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  • Bloons Tower Defense 5Bloons Tower Defense 5It's back! The brand new and updated Bloons Tower Defense 5 is finally here! Get your dart monkey! The latest game to the series Bloons Tower Defense 5 offers more than ever before! Tactically place your monkeys and defense towers to stop the progressively harder oncoming waves of bloons coming your way!
  • The Wind Sea AdventureThe Wind Sea AdventureCollect all the treasure chest around you and avoid getting hit by rock and mines.

    This game requires a microphone.

  • Tiny GolfTiny GolfGolf game with some unique courses. Shoot the ball in the hole.

  • PloopPloopCollect all the blue stone in the dungeon but watch out for the obstacles that may hurt you.

  • Break ItBreak ItClassic Arkanoid-style game: use your paddle to destroy bricks and pick up power ups.

  • Ice Cream PuffsIce Cream PuffsIt's time to cook some delicious ice cream puffs for all your family and friends. This desserts may have differents texture, color, taste and more for the taste of your friends.
  • Warfare 1945Warfare 1945In the Second World War,the Nazi weapons are very advanced,so the Union Army sent a spy to perform a task,and the task is to destroy the enemy\’s new tanks.
  • Mix N Match GameMix N Match GameMatch as many pairs as you can before time runs out
  • Beakins' Mango QuestBeakins' Mango QuestBeing a parrot, Beakins can't simply go to a restaurant and order a Mango, instead he has to climb a tree packed with animals trying to prevent our hero from stealing their mango.

    Help Beakins climb to the top of the tree to reach the world's largest mango.

  • Avatar 4 Nations TournamentAvatar 4 Nations Tournament Choose your nation and your goal is to shoot the ball into your opponent's goal. You cannot catch the ball during the shootout but instead block it from entering your own goal. Much like ping pong but with air bending skills. Power-ups may also be collected. Good luck and have fun!
  • Dodger's Olympic SnowboardingDodger's Olympic SnowboardingThis is one of the best snowboarding simulations. In this game you are snowboarding downhill and can turn left and right. There are gates you need to pass through. If you miss gates you get penalty time. When you are turning, you lose speed, so your trajectories are not linear. Try not to hit any gate flags or you will fall and lose time. Hit the kickers and land tricks to knock seconds off your time!

  • Construction FallConstruction FallMove objects in the physics world to knock all the beams and collapse them below the dotted line.

  • Image Disorder Demi LovatoImage Disorder Demi LovatoArrange the tiles and complete disney's rising star.

  • My Lovely HomeMy Lovely HomeOverturn the same cards quickly, every time you succeed, you can get an amount of money. There are expensive furniture out there you can buy to design your home.

  • Mission Impossible 4 - Hidden AlphabetsMission Impossible 4 - Hidden AlphabetsDiscover all the hidden alphabets in this online game based on the action film.
  • Christmas MeetingsChristmas MeetingsMove the Christmas characters around to make groups of 5 or more. Keep clearing spots fast!
  • Cyber OrtekCyber OrtekYou are Cyber Ortek, whose duty and sole purpose is to wreck havoc to different planets of your choice. Destroy the last boss on each level and obtain a new weapon or you can buy a new one. You can also collect power-ups. Have fun wrecking havoc!

  • The Santa QuizThe Santa Quiz Santahood isn't just a beard, belly, and red suit. It's about Christmas spirit! So what kind of Santa are you?
  • Storm Winds The Lost CampaignsStorm Winds The Lost Campaigns The kingdom is under attack - again! Fortunately, technology has advanced as well - more weapons to use over more territory. Destroy more enemies!
  • BartyBartyThe aim of this nice little game that sounds easy though is not quite, is to fly in the air and drop bones on the stones below and break the bones! You get points for every bone you break but remember that you also lThe aim of this nice little game that sounds easy though is not quite, is to fly in the air and drop bones on the stones below and break the bones! You get points for every bone you break but remember that you also lose points for letting the bone fall on the grass. loose points for letting the bone fall on the grass.

  • Street BurglarStreet BurglarCollect coins and other valuables. Avoid Bins, Bulldog, Police and other obstructions.

  • Tapas TimeTapas TimeBeachgoers will flock to your tempting tapas stand!
  • Star DivaStar DivaThis is a famous actress and singer. Change her style using the most exclusive brands.

  • Gown Catwalk Dress UpGown Catwalk Dress UpGet your model into gear it's gonna be a long walk at the catwalk.

  • Clear Skies EliteClear Skies EliteAmerican-Russian relations depend on your skill as a pilot...and a gunner.
  • Cloud to Ground GuardianCloud to Ground Guardian Protect your team on the ground as you fire from your AC130 aircraft. Don't hit your own team!
  • Ninja BallersNinja BallersIn this game you have a ball that looks like a ninja's head. You can select one of the available ninja heads from the list. They're all the same, but have different expressions and accessories. What you need to do in the game is to draw lines that will direct the ninja ball first to the key and then to the exit door. The ninja ball follows physics laws and falls down pulled by the gravity until it meets something on its way.

  • Hiroshi David Shooting OnigiriHiroshi David Shooting Onigiri Throw the cakes of rice to every member of this family according to the taste of each one.
  • BombHead MotocrossBombHead MotocrossTake your motocross bike all over the world showing your skills by performing stunts and collectiong as many stars as you can.
  •  Forest Fairy Forest FairySarafina is a beautiful forest fairy who loves to dress up. She's taking her friends to a special forest concert and wants to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Can you help her dress up?
  • Flap Jack Adventure BoundFlap Jack Adventure Bound Gather gold coins and thus accumulate a great treasure. Use the mouse to move the whale and make click to throw the captain Jack.
  • Super TatSuper TatDespite looking like a platformer, your goal is to reach the exit before time runs out.
  • How to make Hot Apple MuffinsHow to make Hot Apple MuffinsLearn how to make a nice breakfast meal.

  • Tank ManiaTank ManiaPick your tank and destroy everything in your way as your drive to the finish line. Some obstacles are extra difficult so be sure to blast them with your heavy duty tank gun!
  • Hit the JackpotHit the JackpotShoot the targets with your bow n arrow as you move up in the tournament and the target gets farther.

  • Brain Spa 7Brain Spa 7Unscramble the titles of these film classics by typing or clicking on the letters. You have 3 minutes or 3 mistakes. Hints are available, but they'll cost you.

  • Deep ReefDeep ReefThese schools of fish have gotten all mixed up?ort them out! Slide the tiles through the open spaces with your mouse to create rows of 3 or more of the same to unlock all the blue tiles and complete the level.

  • Late For WorkLate For WorkIt's 8:45 in the morning and you have to reach your office before the clock hits nine. Help the sleepy office working on his way to office because he is getting late for work!
  • Home Run GameHome Run GameTry to hit the turtle as far as possible.

  • Japan Food MemoryJapan Food Memory Remember the position of the food then arrange it.
  • Kindergarten KissKindergarten Kiss Only one room, Mary is working in kindergarten. Her Boyfriend came to visit her. But, he wants catch small kiss from her. Kids around there and Mary must care them. Your task is easy. Kids are not sitting. Click on kids to stop, Click couples to start kissing. don't be caught.
  • Cake AnthillCake Anthill Have fun baking you funnel cake for the festival. Everyone will want to taste it so make sure it is delicious.
  • Full Metal AlchemistFull Metal Alchemist Help Colonel Roy, the flame alchemist, to destroy the attacking hordes of chimeras using his flame power!
  • Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere is turning 20. Happy Birthday! You don't know who she is? She's a famous actress who now plays in Heros, the popular Science Fiction TV show.