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  • ClusterobotClusterobotGrab all the same colors of gems as you avoid other colors. Steady with that mouse!

  • Thug For LifeThug For LifeTake on some big bad thugs by punching the crap out of them. Watch out for their punches!

  • My ValentineMy ValentineFind five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.
  • Attack of the InfectronsAttack of the Infectrons Fly your spaceship through pseudo 3D worlds and shoot everything in this fast-paced arcade shooter game.
  • Aeternus LamniaAeternus LamniaSlash your way through tons of stuff in this first person sword fighter.

  • Bubble RumbleBubble RumbleConnect 3 or more identical Bubbles together and they will burst. Clear out all the Bubbles to move to the next level. If one of the Bubbles reaches the bottom line, the game is over. Try to make it through all seven levels.

  • Zombie AvenueZombie AvenueIn this awesome zombie apocalypse destruction game, your mission is to destroy all buildings and zombies in the level. When you get anough money, you can upgrade your weapons to cause even more damage!
  • Bikes - Spot The DifferenceBikes - Spot The DifferenceIdentify the difference in the two different views of the same objects and click it to confirm. You get 50 points for every correct click and you lose 25 points for every wrong click. At the end of the third wrong click, the game gets over.

  • ShadesShadesThe secrets of this comic-book mystery are hidden in the details...
  • Sol BombersSol BombersThe object of the game is to fly a bomber plane and drop bombs on the targets below. But remember, the closer you are to the targets the higher you score and just avoid those seagulls.

  • Doraemon On ScooterDoraemon On Scooter

    Help doraemon, shizuka, nobita driving the scooter and try to pass all obstacles . Complete the race in the shortest time for higher score.

  • Sue Winter Dress upSue Winter Dress upDress up Sue in warm winter clothes!

  • Pet DaycarePet DaycareGrooming and playing with pets all day? Now THAT's a dream job!
  • beauty-rush-spot-the-differencebeauty-rush-spot-the-difference This is a fun puzzle game of the Beauty Rush series. Spot the differences between two similar pictures. There are 6 differences on each level and 4 levels in this game. Now observe carefully and get started!
  • Christmas Safes Room EscapeChristmas Safes Room EscapeExplore Christmass Safes room, solve all puzzles in order to unlock all safes and escape. Good Luck!
  • Leos Trail of GloryLeos Trail of Glory Avoid enemies by jumping or timing your moves.
  • Emma\’s Recipes: Chili C...Emma\’s Recipes: Chili C...Make your stomach sing with a secret blend of spice!
  • Sexy Girl Dress Up 2Sexy Girl Dress Up 2Dress her nice and sexy.

  • Cube ItCube ItFind your way over the unstable red blocks and finish on solid ground. When you move off a red block it will plummet into the void. Your mission is to get rid of all these dodgy red blocks. This means you have to plan your moves carefully, because once you have chosen a direction thereÃÆ\’¢â‚¬â„¢s no way back.

    If you mess up, you will be stuck on a red cube for all eternity. Find the path that will eliminate all the red cubes. When you move off a red cube it will be eliminated.

    Pusher blocks will push you in the indicated direction if stepped on.
    TNT blocks will explode in 5 counts when stepped on, eliminating blocks in its close proximity. Left click the block you want to move onto.

  • Ball Gown Dress upBall Gown Dress upWhich gown should this girl choose for her first ball?

  • Defend Your MomDefend Your MomProtect your own mother from pickpockets!

  • RatsRatsA super roborat has received a new task. He has to collect all the slices of cheese and lots of screws in the mysterious labyrinth. Move the pieces of a pipe when the rat enters them in order to change the movement direction of our hero so that he could collect all the items. Pick up the striped shield in order to fight off your enemies and continue the journey!
  • Columns MasterColumns MasterGem stacking game like the classic Columns. Make lines of 3 or more of the same gem to match them. You can make horizontal, vertical and diagonal matches. A smiley will remove all the gems of the type on which you drop it!
  • Master and ComanderMaster and Comander It's a battle between you and a fellow rival ship.
  • Eliminate EndlessEliminate EndlessElimination type puzzle game. To find three or more adjacent balls, click remove.
  • Biking Beauty 2Biking Beauty 2 Ride your bike through different obstacles in the playground as fast as you can!
  • Thing Thing 1 - Diseased ProductionsThing Thing 1 - Diseased ProductionsThis is the first installment to the very successful series of Thing Thing. Watch how he evolves to be a true legend. Enjoy!

  • Fat WarriorFat WarriorConquering a monster-ridden castle sure does work up an appetite!
  • Heart SwapHeart SwapMatch the hearts by swapping them in order to create 3 or more hearts of the same kind in a line.
  • Flame WarsFlame WarsFire your laser at the envelopes to tracker them in. Watch out for enemy fire.

  • Donnie's Super-FlyDonnie's Super-FlyInsect eating pre-historic man. Don't let the frog steal your food.

  • Forest SongForest SongRemember the order in which the characters make sounds. Repeat the sequence.
  • Old man's standOld man's standCook the hotdogs and don't burn them so if your to slow you can't win.
  • PengusanPengusanCtahc as many fish falling from the sky.

  • Memory Balls - SpidermanMemory Balls - SpidermanMatch the pattern shown on the main board which is in the center, before the pattern vanishes away.

  • Polar BoarPolar BoarLaunch the boar and keep him flying for as long as you can with the help of the penguins.

  • Happy Couple DressupHappy Couple DressupThis lovely couple needs some new dresses for their date. Choose the best dress for them.

  • Classroom FunClassroom FunMake the students to hit the lecturer, with the objects, and without getting caught by the lecturer.

  • Princess Bride: The Fir...Princess Bride: The Fir...Rodents of Unusual Size are the least of your worries in the Fire Swamp…
  • Saucer Destruction 3: A...Saucer Destruction 3: A...The humans never expected that Armageddon would come in the form of an extraterrestrial prankster.
  • Maze Game Game Play 7Maze Game Game Play 7 Park your car perfectly by using the correct way.
  • Terrorlympics Bullet Proof PunkTerrorlympics Bullet Proof Punk Try to dodges the bullets from the firing squad.
  • School Adventure EscapeSchool Adventure EscapeYou must escape from the bad math grade you have received at school final exam. You must get to school at night, go to the teachers room to find the grading book and upgrade your mark.
  • Girl FashionGirl FashionDesign your own clothes and see how it fits on the girl, pony and puppy.