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  • Casanova KisserCasanova KisserBlow kisses at the pretty girls, but watch out you don't kiss the wrong person.
  • Christopher Reeve LanderChristopher Reeve LanderFollow the landing points. Don't forget about the fuel! Avoid rooftops and signs.

  • A Wizards TaleA Wizards TaleAn interactive movie that puts you in control of the storyline. A 'point and click' type game/movie that takes a certain skill to progress through the story. When white text fades onto the screen use that hint to browse your mouse around the screen to find what it is the wizard is looking for.
    When talking to others, they will finish talking, click the phrase you wish to say to them.

  • Candy Dress Up 2Candy Dress Up 2Choose a nice clothes and dress her up.

  • How to Make Roast TurkeyHow to Make Roast TurkeyLearn how to make a very enticing dish.

  • Junkyard FrenzyJunkyard Frenzy Blast your way through various useless items of junk that are being thrown your way! Try not to miss too much, as this negatively affects your game score at the end.
  • Jeanette Biedermann MakeoverJeanette Biedermann MakeoverGive our British pop superstar a makeover.

  • Pup WorldPup WorldAvoid the doggy distractions and complete the tasks in each level before time runs out.
  • Freekick FootballFreekick FootballBecome an expert of free kicks! Aim carefully and set the right amount of power!
  • Summer CouplesSummer CouplesDraw and match as many summer couples as you can!Draw a line connecting two or more tiles of the same kind You can draw everywhere, but only over tiles of the same kind
  • Dora the Explorer Dress UpDora the Explorer Dress UpDora the explorer needs your HELP! She can't decide what to wear! Can you help her?

  • The Free Throws GangbaekhoThe Free Throws GangbaekhoSakuragi's practicing really hard in his free Throws.

  • Bubble HitBubble HitFind some fizzy fun in bubble-popping mayhem!
  • Spaceman BobSpaceman BobHelp Bob escape from the aliens' base and pick up some gold on his way out!
  • Space CowboySpace CowboyYou're Space Cowboy in this excellent side-scrolling adventure game. Help Space Cowboy get back to home planet!

  • Valentine SeekerValentine SeekerCupid's mining love in the clouds!
  • Armor Dressup GameArmor Dressup Game You can display your dressing talents by playing this Armor.
  • MonstersMonstersMake your way around the rooms, gathering keys and unlocking doors. Beware of monsters!

  • Top That 2Top That 2Assemble the items on the customer's order and keep the customer happy.
  • Tong GameTong GameThe ultimate in tongue to tongue combat.
  • Sphere CoreSphere CoreNavigate around the room, interact with objects you find, and solve the puzzle!
  • Cubic RainCubic Rain
  • Glamorous Fashion PresentationGlamorous Fashion Presentationsucy's best friend is a talented fashion designer and now he is going to present his new summer collection. Lucy is going to be the model to present these great clothes and she is very excited for this. Take a look at all these great clothes and create

  • Milk and Coffee - Match Nom-NomsMilk and Coffee - Match Nom-NomsMilk and Coffee: Nom-noms is a cute match 3 puzzle game where all you need to do is to match 3 or more nom-noms / food to feed the cat.
  • Strike!Strike!This is Counter Strike style game, but in 2D and a platform. Choose from Deadmatch or Capture the flag and eliminate all the enemies you can.

  • Michelle Rodriguez Dress UpMichelle Rodriguez Dress UpGet our Fast and the Furious hottie some nice clothes for the shoot.

  • Peppy's Pamela Anderson Dress UpPeppy's Pamela Anderson Dress UpGet these blond bombshell get prep up for her night out.

  • SudokuSudokuIts one of the hottest new numbers game in town, the classic Sudoku. Just click on the numbers at the right side and then click the box where you wanna put it.

  • SwuffleSwuffleMove the red square and rotate the faces till 4 equal ones are trapped in it!
  • Blast BallBlast BallAvoid the ball for the longest time possible.

  • Super Sweatshop MastarSuper Sweatshop Mastar Deliver shoes to America through great distances!
  • Dressing Show StoryDressing Show StoryThis game is standing out comparing with many other dress-up games as it not only boasts various fashion hairstyles, clothes and jewelry, but also has different background which you can make up your own stories.
  • Castle Cat 3 The Las Vegas ConnectionCastle Cat 3 The Las Vegas Connection Another adventure of Castle Cat, this time its in Las Vegas!
  • Choose Your 2012Choose Your 2012How will you destroy the world? Meteorites, hurricane, volcano…
  • Shoot Zombies With GunsShoot Zombies With GunsA short game of shooting zombies quickly on each floor of the building. Can you hit every zombie?

  • Megas XLR vs. The UniverseMegas XLR vs. The UniverseHelp Megas Team to defeat evil enemies. Show them who is the most power robot and make them ask for quarter. Solid guns and fast rockets.

  • China DifferenceChina DifferenceSpot all the differences in 10 beautiful image from China. Click on the image if you discover differences between the 2 images. The faster you play the more points you get. You can use the Hint button, but it will cost you time and bonus points.
  • Greyhound TycoonGreyhound Tycoon Love your pets? Want to get rich? Try racing greyhounds! Pick a pooch; feed him right and give him lots of love and exercise. Then race him on weekends! Go on trips; visit off-track betting, borrow money from vicious thugs... your canine tycoon dream is a reality!
  • Over The RockOver The RockIn Over The Rock game you can choose your powerful monster truck and start crazy race through the rocks, hills and obstacles without crashing.

  • My Forest DressMy Forest DressForest need not be exclusively green. it can fun and cute to have different dress and accessories fitter with a forest theme. Have fun!

  • HT83 world of toys gameHT83 world of toys gameImagine your way and complete a game as quickly as possible.
  • Cosmic SwitchCosmic Switch The aim is to swap the cosmic objects placed in a square grid and try to align three or more identical symbols to make them disappear. Every match will get you points and you've to accumulate the minimum points in each level to proceed to the next levels.
  • W.R.A.XW.R.A.XShoot the different types of balls into the center grouping by the rest. Join similar balls to clear

  • Hidden Objects-Supermarket2Hidden Objects-Supermarket2Hidden Objects - Supermarket 2 is another point and click hidden object game from Games2rule. It's the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in Supermarket. Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score. Avoid clicking wrongly as otherwise you will lose 20 seconds in given time duration. Good luck and have fun!