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  • Pearl ManiaPearl ManiaClick 3 or more pearls of the same color to make them disappear. Get big points for larger groups.
  • Rural RacerRural RacerParticipate in this very cool game of mini racing. Finish 8 laps and beat the opponent and show him what it takes to be the ultimate rural racer. Enjoy!

  • In Love DressupIn Love DressupLove and crushes are great. She is in love and that's why she wants to look her best.

  • Crazy MammothsCrazy MammothsJoin a competition where frozen mammoths race to be the first to reach the finish line.

    Take a slipstream and jump over the other mammoths to try and lead the pack. Win the race to unlock new leagues to compete in.

    Nothing can stop a frozen Mammoth when sliding down an icy slope, except another frozen Mammoth, so try to block your opponents as they jump over you!

  • Billiard Blitz 2Billiard Blitz 2Update your billiards skills with some British style: it's snooker time!
  • HT83 street fashion dress up gameHT83 street fashion dress up gamethese girls want to look outside the city but do not choose your own map application help her
  • Flames of FuryFlames of FuryPlay a Dragon facing human army vehicles.

  • Mo'Bike!Mo'Bike!Choose your speed and jump over the obstacles to score points.
  • Pet PracticePet PracticePractice your pet-rearing skills on the coolest and quirkiest pets online!

  • Lilo and Stitch-Spot the DifferenceLilo and Stitch-Spot the Difference dentify the differences and click it to confirm. You get 50 points for every correct click and you lose 20 points for every wrong click. At the end of the third wrong click, the game gets over.
  • TV Casting MakeoverTV Casting MakeoverChange her look and help her win the casting!

  • Full of CheerFull of CheerSky Breeze has decided to be on the college cheer team. She loves sports and wants to cheer on the players. She's been practicing all her moves and has been accepted as a cheerleader. Can you help her find the perfect uniform to wear for her first game?
  • Magic LadyMagic LadyMagic Lady is a magic master. Since she began years ago she has spent thousands of hours practicing magical arts. That's why she is one of the best in the world.

  • Yummy Cake Decoration ContestYummy Cake Decoration ContestAre you ready to create the most amazing, most tasty and most wonderful cake ever? If you like cooking cakes and you like creating works of art out of frostings and sprinkles, you have fond the right game. Choose exactly how to cook your cake, the colourings and decorations. Take your time and you will come up with an awesome cake for everyone to enjoy!
  • Coolio Beat 2Coolio Beat 2Another Guitar Hero like game. Push the right keys as the buttons pass over the line. Multiple songs

  • Maze Game Game Play 6Maze Game Game Play 6 Help the boy to find his lost dog.
  • Spying AroundSpying AroundIn this Game you have to complete the missions assigned to you without being detected by the enemy.

  • Crab BallCrab BallCrabs are masters of the sand, but can your crab master the ball?
  • War On CookiesWar On CookiesYou are Cookie Monster. You must fight the war on cookies.

  • Nurse BonesNurse BonesTest your sense of bone anatomy, especially when the body goes into twisted poses.

  • Fashionista Dress UpFashionista Dress UpFashionista dress up has a wardrobe full of fun outfits for this fashionable girl. Go shopping with large stylish bags and hit the town in cute fashion dresses. Dressing up is fun in different casual outfits.

  • Rescue Boat OperatorRescue Boat OperatorAs a rescue boat operator to save all animals.Press the first blue button to play. Balance the weight for the boat not to sink. Rescue as much animals as you can before the time runs out.

  • Puru.Puru 2Puru.Puru 2Draw lines to get your character to roll and grab coins and make it to the exit portal. Some physics

  • Eline Dress upEline Dress upHelp Eline choose a truly romantic outfit.

  • D SniperD Sniper Read your mission objectives, then shoot the correct stickmen to progress to new missions.
  • OldskoolOldskoolDrive your classic racing car as fast as possible and try to reach the first place in a 3 lap race by passing the other competitors.

  • Colony QueenColony QueenCollect pollen from flowers and other bees for your hive. Watch out for deadly flowers.

  • Call of AtlantisCall of Atlantis Set out on an exciting new quest around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean in this unique mix of Match-3, Hidden Object and Adventure genres. Collect seven mysterious crystals of power to appease Poseidon and save the legendary continent!
  • Young CardinalsYoung Cardinals Can you turn the evil old crows into heroic young cardinals? Click on birds to change them from crows to cardinals (and back again). Each level is complete when all the birds are red.
  • Deluxe PoolDeluxe PoolPlay head to head with your friend in this nice graphic flash pool game

  • Sort My Tiles UpSort My Tiles UpComplete the puzzle piece of the movie "Up".

  • babiesbabies Babies are very cute and cuddly.
  • The Last WaveThe Last WaveFly your jet fighter over rocks and mountains while shooting down alien space craft.

  • Polar Bear ParkingPolar Bear Parking Slide into the parking space without knocking over any spectating penguins.
  • Contra: 25th anniversaryContra: 25th anniversaryContra: 25th anniversary: The 8-bit classic, contra remade entirely in flash with 4 levels, rankings and medals! Contra(Probotector) is originally an arcade game released in 1987-1988(nes) by the Konami corporation. This anniversary edition features more options and better effects with medal and hiscore systems.
  • Sonny GameSonny GameSonny is an awesome mix of action, adventure and RPG fighting game. Defeat enemies in round-based fights and upgrade your hero and his skills.

  • VoltronVoltronSmash all the alien but avoid killing the humans. You only have limited time to be a hero.

  • Phlash MobPhlash MobPhlash Mob Dash across the city vandalizing buildings, evading police and growing your mob!

  • Super Lava JumperSuper Lava Jumpertry to bounce up the canyon as high as you can before the lava burns you to death.

  • Scooby Doo - Terror in TikalScooby Doo - Terror in TikalGuide Scooby and Shaggy in another coolness-threatening adventure and collect some clues to solve the mystery behind the game. Are you willing to help them? Enjoy the game!

  • 20 Warriors20 WarriorsControl 20 warriors as you fight off enemies and make it through the puzzles. Can you pass the cat?

  • Naruto InvadersNaruto InvadersTry a Space Invaders version with Naruto characters.

  • Solar BasicSolar Basic Drag your probes into solar flares of the same color. Watch out for gravitational pull of objects.
  • Right DressRight DressChoose the right dress, wig, shoe and makeup and the score will tell if you did well on choosing her style.