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  • Flava Manicure GameFlava Manicure GameHelp the girls make their nails look funky-fresh!

  • Mi-Life AprilMi-Life AprilShoot the crazy creatures and stay away from them. Jump around grabbing projects laying around.

  • Dr Oct RampageDr Oct Rampage Classic game of rampage! Play as the doc himself!
  • NormaNorma Choose the right hair style and make up for Norma so that she's looking good. Don't forget the accessories.
  • Hack AttackHack AttackHack Attack puts you at a series of virtual golf driving ranges . Just like a real driving range, your goal is to pummel the ball-retrieval cart until it no longer moves. You only have a limited number of balls, so shoot carefully.

  • Macaroni SaladMacaroni SaladThis macaroni salad is made with hard-cooked eggs, chopped vegetables, and a seasoned mayonnaise dressing.

  • Hansel and Grethel DecorationHansel and Grethel DecorationHelp Hansel and Grethel decorate the gingerbread house with sweets and candy!

  • Bikini Bottom or BurstBikini Bottom or BurstPop bubbles but don't pop your glove balloon. You've only got 3 spares! Stay away from the walls on your way up and on your way down or you'll lose points.

  • Pair Mania – Cute Creatures 4Pair Mania – Cute Creatures 4Another fun match up the paired creature cards game. Complete it in the least amount of attempts possible.
  • Girl Makeover 6Girl Makeover 6Help this girl get a beauty make over, choose the right dress, new hair style and beauty kit combination for her to achieve the beautiful new look.

  • Powerful HeroesPowerful HeroesPick up bonuses, don't get shot and kill your enemies.

  • Mischa BartonMischa Barton This model and actress from the UK became famous for her role as Marissa Cooper in the series The OC.
  • Cake Tower GameCake Tower GameStack the cake for as high as you can!

  • Warzone World War IIWarzone World War II A simple action shooting game similar to Medal of Honor.
  • Mystic Worlds DifferenceMystic Worlds Difference Can you see the differences between these two pictures? Well, yes I know, they seem to be identical. In fact, they are not! Look at the small details and see that I'm right! Find all the differences as fast as you can. Focus and gain points for each discovered difference! Don't do mistakes cause you will loose points. Make the differences disappear! At the end the pictures should be absolutely identical! Good luck!
  • Crush ManiacsCrush ManiacsEnjoy this great galactic version of this amazing game. new weapons, new items and big surprises. Brake all the bricks and get the bigger possible score.

  • Vanessa And Zac KissingVanessa And Zac KissingMake them kiss each other without getting noticed by others.

  • Terrorist Hunt v6.0Terrorist Hunt v6.0Shoot the terrorists in the head as they pop up. Last for as long as possible without dying.

  • Cannon StarCannon Star Shoot stars out of your tank as you try to hit all the circles.
  • M M SnakeM M Snake Classic Snake game with an amazing M & M's pink theme, enjoy this challenging and addicting game with three different levels of difficulty! Eat as many M & M's as you can and make your snake grow.
  • MustelandMustelandThere is trouble in musteland! Can you help santa to clean up the mess and match up all the toys in groups of three? Merry christmas everyone and have fun!
  • Whack O' WheenWhack O' WheenYour pumpkin patch is riddled with spooks. Who ya gonna call? No one. This is a Do-It-Yourself job!
  • Brave the BarBrave the BarDeliver the beer to your buddies without getting bump in the crowd.

  • Uniwar - The Lost CivilizationUniwar - The Lost CivilizationA shoot em up space fighter game.
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  • Cube FieldCube FieldPlay for as long as you can without getting hit by the cubes.

  • BlackjacksBlackjacksPlace your bets now and take the challenge of this black guy and beat him in this cool and fun game of blackjack. Have fun dealing!

  • Bombay Taxi 2Bombay Taxi 220 levels of parking your car in hard to reach spots. Watch out for trains!

  • Princess Ariel Hexagon PuzzlePrincess Ariel Hexagon PuzzleSort the tiles and complete the puzzles piece of Princess Ariel.

  • Demolish Truck 2Demolish Truck 2Drive your truck, collect all the stars, trash the other cars under your massive wheels and try to beat the high score!

  • Yeti Sports (Part 8) - Jungle SwingYeti Sports (Part 8) - Jungle SwingSwing your Yeti from branch to branch and get him to the next highest one until you reach the top of the tree.

  • Oggys FriesOggys Fries Hit the cockroaches with Oggy's fist before they steal your 20 French Fries!
  • Aqua FieldAqua FieldGuide the tiny fishes and their mother to tasty worms avoiding all the threats.

  • Key To AdventureKey To AdventureFind the key and bring it to the door. Use Bzzzt to get to places Joe can't go. Bzzzt can grab most items and bring them to Joe.

  • Ant CityAnt CityPlay as a god holding a huge magnifying lens! Burn anything you want!

  • Chinese PopcycleChinese PopcycleMake serve some ice cold Popsicle for the little kids.

  • Funny Food FaceFunny Food FaceClick on a piece of food, drag it onto the plate, and create a funny face!
  • Andy LawAndy LawA new super hero, with an endless Weapons, Guns, Amo, levels. Attack and kill all the enemies before they kill you.

  • Mad Pac UnderwaterMad Pac UnderwaterYour mission is to save Mrs MadPac by collecting all pills through your way getting enough power to defeat the bad ghost.

  • Celebrity PedigreeCelebrity PedigreeWhat would Paris Hilton and Barack Obama's kids look like... if they were dogs...? Random!

  • 3 Puck Shuck3 Puck ShuckUse your game pucks to whack the goal piece onto the target and go to the next level!
  • The Dating ShowThe Dating ShowDress up Lilly as best as you can, her date will depends on it!!! Hint: press the hint button in the upper corner to get started.

  • Torch RunnerTorch RunnerRun down the street with the torch as you dodge things that will put out the torch

  • SlackmanSlackmanHow many doughnuts can you pack, man, before the man gets you fired?
  • Wedding DressWedding DressChoose from a wide selection of Asian-inspired wedding dresses to further enhance the beauty of our bride. Enjoy!