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  • How to Make Wine Cake and Wine Fruit SaladHow to Make Wine Cake and Wine Fruit SaladLearn how to make to tasty threats at the same time.

  • Vs RacingVs RacingA cool racing game, you have 3 cars to choose from.

  • Xiao Xiao No 4Xiao Xiao No 4 The fourth installment to the best stickman shooting game. Enjoy!
  • Trop Ca Rend SoundTrop Ca Rend SoundDance with as much as you like with other people but avoid getting to match noise pollution.

  • Save The Army From Blue SharkSave The Army From Blue SharkSave the parachuting army from the sharks by clicking on them before they touch the waters. Click them as fast as you can and also look out for the bonuses.

  • Pilars Adventure Thunder and LightningPilars Adventure Thunder and Lightning Choose your animal character and let's play game of Bowling.
  • Girl Makeover 19Girl Makeover 19Help this girl get a beauty make over, choose the right dress, new hair style and beauty kit combination for her to achieve the beautiful new look.

  • Power SwingPower SwingSwing and punch the baseball to the 2nd player or computer player to knock them off the mountain.

  • Bunzys Boathouse Bistro BonanzaBunzys Boathouse Bistro Bonanza Serve food according to the list of orders. Follow the order carefully!
  • Rudolfs RevengeRudolfs Revenge Finally Rudolf's revenge time has come. Throw Santa as high as possible and collect as many presents as you can.
  • Improve AppearanceImprove AppearanceYour fashion ideas might be of great help to this elegant-looking lady for her fashion makeover. Have fun!

  • OranOranCollect coins in each level to open the door to the next level.

  • Boom ShineBoom ShineStart a chain reaction. Try to explode as many dots as needed to pass a level.

  • Add UpAdd UpBreak out some quick calculation before it's game over.
  • Uncle SamUncle SamShoot down the UFOs. Mouse over multiple UFOs for combos.

  • 12 Swap12 SwapSwitch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.

  • Stink LoaderStink LoaderThis game's main idea is quite similar to Boys vs. Girls. You choose boys' or girls' team and need to fight the members of the opposite sex. However, this is not a side-scroller, but rather a skill based shooter. You need to collect different items and launch them defining the power and the angle the way they will hit the enemies. In the boys' game the items are dirty socks and other disgusting objects, while girls' projectiles are exclusively feminine.

  • Pirates of Undead SeaPirates of Undead SeaPirates of The Undead is a funny point and click adventure game. ” Captain Black Sam has sailed the seven seas. He lived a life of pillaging and plundering. And yet he will face his greatest adventure when he is dead!”
  • Girl Room DefenseGirl Room DefenseWhile lovely Luzzy slept at night the green toy soldier army invaded her room and took it over. They extracted almost all the color from the little girl her room. Before all hope is lost Luzzy has one more chance to restore her cute girl room. Use the perfume turret to stand a change against the toy soldiers.
  • qplay Pokerqplay PokerPut your cards on the table, poker ace!
  • Bullet DodgeBullet Dodge You're on top of a building and completely at the mercy of 3 terrorists with guns.
  • Meet The Robinsons Invent-O-RamaMeet The Robinsons Invent-O-RamaClick and merge the same colored coins together on a few levels. A few movie themed levels.

  • Hot ModelsHot ModelsTo be a supermodel you have to be more than just a pretty face. You also have to work very hard.

  • Anika's OdysseyAnika's OdysseyHelp Anika Greenfield explore her colorful landscape as she searches to reclaim her beloved friend.
  • Steel TowerSteel TowerReach for the skies and build the tallest Steel Tower! The objective of the game is to construct a tower as tall as you can without having it collapse. Don't let any part touch the ground or you lose. Try different strategies to build the tower. The red beams are indicators of stress so check those out and reinforce them.

  • Avenue RemyAvenue RemySit the customers to their tables, serve them the food they want, and take their money.

  • Crab BallCrab BallCrabs are masters of the sand, but can your crab master the ball?
  • OctoplopOctoplopWelcome to the marine puzzle underneath deep ocean waves! You should make its inhabitants explode with a single click! Try to find the lines and the groups of similar friends. Use bombs if you are desperate and don't forget that time goes faster after a couple of sets and various newcomers continue to appear on your screen!
  • Indestructo TankIndestructo TankYour goal in this mission is to use yourself like a missile to destroy enemies. Just let yourself be hit by the full force of the blast for you to launch in the air and then try to hit the enemies above.

  • Classroom Sneak a KissClassroom Sneak a KissGet your groove on with your boyfriend in the classroom. Kiss your man while the teacher isn't looking, make sure to stop kissing just before she looks at you. When the red icon appears stop kissing!
  • Crappy BirdCrappy Bird

    Nope he is not dead yet because here is Crappy Bird! A cool skill game that drives you crazy. This game is very addictive and let us see how far you can come and set a new High Score! Compete with friends and family and become the number one Crappy Bird player.

  • Super Mind ReaderSuper Mind ReaderFeeling a little psychic today?
  • Handle DrinksHandle DrinksHow long can you handle alcoholic drinks.

  • In Love DressupIn Love DressupLove and crushes are great. She is in love and that's why she wants to look her best.

  • Bikini TeamBikini TeamThe girls are hitting the beach! The surfs up in this bikini dressup game. Help Sky Breeze, Kelli and Kitana find a cute swimsuit to wear at the beach – lets play dress up now!

  • Soldier of PainSoldier of PainSearch and Destroy the enemy!

  • LeavingLeaving Leaving is not an easy things to do.
  • Defend Your DirtDefend Your DirtDefend your dirt by attacking all the incoming enemies. Don't try extreme difficulty, you'll cry.

  • Piggy FartPiggy FartFarms.Yes farms.Farms have horses,running around and mesmerising you with their beauty. Farms have chickens,these little fellows make delicious eggs!Then you have the cows,well ain't the most clean animal in the farm but their milk is a killer. And lastly you have the pigs.Pigs like many things. But one thing's for sure. They fart.Yeah.All day. about playing with them?I know it isn't the most pleasant thing in the world but...who else is gonna do it?
  • Sniper Hunter 4Sniper Hunter 4 Spot the black stickmen hiding in dark shadows and gun them down. Can you spot them all?
  • Nameless The GameNameless The Game Christopher Columbus has insulted your crippled friend on national television so now it\’s pay back time. After you finish constructing a time machine, the two of you are on your way.

    Things could be pretty rough back in the old days, so you often have to depend on your great fighting skills.

    Warning: The file size of this game is 11MB! It might take a some time for the game to load.
  • Lock N RollLock N Roll Create combinations of dice as you place them in rows and groups of colors, and numbers.
  • Millineum Fighter 2Millineum Fighter 2Destroy tanks, helicopter, and aircraft coming along your path.

  • Battleground States 2008Battleground States 2008Tired of waiting for the election? Finish the job now - YOUR way! Select one of many parties, or design your own. Then make delegates fight for every state! Strategize your every move, Mr. President!