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  • Alice-in-WonderlandAlice-in-WonderlandAlice in Wonderland is back in style thanks to Tim Burton's latest movie! In this manga-style kids' fashion game you'll be able to dress up the chibi version of Alice with pastel clothes, accessories and hair cuts. Change her expression to live in a fantasy world with the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit...
  • Harry Potter - Keeper PratiseHarry Potter - Keeper PratiseYour job as keeper is to block the Quaffle and dodge the Bludger.

  • Fists of the MeterMaidFists of the MeterMaidPunch and kick the incoming zombies while continuing to check meters.

  • Spacie DressupSpacie DressupA cool dress-up game with space theme for a nice little girl.

  • Wolverine M.R.D. EscapeWolverine M.R.D. EscapeWhat fool thinks he can keep Wolverine in a cage?
  • Architect DressupArchitect DressupClick on the items on the table to learn more about the architects. Click on the roll of papers on the right side to change her dress and accessories.

  • Ganja FarmerGanja FarmerShoot all the falling bottles accurately and stay alive for as long as you can to score maximum points. You must shoot the bottle before it reaches ground otherwise your life will be reduces and consequently you will lose the game. Also try to be accurate as the bottles are falling quickly. Also for every 600 points the speed of bottles will increase.

  • PuppyGirls SubmarinePuppyGirls SubmarineHelp Ami and Yumi blast their way to play their underwater concert!

  • Daily LifeDaily LifeLive a normal life but you must have a diploma within 7 days and at least 1 friend.

  • Coloring 16 CarsColoring 16 CarsColoring 16 Cars
  • Antarctic GuideAntarctic GuideChoose your dog and race through the Antarctic, picking up things you need along the way. Watch out for obstacles that may slow you down!

  • Soakertag EliteSoakertag EliteHow quickly can you clear the field? Earn points by soaking your opponents. Dissolve their patch to knock them out of the game and earn a 200 point soaker bonus. Don't spray your blue teammates or lose 100 points. Keep an eye on your opponents. Good Luck.

  • The MutatorThe MutatorDodge the radioactive isotope and prevent the character from mutating.

  • The Ghost TrainThe Ghost TrainWatch some animations as you read and answer questions that test your knowledge.

  • Storm Winds The Lost CampaignsStorm Winds The Lost Campaigns The kingdom is under attack - again! Fortunately, technology has advanced as well - more weapons to use over more territory. Destroy more enemies!
  • Miss Dynamite: Kiss Eva DollMiss Dynamite: Kiss Eva DollMiss Dynamite has also it's own game. Have fun dressing up Eva but I know she won't have fun as you do.

  • Traffic ChallengeTraffic Challenge Think it's easy coordinating the traffic on a busy road? Think again! Take control of the traffic lights, and try your best not to cause a crash!
  • La Hague GreenpeaceLa Hague Greenpeace Help Greenpeace protect the earth, collect the dumped nuclear waste from the bed of the sea.
  • Drake and Josh Micro Game Madness!Drake and Josh Micro Game Madness!Play as either Drake or Josh and test your skills in a barage of Micro Games! Keep going and going as the games get faster and faster!

  • Dynasty StreetDynasty StreetEnter the Dynasty Street and battle your way through the hub and destroy the Red
    stick man.

  • Pro ParkingPro ParkingPro Parking is a city parking game which is different of other parking games, because you have some missions you have to complete, and after a correct parking, you continue in the next from exactly the same place.
  • Haunted HybridHaunted HybridGrab the jackolanterns and candy corn as you dodge and shoot the bats. Don't run out of fuel!

  • Count to 100Count to 100This game is for those with good observation. You have to find the digits from 1 to 100 ascending. Good Luck! click the digits in sequence starting from 1 till 100, click faster for higher score.
  • ReactionEffectReactionEffectClick on a tile and get a chain reaction of tiles as long as possible!
  • Penny's Courageous RidePenny's Courageous RideHelp Felicity guide her horse Penny to the rescue of her friend Ben!
  • Pathillogical - Level PackPathillogical - Level PackStop at walls and change directions on angles as you hit them. Grab keys and make it to the exit.

  • Kangaroo Jack: Outback RumbleKangaroo Jack: Outback RumbleHelp Jack this Grumpy and ugly opponents.

  • Midnight CanineMidnight CanineHis bite's worse than his bark...
  • CombineCombineCombine is unlike any match 3 game you have ever played before! Matching 3 or more balls of the same color will result in them combining to form a ball of a new color. Unlocking new colors will earn you more points, but the game will become harder. If one

  • Fairy Dress Up in the GardenFairy Dress Up in the GardenIn this game, you are playing with a very beautiful flower fairy. Have time of creative fun with all your Flower Fairy friends inside this gorgeous costumes. Change her costumes, hair, necklace, shoes and even her delicate wings to make her glamorous and beautiful and fresh as flowers! .
  • Madda Cheebs Retro HopnBop ChallengeMadda Cheebs Retro HopnBop Challenge Control "Master Chief" and bump the floor under the flood creatures to turn fans on.
  • PoofighterPoofighterIf those ornithologists scare the crap out of you, use it to your advantage!

  • Roll or BurnRoll or BurnTry to get the little ball to the other side of the pool by balancing it on the big ball.
  • Combat Instinct IICombat Instinct IIFirst person shooter style gameplay with lots of different environments and a great storyline to keep you entertained. Nice graphics, fluid animation, and well balanced gameplay create a very fun game. Many different weapons to find and use as well. Complete each level within the time limit to proceed.
  • The Great Indian Arranged MarriageThe Great Indian Arranged MarriageCelebrate the sacred union of two hearts.....The Indian Way!

  • Batman The Brave and the Bold Dynamic Double TeamBatman The Brave and the Bold Dynamic Double Team On the other side of the galaxy, Batman and Blue Bettle must battle Kanjar Ro's Space pirates to save an entire planet! Collect scarabs to fill your blue beetle meter! Collect health orbs to fill your health bar.
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic Dress UpConfessions of a Shopaholic Dress UpDress her with her newly bought clothes.

  • Eggrun 2 - On IceEggrun 2 - On IceGrab the twig, then get to the ladder in as few jumps as possible.

  • Monkey DrinkMonkey Drink Assist the monkey in serving the juice to other monkeys correctly. To serve the juice, click on the juice to take it from its place and then the monkey's glass to fill it with the juice. If the monkey's glass gets emptied, the monkey stats crying.
  • Fruit FrostingFruit FrostingDo the fruit frosting on the cake, and make a similar cake. Select the correct cake shape, do the icing with the cream, and arrange the fruits over it.

  • Baby Hidden ToysBaby Hidden ToysAlbert's has many funny toys. He often makes them in disorder. Come to his room, find his favorite hidden toys, and you can get score. Take action quickly, try your best to help him. You can compete with your friends. To be No. 1!
  • Devil's LeapDevil's LeapKill angels with devilish block on each of the 24 physics levels.You must choose the direction and strength of shoot to kill all the angels and stay within a certain number of throws. The game is not as easy as it sounds, sometimes you just do not shoot, but you need to think a little bit.
  • Cannon CrotchCannon CrotchIn this great satirical 'Metal Slug'-like action game you have to defeat the evil Krauts.

  • Who Stole My MedicineWho Stole My MedicineReveal the thief and find the missing medicine!