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  • Origami OracleOrigami OracleDesign your fortune-telling contraption, take it with you to the playground, and become the local oracle!.Customize your origami oracle with some mysterious designs! Click and drag the various icons into the green highlighted triangles. Fill all the spaces, select a background, add a drawing, and then print out your origami oracle! If you make a mistake while drawing, click the eraser icon to undo your last stroke.
  • Cool Fruit Ice CreamCool Fruit Ice CreamCool Fruit Ice Cream game: This Cool Fruit Ice Cream game gives you the possibility to create some really exquisite combinations, that you would absolutely want to taste if they were in front of you.
  • Biff and Baff in Going UpBiff and Baff in Going UpTry to collect all the "good" stars. Dont let the bad stars touch the balloon or let the balloon go below the bottom border because you will lose a life. pull the string to move Biff. The higher you move, the faster it gets and the higher Baff is able to jump.

  • Swap GirlSwap Girl This country girl knows a good trade when she sees one!
  • Wrap AttackWrap Attack Some bad guy has captured Santa and all his gifts. But Tommy is going to save Christmas. It you hit the Z key, you turn bad toys good, and with the X key you create ice bridges.
  • VanessaVanessaVanessa Hudgens is very charismatic and popular which is why there are now many games made in her name.

  • AmberialAmberialControl the ball and complete a level by reaching the amber exit.
  • Invader ZimInvader ZimJump and run on platforms, walls and ceilings. Collect all the keys to open doors.

  • Lilo & Stich - Hula HustleLilo & Stich - Hula HustleLilo is teaching Stitch how to dance in hopes that will become more of a model citizen.

  • Race For RecoveryRace For RecoveryComplete the military obstacle course in the quickest time possible.

  • Harley Girl DressupHarley Girl DressupHarley Davidson is the most famous motorcycle in history. At first it was just for rude guys, but now it's for pretty women too!

  • SnomageddonSnomageddon Evil mutant snowmen have begun their attack on your home town. It is up to you to stop them with an arsenal of weapons.
  • Stoneage PanicStoneage PanicIt's all a panic as boulders come raining down from the sky and thundering along the ground, use your club to destroy as many as you can whilst collecting red orbs.

  • Cup your BallsCup your BallsSink as many balls as you can into the cups.

  • Bubble GirlBubble GirlDress this pretty girl in various outfits and even change her bubbles.
  • Iron ShinobiIron ShinobiIron Shinobi combines elements of a side-scrolling fighting game with the story of a RPG adventure. Great artwork, numerous unique characters, fun fighting system, and addictive gameplay make this one of the best free flash fighting adventure games available. Unlike some other flash RPG's which utilize a turn-based fighting system, Iron Shinobi has a much more interactive, real-time fighting system. Start by choosing one of three main characters which each have a unique fighting style and special abilities. Battle your way through the missions while building your experience and character attributes.
  • TogetherTogetherFly through the air, space, and water with your sweetheart as you try to catch all the hearts.

  • Short Path PuzzleShort Path PuzzleFind the shortest path to the girl. A funny flash game with 300 impressive levels to play.

  • Cars Online ColoringCars Online ColoringPaint your favorite automobiles of your favorite movie.

  • Combat Instinct 1Combat Instinct 1Shoot those aliens down as fast as you can once again is this sequel.

  • Turti TropTurti TropDirect the turtles on a path to meet each other and capture the eggs of matching turtles in this unique puzzle game. Over 30 levels of action-packed fun!The game is played with the mouse. Direct the turtles on a path to meet each other by clicking the starfish and capture the eggs of matching turtles. Click the turtles to slow them down and protect them from the crab. Click the crab to paralize him for a few seconds.
  • SweetySweetySweety loves his fruit, help Sweety get the fruit food by launching him through the room in this great physics game. Avoid the urchin obstacles and use platforms to get near the impossible fruit spots.In this great physics game you have to launch the character Sweety by using the launch platform. Adjust the directions and the launch power to set the trajectory. Aim for the fruit and press launch. Along the levels bounce platforms and urchin obstacles will be announced and what to do with them.
  • Whooly 2: Ranco and the Spaceship to MoonylandWhooly 2: Ranco and the Spaceship to MoonylandWhooly must rescue the spaceship from certain destruction.

  • Chicken and EggChicken and Egg Guide the box and don't let an egg hit the ground!
  • Spaceman 2Spaceman 2Your mission is to save aliens on the distant planets.

  • Kitty CattasticKitty CattasticFawn over this fortune-telling feline (and offer him plenty muffins) for your daily reading!
  • Darfur is DyingDarfur is DyingEnsure the existence of the refugee camp by foraging for water outside of the camp.

    Follow the instructions when inside of the camp.
    Game Description: In the Darfur region of Western Sudan, a genocide is occurring.

    Since the start of the conflict in February of 2003:
    - Nearly 3 million people have been affected by the conflict.
    - More than 300.000 people have died from conflict and deseases.
    - 2.5 million civilians have been displaced by the conflict.

    In this game you need to collect food and build shelter inside a refugee camp, or forage for water outside of the camp.

  • Dora The Explorer Star CatchingDora The Explorer Star Catching Catch and match the stars to the pocket.
  • J'aime MahjongJ'aime MahjongShow some French love for this Chinese classic!
  • Peppy s Alicia Keys Dress UpPeppy s Alicia Keys Dress Up No one can beat her when it come to singing but she needs help when it come to dressing up.
  • Air FishingAir FishingYou must catch the right fishes, the ones that are small and hard to find.

  • German Room EscapeGerman Room EscapeYou are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles.
  • Fairy 46Fairy 46Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.

  • Ben 10 The Master Of FlameBen 10 The Master Of FlameCity is destroyed by the killer fly! quickly... Kill them all to save our city! Only Heatblast can save us with his flame!

  • The Living DeadThe Living Dead They rose from the dead and they are here to rip you apart.
  • Terrorist HuntTerrorist HuntOooh, terrorists. NO LIKE. I especially hate their squatty posture and blue coveralls. Kapow! Pow!

  • HexagramHexagramMatch three or more stones with the same color to release their magic. Chains brings you extra points.
  • Spring Leaves DressupSpring Leaves DressupDress up this girl in a nice fashionable clothes.

  • Mad VirusMad VirusGrow a Virus that covers the board before you run out of moves. the cells with the eyes are controlled by you. After choosing a color with the buttons at the left your virus will expand to the cells of the chosen color that are in direct contact with controlled cells.
  • Vehicle Tower Defense 2Vehicle Tower Defense 2 Set up your turrets and prepare to take down the incoming waves of enemy vehicles.
  • Towering InfernoTowering InfernoLet the people from the burning building bounce off the safety net and then bounce them off to the ambulance.

  • arithmeticarithmeticchallengechallengearithmeticarithmeticchallengechallenge Finish all 10 races in the quickest time possible. Position is very important, good positions are rewarded well. 1st position will be given an upgrade, 2nd position will allow you to proceed to the next level without upgrades. If you finish 3rd you will have to restart the race, this time will be added to your overall time. Avoid this at all cost, this is the biggest time penalty.Upgrades include speed, acceleration and steering. You will need to try different combinations to suite your style to win the game.
  • Rice Hat WarriorRice Hat WarriorFree your people from a cruel Shogun!

  • Horse RancherHorse RancherWhen you feed your steeds for speed, you'll end up with a barn full of racing beauties!