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  • Wrath Of SuarezWrath Of SuarezThe referee is watching the game and the opponents are trying to get to Suarez. But the referee is willing to take a bribe so that Suarez can bite as he wishes. Have fun with the Wrath of Suarez, a Pacman-inspired game featuring a biting Luis Suarez from Uruguay.
  • Prince of Persia-The Forgotten SandsPrince of Persia-The Forgotten Sands Jump over gaps as you crawl on walls and ceilings to stay alive. Kill enemies and rewind time.
  • Doctor Acorn - Birdy Levels PackDoctor Acorn - Birdy Levels PackJoin Dr. Acorn in his second adventure. Hill the birds using the hidden pills which you have to collect during the game and bring the doctor back home as fast as you can.
  • Power StrugglePower Struggle Destroy your enemy occupying your island in this asymmetric shooter.
  • Monster BallMonster Ball Swing the ball around and kill as many people as possible before the game ends.
  • AquacubesAquacubesPull the rows into place to form a group of 4 or more items of the same kind and fill the fuel gage before the time runs out.
  • Rugby Ruck ItRugby Ruck ItRugby tackles hurt. So don't get tackled.
  • Popstar Bratz gamePopstar Bratz gameThe Bratz are in concert tonight! The fans are crazy to see them on the stage and they expect the best as always. Help The Bratz to find the perfect outfit, apply her makeup to look beautiful under the lights, then choose from amazing brilliant dresses and scene accesories. They're now ready for the show!
  • Farm Frenzy 3Farm Frenzy 3 Build up your farm as you plant grass and gather eggs and buy new creatures for your farm.
  • Bo BoBo Nose Hairs Of FuryBo BoBo Nose Hairs Of FuryWield the awesome power of Bo-BoBo's nose hairs to defeat the vicious Hair Hunters

  • WormlandWormland Burrow through the ground as you take out enemies, and their structures. Upgrade your self and more.
  • HT83 Roboman Air War gameHT83 Roboman Air War gameIron men played the hero to rescue beautiful girls.
  • Uphill FarmerUphill FarmerCash in your crops and live out your crazy daredevil dreams! Pick up cash for points, and make it to the finish line as quickly as you can without falling over!
  • Trendy Shopping Time Dress UpTrendy Shopping Time Dress Up Lucy is spending her free day to the mall at shopping. She's planing to renew her wardrobe with new clothes and other cute stuff. Help her choose an outfit for today shopping trip. Make sure she would look trendy enogh but comfy at the same time.
  • Imperial ManImperial Man Invading enemies have enslaved yer peeps and stole yer gold! Yer precious gold! This will not stand! Deploy your army to free the kingdom from bad peoples.
  • VolcanoVolcanoLet's meet our most liked Volcano game. There is Panic in the Island because of a Volcano erupted. You must avoid the rocks and pick the fruits up to pass other levels. ssssss
  • Exciting SchoolExciting SchoolToo excited to go to school to show off the new attire.

  • Santa s Reindeers 2Santa s Reindeers 2 Give these reindeers what they need, to keep them satisfied. Good luck!
  • Momentum MasterMomentum Master Swing from spot to spot with your spider web. Continue to move towards the right without dropping.
  • Cookie ChaseCookie ChaseSteve the Square is hungry! Move your mouse to help him eat cookies. You can pick up bonuses for more points, but watch out for red enemies.
  • Peppy s Sophia Bush Dress UpPeppy s Sophia Bush Dress Up Help our lovely Sophia to her ready for movie premiere.
  • Tur3t DuhfenzTur3t DuhfenzShoot the turret and last away the strange enemies. Upgrade through shop.

  • Cutie QuakeCutie QuakeShoot all moving things in this awesome game. You must not be hit or else you wont succeed. Each body parts has corresponding points wherever you hit them.

  • The Robot's WayThe Robot's WayThe robots defeated people. And maybe none of the people survived. But this robot is programmed to find them for peace purpose. Go through the worlds and fight with mutants and evil robots.

