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  • Sumo TournamentSumo Tournament Far Eastern's famous fighting sport is waking up again with this Sumo game.
  • Sky GuardianSky GuardianShooting game with some new approach.

  • Fighter Patrol 42Fighter Patrol 42Flex your fighter-pilot might and unleash your fury in flight.
  • Romanius 2Romanius 2 In the last installement - Romanius took on the might of the youngest Cyclops brother Trollypheus, slaying him to avenge the deaths of many. But, the battle had only begun. There were dark and cruel times ahead. The two remaining Cyclops brothers, Groydonamus and Ograleus have extended their bloody reign by conquering Ceasers Acropolis. They had become an unstoppable force - - and there was only one man who could bring the evil Cyclops brothers to their knees, ending their evil reign forever - - Romanius!

    Slaughter armies and don't stop until you've slayed the evil cyclops brothers...
  • CastlevaniaCastlevaniaYou arrived back in Transylvania and you killed off Dracula, but something has still been bothering you. rumor has it that the town priest has been talking shit about you! Are you going to stand for this? Its time to teach that priest a lesson.

  • Indian Pancake HouseIndian Pancake HousePrepare pancakes and serve as many customers as possible.
  • Sort My Tiles PokemonSort My Tiles PokemonAsh and the gang needs to be sort out.

  • Totally Spies: Spy ChessTotally Spies: Spy ChessThe Totally Spies team needs your help putting the Macho Trio in checkmate!

  • Cat BaseballCat BaseballChoose one of the three levels and play baseball!

  • Box CleverBox CleverClick on blocks to make them drop on enemies or make a path for you to reach the level end.

  • Compact CatchCompact CatchAim and throw the newspapers so they land on a civilian without one. The objective of this flash game compact catch is to provide the latest news to everyone on the street so they can read their favorite news.

  • BMX FreestyleBMX Freestyle Select your character and ride your bike and perform some stunts!
  • Panik in SuburbiaPanik in SuburbiaGuide Panik through the 3 perilous areas, avoiding the dangers lurking throughout.
  • Robin the Mercenary 2Robin the Mercenary 2 Kill all the green monsters as you grab coins. Destroy enemy spawn units when possible.
  • Boulevard Dress upBoulevard Dress upShe loves walking down the boulevard but needs your help with choosing proper clothes.

  • Doraemon Halloween ATVDoraemon Halloween ATV

    Please help Doraemon drive atv collect the cake in the Halloween night

  • Vengeance RiderVengeance Rider Dodge the cars as you race down the road and try to slam into your targets and disable them.
  • Shuriken AssaultShuriken Assault

  • Peppy's Brad Pitt Dress UpPeppy's Brad Pitt Dress UpHelp brad get ready for his movie premiere.

  • Fabulous Flowers decorFabulous Flowers decor Arrange a colorful, fragrant, beautiful bouquet in this fabulously fun flower arranging game!
  • Something Fizhy IIISomething Fizhy III Score points by swimming a loop of bubbles around the other fish. Your score from each loop is determined by the most common kind of fish in the loop, and increases exponentially with the number of them that you captured. If you catch a fishhook or tin can, you lose points. To get through each level, you need to score a minimum number of points. Don't take too long, or the fish will leave the tank.
  • Matt Lanter Dress UpMatt Lanter Dress UpIf you watch the TV series Grey's Anatomy you definately know who Matt Lanter is. He's playing the role of Adam Singer who appeared in the episode The heart of the matter. He's a young and handsome boy and girls should probably know this guy very well. That's not the only movie he starred in and he's an appreciated actor. Dress him up for the show that is going on weekend.
  • King of DunkKing of DunkShow the world that you can fly and dunk.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Depths of the DutchmanPirates of the Caribbean Depths of the Dutchman Rescue all your pirate crew from the notorious Davy Jones and his crew of lost souls.
  • Pooh's Match 'n' MunchPooh's Match 'n' MunchClick on Pooh to help him find an uppercase letter then click on letter that matches.

  • Demonrift TDDemonrift TDDefend the kingdom of Emaeron from demonic surge all over the country! Try this unique mix between Tower Defense and unique turn base strategy game.
  • Bermuda EscapeBermuda Escape Solve the puzzles as you try to escape. Don't forget to gather an inventory.
  • Jennifer Rose: Babysitter in LoveJennifer Rose: Babysitter in LoveJennifer Rose loves children very much and she works as a babysitter now.
  • Mr. Ray and the Missing ColoursMr. Ray and the Missing ColoursHelp Mr. Ray complete missions to regather the lost colors!

  • 3D Highway Mission3D Highway MissionTake a ride on a high speed highway, and avoid hitting other cars. Use the items that you collect from the level and destroy as many target cars as you can for bonus points. Be prepared to race in this new entertaining flash game.
  • Danny Phantom's Dueling DecksDanny Phantom's Dueling DecksPick your character and try to get higher cards than your opponent.

  • Pirate CutiePirate CutieDress up this cute pirate!

  • Kissing MarathonKissing MarathonThese two lovely sporty teens are Cupid's newest “victims”! Do you think you could help them kiss right on the sports field?
  • Beast Fighter 2Beast Fighter 2Come show the beast in you try to beat you opponent into pulp.

  • Spaceman 2Spaceman 2Your mission is to save aliens on the distant planets.

  • Crash The Robot!: Explosive EditionCrash The Robot!: Explosive EditionUse bombs and other mechanisms to manipulate each puzzle and destroy the robot in this explosive second-edition physics game. See the walkthrough for hints.
  • Rockin RachelRockin Rachel Rachel loves all types of music, but especially pop-rock.
  • Cooking Show Tuna and SpaghettiCooking Show Tuna and Spaghetti This is very easy and quick to be made. It is fresh and colourful. The ingredients are low in calories and rich in omega3. It seems an ordinary recipe but the secret is to put a lot of oregano and basil and the taste will be excellent
  • Amanda Peet Dress UpAmanda Peet Dress UpAn American film and television actress.

    After studying with Uta Hagen, Peet began her career in television commercials, and progressed to small roles in television and indie movies. Featured roles in films such as The Whole Nine Yards (2000) brought her recognition and she was named one of People's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World". Her subsequent film roles were more prominent, and included Something's Gotta Give (2003) and Syriana (2005).

  • Lyonnaise Potatoes RecipeLyonnaise Potatoes RecipeHere you have a quick and easy way to create an original potatoes dish. You`d be surprised how good you are at cooking because in this game anyone can cook with style. Lyonnaise potatoes are delicious and perfect for a dinner with someone. If you are cooking this for the first time grab a pen and write down the recipe because it will help you a lot next time you want to cook the lyonnaise potatoes. Be grateful for your skills and don`t lose them.
  • Super Mario - Save LuigiSuper Mario - Save LuigiGrab all the coins to reveal the star. Unlock and grab the star to finish each level.

  • Beetle ShooBeetle Shoo Help Addy pick tomatoes in the Walkers vegetable garden.
  • Ninja Bike StuntsNinja Bike StuntsFear can kill you, so hold your breath! Get ready for a thrilling adventure ride. Perform thrilling stunts on your bike with perfect balance and control your stunts till end of the ride. You got so many surprises to thrash your bike. Get ready for stunts!
  • SlackmanSlackmanCollect all the doughnuts before the boss catches you slacking!