer the monkey and eat all bananas and bonuses thrown by the zoo keepers.

  • Scooby-Doo Dress UpScooby-Doo Dress UpDress Up Scooby-Doo,Shaggy and Daphne.
  • Kitten CanonsKitten Canons Launch the kitten as far as possible.Just aim the cannon using the up/down cursor keys and use space to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot. Leave the rest to gravity and other objects along the way.
  • The Harry Stick JourneyThe Harry Stick JourneyUse your puzzle solving skills to battle villains like man eating plants and Aztek Mystics. Unlock logic, gravity and space puzzles to overcome terrible obstacles and help Harry escape to the real world.

  • BustedBustedTry to steal the precious treasure avoiding cops!

  • BotBallBotBall If you combined football, darts, and robot fights, you might get close to BotBall. But your combination would be lame and broken; BotBall rocks your world. So play it already!
  • TensuTensuA petty thief steal a treasure Peciado ......can you retrieve back the stolen treasure?
  • Fatherhood The GameFatherhood The Game So that's what it's like....
  • Escape 3Escape 3Aim with your mouse and kill the alien ghosts to advance to the next area

  • Child's WarChild's WarGirls had a great summary in uncle's house. They love to have a running fight at any place they meet, in uncle's lab, outside the fence, even in the sanitary sewers. You get 200 coins to start, with which you can buy weapons or add defense/attack. Choose which girl to play as, then decide on your strategy in this sissy fight to the finish.

  • A Vivacious LookA Vivacious LookThis very cute and pretty little girl wants your advice in dressing up like a real lady. Can you help her? Have fun!

  • Disco Dance DressupDisco Dance DressupThis nice girl wants to leave tonight for a dance in a disco club, but she don`t know what to dress. If you click on the bottom circles you can help this cute girl by choosing or pants, belts or bracelets. Click on the hair circle and select the most liked hair style. A Disco Dress Up game for girls!
  • Shrek 'N' SlideShrek 'N' SlideLet Shrek slide and collect all those golden crowns.

  • Peppy's Fergie Dress UpPeppy's Fergie Dress UpHelp her get dress up and groove with her humps.

  • Meow Meow DressupMeow Meow DressupDo you like cats? With this fun game you can dress up cats. There are some very interesting outfits.

  • Bubble ContestBubble ContestThis is an addicting match game. Your goal is to shoot the bubbles as many as possible before they reach the bottom of the screen. You can shoot the bubbles by forming groups of 3 or more of the same color. Move your mouse to aim. Click to shoot.Shoot the bubbles as many as possible before they reach the bottom of the screen. Move your mouse to aim. Click to shoot.
  • River WarRiver WarThe goal of the game is to destroy the enemy bunker or all of the enemy's unit. To select a unit, press the letter or number above it while on screen, If you wish to select a unit hold over shift key and the corresponding letter/number shown on the unit.

  • The AlchemistThe AlchemistIn this game there will be a grid of atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. You need to form molecules by arranging the atoms in a particular sequence. For example, one hydrogen, one oxygen and then one hydrogen will form one water molecule. There are 4 types of molecules that you can form: water, carbon dioxide, methane, and diamond. When the molecules are formed, the atoms will disappear and new atoms will fall from the top. In each level, you will need to create the specified number of each molecule. You lost the game if you cannot create the molecules within the time limit.
  • Amberial Nebulosa RealmsAmberial Nebulosa RealmsEnjoy this next installment in the Amberial series!
  • School Uniform Dress UpSchool Uniform Dress UpHelp the girl choose the prettiest school uniform of all.
  • Nacho Libre: Nacho Match-oNacho Libre: Nacho Match-oWin over the crowd and prove you're Muy Macho by matching the intimidating poses of your opponents.

  • Chique Make UpChique Make UpChoose the best make-up for this black-haired girl.
  • Halloween AdventureHalloween AdventureA somewhat difficult Halloween action game. Time your jumps and actions perfectly or you may die!

  • Mario World OverrunMario World OverrunMario World Overrun is completely addicting shooting game fun. Mario World has been overrun by all sorts of crazy enemies. Stop them from destroying your castle. Don't let the enemies overrun your Mario World castle. Buy weapons and special items in the shop. Use the weapons to destroy the oncoming enemies. The game ends once your castle is destroyed and overrun.

  • Cooker's GardenCooker's GardenThrow water balloons at chip and Dale.

  • Sort My Tiles Monsters Inc.Sort My Tiles Monsters Inc.Sort out the situations of the monsters in the dark.

  • CatsVS MiceCatsVS MiceYou're the cats and you want to conquer the land of the mice through 15 levels of increasing difficulty. Capture their houses by sending cast to them and become the ruler of the cats kingdom.
  • Trials Dynamite TumbleTrials Dynamite TumbleDo some motor-driver damage for more points!
  • Far HazardFar HazardKill invaders. Protect the Earth. Shoot without missing to get bonuses, and earn a higher score.
  • Moon PatrolMoon PatrolGuide your tank and jump over the obstacle and gaps, shoot the flying attackers, have fun