  • Blob LanderBlob LanderHelp Blob collect keys and energy and land safely!
  • Egg manEgg manIt is said that there is a magical place which and we are in a completely different space with a different layer.The place called Egg Kingdom, the kingdom there lived a very brave egg superman, he is idol of all the people in the kingdom.The recent evil devil of fruit in order to capture Egg Kingdom, sent many terrible fruit magic soldiers to Egg Kingdom and conduct a brutal aggression. So Egg Superman fight against with devil of fruit for protect Egg kingdom.
  • Prince Of KurukshetraPrince Of KurukshetraEmerge a hero ! Rescue the Prince of Kurukshetra.

  • Favorate Fall GlossFavorate Fall GlossTurn this girl into a lovely woman.

  • Swat UnitSwat UnitShoot and kill as many terrorists as possible.
  • Camp RunamuckCamp RunamuckComplete the sporting activities as camp and try to grab top place in all events.

  • Perfect PlatePerfect PlatePrepare meals with a control number of calories fro healthy lifestyle.

  • Duck Hunt GameDuck Hunt GameShoot as many ducks as you can in 3 minutes.

  • Olympix Summer GamesOlympix Summer GamesGot Olympix fever? The medical staff at AG recommends huge doses of this game. Slam those keys until your fingers ache! Faster! Harder! More!

  • Robina HoodRobina HoodAccompanied by Twilly, you must practice with the targets and sneevils! in order to be able to defeat the dragon in the end!

  • Miley Cyrus MakeoverMiley Cyrus MakeoverGive our rock and roll chic a makeover.

  • Joe Jonas Demi Lovato KissJoe Jonas Demi Lovato Kiss Joe Jonas is in romantic relationship with fellow Demi Lovato. Make Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato to kiss each other on the stage without irritating Jonas Brothers. If Jonas brothers get irritated and stops playing guitar, audience will start to throw trash and you will lose a life. Remember!! If you stop the couple from kissing, kissing loader will start to reduce. Just make them kiss watchfully to fill the kissing loader within specified time duration in each level.
  • The Most Beautiful WarriorThe Most Beautiful WarriorShe is like a Warrior Princess. But one thing makes her distinguish from other is her breathtaking beauty. She is also very skillful with weapons. She is one of the few warrior princesses who defends the King. Want to see how she dress up???

  • Voodoo Doll dress-upVoodoo Doll dress-upAre you ready to celebrate Halloween in big style? Halloween fun doesn't stop at trick or treating or wearing creepy costumes, it goes further than that with house decorating and many other activities. If you're looking for scary Halloween decorations you must be looking for the original ones that's why this year DressUpWho comes with an amazing suggestion that will ensure a truly unique decoration for Halloween - the Voodoo Doll. Why make a voodoo doll? Because it's easy and so much fun! All you need to do is to drape the doll in some old clothes to give her a ragged look, and then pick out some stitch marks or scars and even some bits of red color on her face and body to dramatize the effect. Spooky huh?
  • Sushi DashSushi DashAn addicting time-waster of gourmet sushi matching. Swap 2 adjacent sushi blocks to form a 2x2 square of the same kind; Flashing stars represent wild cards that can be taken as any sushi blocks.

  • Panda Golf 2Panda Golf 2A different kind of mini putt game, you are playing golf, but not in the hole ! You need to put the ball near the flag.

  • Perfect Match FitPerfect Match FitA classy twist of matching game and high scoring antics.
  • IQ BicIQ BicThis is a cute block puzzle where you have to match the block into their same color matches. Click on the blocks then click on the position to move, you have 25 levels to beat.

  • Image Disorder Rebecca RomijnImage Disorder Rebecca RomijnShe has been on numerous magazine covers and her acting career has definitely taken off, thanks to her role as Mystique in the X-Men franchise and a critically acclaimed role in Femme Fatale. The true indication of her success, though, is her Victoria's Secret catalog cover.

  • Hannah Montana Rockstar ChallengeHannah Montana Rockstar Challenge See Hannah Montana's intended costume and then dress her up to match. To dress Miley, simply find an item in the bedroom or closet and click on it to pick it up. Drag the item onto Miley (seen on the right of the screen) Release the mouse over Miley to see her wear it. It's that simple!

    Note: To change an item she's wearing, just choose another one and place it on her in the same way. The old item will simply reappear where you found it.