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  • Mumu Dress upMumu Dress upDress the girl up in beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses and see her new look.

  • Up and AwayUp and Away Help Pete the Perky Turkey escape from Squawk Valley before time runs out.
  • Santa Balls 2Santa Balls 2 Santa Balls is an old elf tradition in the North Pole. In this game, we've taken ball busting action to a whole new level.
  • ElderElderA game of Frogger remixed and with a time limit.

  • Desktop PuzzleDesktop PuzzleCasual Physics Puzzle.
  • HallowinxHallowinxWinx girls were invited to the Halloween party and this lovely winx girl has already decided that she will attend the party wearing a highly original witch costume, but the only problem is that she really can't decide which costume to pick out of her Halloween costumes collection! Could you help her make a decision? There are chic witch dresses available in her wardrobe, lovely loose skirts that you can pair with chic corsets or puffed sleeves shirts and a great variety of accessories, so take a look at them and choose the best witch costume of all to dress her up for the Halloween party! Happy Halloween!
  • Strike!Strike!This is Counter Strike style game, but in 2D and a platform. Choose from Deadmatch or Capture the flag and eliminate all the enemies you can.

  • Nudist TrampoliningNudist TrampoliningThe sun is shining and the birds are singing so why not get your kit off and ump around on a trampoline!

  • Watch the BotWatch the BotWatch closely then put the Rusties back together in the right order.

  • Seven Lucky GodsSeven Lucky GodsSequel to GOP which is a kind of room escape game type point and click game created by mmoo, who is also creator of Twinkle.
  • Kissing During WorkKissing During WorkWait until your boss turns his back and kiss your colleague for as long as you can!
  • Crazy RacingCrazy RacingWin this obstacles race avoiding cars and gathering drinks to recover energy.

  • H2SpaceH2SpaceNavigate yourself through water filled tunnels in your stolen mini submarine and try to arrive back at the alien mothership.

  • Zoes Sub AdventureZoes Sub AdventureHelp Zoe run her Grandpa's sandwich store over the summer. You'll have lots of different customers demanding the best service and willing to tip well for it. Pay attention to their orders, though. The customers hate having to repeat them!

  • PedicurePedicureDual screen block busting action - are you skilled enough?!

  • Soccer 2Soccer 2Learn some nice tricks to become a pro in soccer!
  • Easter Spot the DifferenceEaster Spot the Difference Identify the difference in the two different views of the same objects and click it to confirm. You get 50 points for every correct click and you lose 25 points for every wrong click. At the end of the third wrong click the game gets over.
  • Sort My Tiles Monsters IncSort My Tiles Monsters Inc Sort out the situations of the monsters in the dark.
  • GraveGraveShoot and kill zombies everywhere.

  • PiscesPiscesPisces is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its symbol is two fish People who are born approximately between the 19th of February and the 20th of March come under this sign.

  • Nobi Nobita Paper TossNobi Nobita Paper Toss

    Nobi Nobita is playing Paper Toss Game with doraemon. How accurate can he shot? Let's see!

  • HT83 world of toys gameHT83 world of toys gameImagine your way and complete a game as quickly as possible.
  • Cave Escape 2Cave Escape 2Your are a scientist exploring a cave. While in the depths you come into contact with a rare mineral that gives you psychic powers. Suddenly the cave starts collapsing! You must complete all five levels to get out of the cave!

  • HT83 New Year party dress upHT83 New Year party dress upShe is ready for new year party. Dress up and makeover her with some cool party dress.
  • Monkey MayhemMonkey MayhemThe monkey is causing trouble again! Help Gilligan use his slingshot to knock the items out of the monkey's hands.

  • Dora at Halloween NightDora at Halloween NightIn the Halloween night, the village was cursed into demons. Dora wants to save all people from the curse. Can you help Dora adventure and rescue people in the night.
  • Princess Cinderella Dress Up GamePrincess Cinderella Dress Up Game

    Princess Cinderella needs your help. Dress up princess Cinderella as beautiful as you can. Choose from a wide range of accessories, dresses, and don't forget about the shoes as she plans to go to the royal ball dance.

  • Evening on the TerraceEvening on the Terrace Lily is having a great time at her summer house in southern France. She enjoys this location so much because the wind is so calm and it brings see sent from the Mediterranean Sea
  • School LockersSchool LockersDecorate the interior of your school locker with lights, mirrors, bags, umbrella and many more items. Write notes or short messages on the white board!
  • Peppy's Ali Landry Dress UpPeppy's Ali Landry Dress UpGet our Doritos Girl get ready for the Emmy' s.

  • 247 Bombs247 BombsThe goal of the game is to annihilate all the enemies in a given time.

  • Dressup 2Dressup 2A pretty school girl is wanting your attention in dressing her up in the most gorgeous way possible. Help her and have fun!

  • Warm GameWarm GameThis game was developed to promote a beer brand. Something bad is happening in your city. You have many tasks to complete before escaping the city and meeting at the pub. These include finding and rescuing your mates and girlfriend as well as other assigned missions.

  • Death Note Misa Dress UpDeath Note Misa Dress UpHelp Misa from Death Note get ready for a date with Kira, her big crush!

  • Pup WorldPup WorldYou will be given a cute puppy and its up to you how much intelligence he will gain by going on different missions before time runs out. Avoid the doggy distractions and beat the clock

  • River KayakRiver KayakGo down the river avoiding the rocks with your kayak in your way down the rapids.

  • Sweet Kiss in Animal ParkSweet Kiss in Animal Park Try to give sweet kiss to your valentine near animals. Be careful while kissing each other because animals not sleeping.
  • Christmas Safes Room EscapeChristmas Safes Room EscapeExplore Christmass Safes room, solve all puzzles in order to unlock all safes and escape. Good Luck!
  • Robokill 2Robokill 2The compound is full of alien enemies. Fight through one room at a time searching for the way out of this dangerous warzone.
  • Candy Pop Girls Sweet StylinCandy Pop Girls Sweet StylinCustomize all sorts of cartoon girls from their hair, to makeup, to their dress.

  • Spongebob Square Pants Dress UpSpongebob Square Pants Dress UpGo get Sponge Bob his sponge suits.

  • N GameN Game Your god-like speed, dexterity, jumping power, and reflexes are all the result of an amazingly fast metabolism; sadly, so is your natural lifetime of 1.5 minutes. Like all ninjas, you have an unquenchable thirst for gold, a natural propensity for exploring rooms infested by increasingly lethal ninja-killing robots, and a devout belief in N. Collecting golds makes you happy and that adds 2 seconds to your lifespan.

    N, "the way of the ninja", is a highly advanced system of spiritual, cognitive, and physical training. It emphasizes pacifism, humility, and the need to traverse a series of 5 rooms before the end of your lifetime; a feat known only as "beating an episode"

    In accordance with the teachings of N, it is your profound hope that one day you will develop the skill, intelligence, and inexplicable ability to reincarnate necessary ti achieve mastery of all 30 episodes.
  • Crazy SledgingCrazy Sledging Select your character and ride your sled to collect some fish!
  • Sort My Tiles Carl FredricksenSort My Tiles Carl FredricksenCarl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old balloon salesman and is the main character in Up, Pixar's 10th feature film. In the movie, Fredricksen fulfills his lifelong dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America.