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  • Atlantis FishAtlantis FishMake groups of 3 or more similar balls, clear the board and go to the next level
  • Atomic SupercarsAtomic SupercarsClimb into your slick supercar—every atom aches to win the race!
  • Super Penguin DashSuper Penguin Dash Penguin Dash is a game of skill and reflexes set in the Antarctic. Play as one of three species of penguin and run, jump and slide your way down the frozen river. Pick up fish to boost your speed and avoid fisherman and holes in the ice. The further you pilot your penguin pal, the higher your score.
  • Cyber RyderCyber RyderIf all these bike skill games are way too hard for you, you should try your luck in the easy and fun sport game Cyber Ryder.

  • Blobz SoccerBlobz SoccerPlay against a robot and shoot the ball into the opposite goal to score!
  • Wone 2Wone 2Game description: The sequel to wOne - now with 100% more bungee!

  • Zombie MarchingZombie MarchingDefend you're Farm from Zombies Invasion, collect the resource to buy weapons and traps by swapping the resource block.
  • Music MatchingMusic MatchingPlay the music that is being palyed by the game.

  • Leg SurgeryLeg SurgerySurgery saves lives...if you can handle the heat!
  • Dress Up NarutoDress Up NarutoNaruto is the most entertaining Manga character as far as martial arts go. Don't you think he'd make a good match for Sakura?

  • Stunt Bike 2004Stunt Bike 2004Jump the red busses and score points!
  • My New Christmas TownMy New Christmas TownIf you're dreaming of a white Christmas wonderland, now's your chance to design one!
  • Word BombsWord BombsBombs are dropping and once again it is up to you to save the planet from impending mass destruction. The ground-to-air missile targeting code is written on each of the bombs. Type this code into the missile defense console to fire your missile and destroy the bomb.
  • Egypt PuzzleEgypt PuzzleClick on the groups of blocks of the same color to make them disappear. The more blocks that get cleared, the more points you get. Click groups comprising a minimum of 2 blocks of the same color, as otherwise you will lose a life. Try to Clear all blocks before time runs out.

  • Connect and ReachConnect and Reach Guide the car safely to its destination to move onto next level. Drag the Road pieces onto the grid to form a smooth and correct path. Drag the Bomb to the Road pieces to destroy the incorrect formation.
  • Sort My Tiles Minnie MouseSort My Tiles Minnie MouseMinnie Mouse need to be sorted out.

  • Hidden Numbers  Winnie The  PoohHidden Numbers Winnie The Pooh Find the numbers on Winnie and Friends image.
  • The Neuschwanstein CastleThe Neuschwanstein CastleBy Using your observing skills find Hidden Alphabets Neuschwanstein in level 1 and find Alphabets Castle in second level
  • Find the Objects HomeFind the Objects HomeFind unique items in your house.

  • Nanny In SpaceNanny In SpaceAim of this game is to get to the bottom and find the blue magic diamond. It is said that the one that finds it will grow 2 inches taller.
    Control Nanny by moving your mouse left and right. Get to the end of each space rock, then click to make him jump using the power meter, move your mouse up and down while you click to change the power of his jump. Press "cancel" if you changed your mind. Hint: If the next rock is right below you just double click on that rock and Nanny will jump there without the power meter.

  • High VoltageHigh Voltage Guide a kind of angledozer through dangerous levels.
  • Bejeweled 3 OfficialBejeweled 3 OfficialDiscover all-new ways to play the world\’s #1 puzzle game. Find your perfect match with 8 breathtaking game modes that meet all your moods.
  • 4 Wheel Fury 24 Wheel Fury 2 Pick up ribbons for points and finish first for an extra bonus.
  • Zoo Coloring GameZoo Coloring GameColor the zoo animals one by one and then see them all together at the end of this game. You start by coloring their environment and then you get to color each of the cute animals however you want. Be creative and have fun playing this coloring game for girls.

  • Squirrel GameSquirrel GameSquirrel away acorns—and your life!
  • Strike ZoneStrike ZoneCan you get an angle on the ball? Internet bowling doesn't get more realistic than this!
  • Methus Tower DefenceMethus Tower Defence Cast magic spells at foes. Upgrade your many spells as you increase your castles defenses.
  • Sara's Cooking Class: T...Sara's Cooking Class: T...Give thanks for fall bounty with a juicy Thanksgiving turkey!
  • Glam Bride Dress UpGlam Bride Dress UpYou are a well-known fashion designer and you want to impress your VIP clients with your brand new avangardist collection of wedding dresses. You will have a presentation shortly and you already have the background for it so now you have to create your outfits. Time is running out so get started with this wedding dress up game!
  • Four Wheel ChaseFour Wheel ChaseKangaroo jack has escaped and you need to catch him.

  • Child's WarChild's WarGirls had a great summary in uncle's house. They love to have a running fight at any place they meet, in uncle's lab, outside the fence, even in the sanitary sewers. You get 200 coins to start, with which you can buy weapons or add defense/attack. Choose which girl to play as, then decide on your strategy in this sissy fight to the finish.

  • Nuclear RushNuclear Rush Run and shoot the enemies as you reach the exit. Later levels get crazy and faster attacking enemies
  • Picture Puzzle: Under The CapPicture Puzzle: Under The CapFigure out the picture puzzle under-the-cap of a bottle of Mickey's! It's the perfect way to slack off at work while exercising your brain!

  • Mystery Date Dress UpMystery Date Dress UpWhat should Fleur wear for her daytime mystery date?

  • Skirts Scarves Dress UpSkirts Scarves Dress UpTatiana has a favorite look. Cute and casual with a skirt and scarf. Pick through her wardrobe to find her best outfits.

  • Sort My Tiles Surfing MickeySort My Tiles Surfing MickeySort out what mickey's really doing surfing or skiing.

  • 3 Points Championship3 Points ChampionshipBasketball Shooting game! Score for as many as you can.

  • Dragon BombDragon BombMake these spooky jungle totems go boom with your sneaky dragon skills!Solve each puzzle by destroying the cursed statues as quickly as possible. Click to strategically remove yellow bricks and to detonate the dragon bomb at the exact right time. You'll need lightning-fast reflexes and a clever mind to solve these tricky puzzles...
  • All You've GotAll You've GotStep your game up on All You've Got. Get ready to add another letter to your Varsity jacket in this quick court challenge that will definitely have you crossing the line.

  • Word Search Gameplay - 18Word Search Gameplay - 18Find all insects on the board.

  • Dream TowerDream TowerBounce and bound your way to the top of a mystical dream tower.Make your way to the top of the tower, jumping on enemies to clear them out of the way! If you fall, some progress will be lost but you won't lose any life. Free your caged friends for extra points.
  • Feel About YourselfFeel About YourselfWe will be dressing up this beautiful lady to boost up her confidence. Can you help her choose her dress? Enjoy!

  • vegetables-and-fruitsvegetables-and-fruits Match the fruits and vegetable into 3.
  • Slip Slide SlothSlip Slide SlothSwing these sloths to some sweet smooching!