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  • S.O.SS.O.SSave the victims marooned in the sea.

  • Glitter MakeoverGlitter MakeoverTrue beauty doesn't just sparkles!
  • Mr Golden goes Choccie MadMr Golden goes Choccie Mad Ever went Choccie Mad? Mr Golden does! Collect some pancakes first, then you have to find further ingredients in this funny platform jump'n'run game.
  • Rocket Man: Christmas E...Rocket Man: Christmas E...Blast through the office in a rocket chair far speedier than Santa's sleigh...
  • Metal Slug Rampage 2Metal Slug Rampage 2 Episode 2 of Metal Slug Rampage. After all the killing Marco is sent to Iraq to look for Saddam Hussein.

    Addition: 360 degree machine gun, health power-ups and hidden cheat among other obvious changes as different music and new enemies.
  • Beautiful Witch Dress UpBeautiful Witch Dress UpCould this witch have you under a spell? She looks beautiful when witches are usually very ugly and green! Although you may be under her spell you should make the effort to make her outfit looks as good as possible or she could turn you into a toad! Take your time to get the outfit right as you never know how she might react to your styling preferences! There are many different items to choose from in this game, going through them all is the only true way to find the best outfit for this strangely beautiful witch.
  • Dress Up Sweet CoupleDress Up Sweet CoupleThis couple doesn't only want to look sweet but also wants to look fashionable so its your job to do that. Can you? Enjoy!

  • Caballeros Del ZodiacoCaballeros Del ZodiacoPegasus Seiya fighting against Dragon Shiryu.

  • Word Search Gameplay 27Word Search Gameplay 27 Circle out all words given on the right side of your screen.
  • Sponge Bob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Bust UpSponge Bob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Bust UpA fighting game with SpongeBob characters. Two fighting modes.

  • Flying PigFlying PigHelp the pig to reach as high as he can while collecting enough jewels. Teach him how to fly!

  • Panpang StrikePanpang Strike Use your hammer to whack all monsters.
  • Fantasy GemsFantasy GemsSwap gems to match three or more in row or in column.
  • Star SerpentStar SerpentIts the future and the Earth has united for eternal peace, so things got really boring. After discovering seven other solar systems in the Milky Way, The United States of Earth (USE) decided to attack those places to conquer the whole galaxy.

  • Step Out of the SalonStep Out of the SalonCome to try makeover this girl.

  • FreezedstyleFreezedstyleDo some tricks while skiing downhill!

  • Bell Pepper CoulisBell Pepper CoulisLearn how to make bell pepper coulis.
  • Soft Drinks ServiceSoft Drinks ServiceServe soft drinks at your customers.

  • Farmer's ProblemFarmer's ProblemThe farmer raised a lot of livestock, he needs an assistant to help him catch these animals back to farm,can you help him?Click the two neighboring pattern to make the exchange, if three or more of the same pattern can make a line you can remove this Photo case, will get more points and time. In addition, if the elimination of a bomb or arrow pattern is then able to obtain the appropriate props. Bombs can be eliminated within a rectangular area of all images, arrows, you can remove a row or column all the patterns.
  • Spicy Patatas BravasSpicy Patatas BravasServe up a sizzling side of tasty tapas!
  • Devilish RacerDevilish RacerDevilish Racer is a fun motorcycle riding game that requires some key skill to help this scary devilish looking dude ride his motor bike through some challenging race courses filled with obstacles!

  • Chester Chetah Mini-Putt GolfChester Chetah Mini-Putt GolfHelp Chester finished all 10 rounds

  • Selena Gomez Dress UpSelena Gomez Dress UpSelena Gomez Dress Up: Play to dress up Camprock star girl - she's Selena Gomez - a very famous teen star.She's not only a good character but she also a good singer. So she needs to be in best look everywhere she comes.
  • Foxy SniperFoxy SniperDon't hate me because I'm beautiful. Fear me, because I am a crack shot! Assassination isn't just a job; it's a way of life.

  • MonzeeMonzee Help Monzee to move from clouds to clouds.
  • Arcane Online Mystery Serial The Stone Circle Episode 2Arcane Online Mystery Serial The Stone Circle Episode 2 Episode 2 of the mystery!
  • Sweet KarinSweet KarinSweet Karin has a lovely group of things to wear with wings, gloves and hearts. See if you can make her the prettiest girl ever.

  • Busy BeeBusy BeeClick on the Bee to start the game. The bee moves wherever the cursor moves. Each time the bee hits an obstacle it loses one life and the game starts from the beginning. Collect all the flowers to advance to next level.

  • It's Gonna BlowIt's Gonna BlowKeep your eyes on the prize for an explosive finish!
  • Sue Doll MakerSue Doll MakerHelp Sue make as many dolls as possible by choosing clothes and putting the parts together.

  • Shoe AddictShoe AddictA fun shopping tour, an evening at the cinema or a fancy, glamorous party, each and every one if the events listed on this lovely teen girl's agenda calls for a different pair of chic shoes. Do you think you could make her the right shoe selections?
  • Bot BrigadeBot Brigade Dexter and Mandark are preparing for battle in the Bot Arena. They each other posses an arsenal of high-tech robots programmed to smash each othe rto pieces. Playing as Dexter, Launch your bots across the board and try to break through Mandark's barrier on the other side. Once you're through the barrier, you win.
  • Fairy Coin CollectionFairy Coin Collection Take the role of fairy and try to collect as much coins as you can, to grab target score in order to complete a level.
  • Riding GirlRiding GirlThe weather is just perfect for a bike ride in the park and for a showing off of her new trendy chic spring outfits!
  • Flower GardeningFlower GardeningThe objective of the game is to collect the requisite money by gardening and collecting flowers.

  • Blobble WarsBlobble WarsFire up your Green Blobble cannons to attack and convert the neutral grays before the evil red army can. A Colorful twist on tower defense and sequence puzzlers. Take over the gray cannons before team red can convert them!

  • PipiPipi Pipi wants to bounce up in the sky. Help him by guiding him hit the bubbles to make his move upwards. Hit other objects for more points. Have fun and enjoy!
  • Super Snowmobile RallySuper Snowmobile Rally Collect power-ups to speed your way to the finish line. Slow down opponents by tossing hazards in their paths. Gear up, give it some gas and go, go, go!
  • Pretty Prom HairstylesPretty Prom HairstylesDesign a runway-inspired hair style for her prom.

  • Catch -a- thief Memory GameCatch -a- thief Memory GameThe objective of the game is to catch the thief and get him behind bars by unfolding a pair of faces of the same thief.

  • Pacific ThunderPacific ThunderPound the enemy to a pulp on the Pacific front!
  • TweeTweeA cute retro platform game. Jump 'n run through 12 lovely maps. Collect power-ups, flatten enemies, jump over traps, rescue the girl.

  • Cute Characters 5Cute Characters 5Cute Characters 5 is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • Cheese RisottoCheese RisottoThis risotto is full of cheese and full of deliciousness! Stir up some sticky risotto and grate together three different types of cheese to make a cheesy dish better than any mac and cheese you've ever had!