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  • Bike MadnessBike MadnessTime to tilt your bike to make it over barrels and other obstacles without tipping over.

  • Back To School FashionBack To School FashionBack To School Fashion: It's school time again! As all you know, the first day of school is all about making first impressions for the school year. So it's always best to wear styles that reflect your own personal taste as well as looks that are current and updated with the latest trends. If you're itching to try a new style in this day, let's come on and you will find everything you need for the school year with this awesome dress up game.
  • Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower DefenseStop the bloons escaping by building towers next to the maze.

  • DarkmeltDarkmelt Clear the ice by running and jumping. Once enough ice is removed, capture a flag to proceed to next level!
  • Mercenaries 2: World Nearly in FlamesMercenaries 2: World Nearly in FlamesUse whatever means necessary. Payback Mercenaries style! Game features Gun Yielding, Tank Driving, Copter Aiming, Sniping Shooting and TONS of big explosions.

  • Spider TyperSpider TyperType in the letters or words you see on the back of the chameleons.
  • Deconstruction 2Deconstruction 2Blast these buildings to bits with your own friendly demolition robot!
  • Air CrashAir CrashYou are a passenger on a plane that crashes in a remote jungle. You must find hidden objects and combine them to repair the radio. Then send a SOS signal, to get rescued and escape to safety
  • Jeska DressupJeska DressupClick the scoreboard to dress up Jeska. Click the tickets to change the background. Click the flags to put her in her uniform.

  • Batman Hits JokerBatman Hits JokerHit Joker, Penguin, or Two Face to gain points.

  • Pool Party Dress UpPool Party Dress UpThat cool blue swimming pool is the perfect backdrop for some mod mingling!Browse the and accessories to prep this hostess for the ultimate pool party.
  • NoodleNoodleThe enemies of Noodles have thrown all the bowls of noodles all over. Ride your moped and collect all of them.

  • Forgotten Dreams 5 DifferencesForgotten Dreams 5 DifferencesInteresting game, beautiful art work, variety pictures: all that you need for relaxing. Find five differences between two images.
  • Chic BratzChic Bratz Chic Bratz lets you dress a pretty Bratz girl in cool sexy outfits and accessories. Have fun and print your results. it's easy!
  • Assault Part 1Assault Part 1Infiltrate the military base and shoot your way through enemies.

  • whiteandblackwhiteandblack Find a way to escape the White and Black room.
  • Bacon Sandwich TwinBacon Sandwich TwinTake fast food to the max in the addicting pork-frying game that'll turn you into a master clicker!
  • Dont Be Tired DressupDont Be Tired DressupThis girl is tired. Spruce her up and get her ready to go out on the town!

  • Earn to Die 2012: Part 2Earn to Die 2012: Part 2

    Steer your vehicle through endless hordes of zombies as you try to survive the apocalypse. Upgrade your vehicle and unlock new ones along the way.

  • Gem FighterGem FighterFight against evil doers in a 1 on 1 match.

  • boat-house-galboat-house-gal Live in a boat in style.
  • The Gorilla Tough Arm ChallengeThe Gorilla Tough Arm ChallengeTo wrestle, quickly alternate pressing the left and right arrows on your keyboard to build strength and attempt to overpower the Gorilla. The faster you alternate pressing the left and right arrows, the more points you add to your score. if you manage to beat the Gorilla before the time is up, you receive points for the amount of time left on the clock. Wrestle at your own risk. The Gorilla is one tough customer.

  • Kitty Girl DressupKitty Girl DressupCan you help kitty choose a new dress?

  • Feed the BearsFeed the Bears Feed these cute little teddy bears with soup or ice cream. When the bears are blue, so feeling cold, feed them some soup, and when they're red, so feeling warm, feed them sorbets.
  • Spongebob Food SkewerSpongebob Food SkewerSpongebob is so hungry that he want to eat anything he see.Here, He stops by a BBQ shop where he can pull different food on a stick and at it as a whole. Help Spongebob grab three identical food on at once and eat it.
  • HellboundHellboundDevlin the little demon is teased by the other demons because he doesn't have any wings. Determined to get wings, he travels to the deep pits of hell to claim them.

  • PuppyGirls In Snow ScooterPuppyGirls In Snow ScooterRace down the slope and get to the concert at the bottom of the mountain.

  • Gift Delivery GameGift Delivery GameClick to set direction and speed in the right way so that Santa can fly his gift as further as he can.
  • Casino RoyaleCasino RoyaleTake your chances and bet your money on different betting games and see if you're lucky enough to sack more cash. Enjoy!

  • Wadda PieWadda Pie Help your character to move down while avoiding obstacles.
  • Catscratch: Cat FightCatscratch: Cat FightBlik, ever-mad for power is on the hunt for the remaining parts of the magical Swork. The parts he already has have give him the power to fly. Squirt at Gordon and Waffle to get their Swork parts. Be sure to grab Swork pieces before they reach the ground or your opponent will get a shiny new plane and come after you again. If you hesitate in grabbing the Swork pieces, Grizzled will come puttering after you. Squirt him to stop his attacks.

  • PopaPopa Adjust your shot to the best angle to pop as many balls as possible on each level.
  • Festival Sneak InFestival Sneak In Avoid getting caught by trying to slip out of the stadium unnoticed.
  • ContextureContextureArrange the scramble pieces on the grid to form a contexture.

  • Graveyard PanicGraveyard PanicYikes! Max is stuck in a haunted cemetery! Shine flashlight on ghost until they disappear. Rescue Nicky and Tara for bonus life. When your flashlight goes out, look for fresh batteries around but be careful.

  • T-Zero Turbo XT-Zero Turbo XPilot your twin-engined racer on a series of spectacular space tracks. Taking place above a fiery planet, can you keep control at high speeds when your opponents are trying to ram you off into space? Featuring six teams, seven tracks and a whole host of performance upgrades to keep you ahead of the pack.

  • Superman The Actionscript AdventureSuperman The Actionscript AdventureFly through the city helping people and defending them from Lex Luther's creations.

  • Uphill Rush 3Uphill Rush 3Raise the racing bar as you ride through an urban jungle!
  • Escape the BoogeymanEscape the Boogeyman Find the door that will let you escape or you will die. If you see a moving door don't open it!!
  • New Naruto DressupNew Naruto DressupFeaturing Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Naruto, TenTen and Temari, this game is a must play for the fans of naruto anime!!!

  • Johnny DeppJohnny DeppThe hotty actor Johnny Depp has had an extensive career as an actor. Of course most know him from his famous role in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • WonderpillsWonderpillsDo you like VVVVVV or Shift? Then you will love Wonderpills! Mission of the game is to reach the exit of each level. Collect wonderpills and use the pills to switch the gravity.
  • Tet a TetrisTet a Tetris Can you move this tetris on 2 sides at once ... can you find the ideal place for both stones?
  • Selena Gomez Make OverSelena Gomez Make OverOur famous teenage pop star Selena Gomez seems to have a very busy year, she has to come out with a new album, a show ending, and a few new movies where she is going to star in! Also this weekend she is going to a All star meeting, where she must look beautiful. Find her some nice accessories, makeup and of course a stylish hairstyle.